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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinterest- Now we can't say we didn't know

I posted previously, HERE,  about Pinterest and was not fully informed.  I'm not saying I"m completely informed but I'm informed enough that I have removed my Pinterest account, boards and pins.

Did you know you can check to see if people have taken photos without our permission?  I learned from Making A Mark blog that you can check by typing in www.    and follow that sequence with the title of your blog.  Here is an example that I typed in:

 Don't Pin My Photos, Product Reviews 
or Tutorials

If by chance you have pinned any of my photos, I am respectfully requesting that your remove them from your boards.  I don't recall giving anyone permission to post photos from my blog to Pinterest yet there are tons of them floating around out there.

You can read more from Making A Mark Blog and here is the link to the copyright information on that blog HERE.

I know I pinned photos that I copied from other websites....not other people's blogs.  I did it innocently and I'm guessing others have done the same thing.  I learned that Pinterest then owns the rights to those photos.  Oh NO WAY!!! I learned so much from the Marking A Mark blog that I never thought of is definitely a must read if you are a blogger.

If you want to make your blog or website Un-Pinnable...I highly recommend you read the Making A Mark blog posts.

Still Smiling,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Quick Things

Flamingo Update:

Apparently the Stork has been cavorting with the Flamingos....

Yep....they have two baby Flamingos now :) 

Pinterest Information:
I read this blog post about Pinterest and I found it eye opening for sure. I'm not sure I'm going to continue on Pinterest....I don't want to invite any problems.  Does anyone have any more information on the subject? 

Andres Amador Arts

When I saw Andres work....I was speechless....and believe it or not...I got misty eyed.   We all know how much work it takes to make a beautiful quilt right?  We spend hours and hours and then we label them and love them....with the whole goal of hanging on to them or hoping the ones we give them to treasure them forever right?

Would you still put all that work into one if it were going to be gone in a matter of hours?  Can you believe there is an artist who does?  Click Here to see the amazing art work of  Andres AmadorAndres' Website is something to behold as well....I was blown away and I hope everyone takes a minute to enjoy the breath taking work Andres creates.

After reading the Pinterest blog post, there is no way I was about to copy a photo of Andres to put here for everyone to you'll have to trust me and go over yourself and behold the magic for yourself.


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