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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinterest- Now we can't say we didn't know

I posted previously, HERE,  about Pinterest and was not fully informed.  I'm not saying I"m completely informed but I'm informed enough that I have removed my Pinterest account, boards and pins.

Did you know you can check to see if people have taken photos without our permission?  I learned from Making A Mark blog that you can check by typing in www.    and follow that sequence with the title of your blog.  Here is an example that I typed in:

 Don't Pin My Photos, Product Reviews 
or Tutorials

If by chance you have pinned any of my photos, I am respectfully requesting that your remove them from your boards.  I don't recall giving anyone permission to post photos from my blog to Pinterest yet there are tons of them floating around out there.

You can read more from Making A Mark Blog and here is the link to the copyright information on that blog HERE.

I know I pinned photos that I copied from other websites....not other people's blogs.  I did it innocently and I'm guessing others have done the same thing.  I learned that Pinterest then owns the rights to those photos.  Oh NO WAY!!! I learned so much from the Marking A Mark blog that I never thought of is definitely a must read if you are a blogger.

If you want to make your blog or website Un-Pinnable...I highly recommend you read the Making A Mark blog posts.

Still Smiling,

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