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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Susan Brubaker Knapp in Houston for Quilt Market 2010

Susan Brubaker Knapp
Blue Moon River

Susan gave a great Schoolhouse presentation during Quilt Market in Houston this year.  Her presentation included a slide show which made it difficult to take photos.  I love this photo....except for the crease in the wall!! 
"Vanity" is the name of  this piece.  It is 11 x 11 and was on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine for April/May 2010.  Check out Susan's blog.  When you get there make sure you scroll down and look along the right side of the page.  Many of her pieces are on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine.  Her work is absolutely beautiful and it is no surprise that she is featured on the cover of  these magazines. 

Here is Susan in my sewing area!!  No she does not live next door.....I bought her Master Machine Quilting - Free Motion Quilting and Thread Sketching DVD.  I have admired Susan's creations and having a personal class with Susan (via my laptop) is the only way to go - with my schedule.   I buy DVD's because I'm a visual learner and really appreciate the flexibility of being able to watch over and over again.  This is a little snippet from Susan's DVD.

I have never done any thread sketching in my life.  I have been struggling with finishing a backpack that I made.  I want a beautiful embellishment on the back of it and I finally found a pattern I like.  Below is a photo of some practicing I did yesterday morning.  I did some free motion quilting with invisible thread and then on one of them I used some small cording to make the veins pop up.  It looked ok, but nothing special.  I thought about doing some hand embroidery and beading but then I remembered Susan's DVD. 
Look how much different the leaf looks with some thread sketching on it.  Now I know Susan sketches on top of applique that she has done herself.  But I did not find it written anywhere in the quilting police policies that says you can't sketch on top of patterns that someone else has already given you on the fabric!!!  It was so much fun I was actually ticked off royal when I had to stop and go to an appointment.  No joke.


Keep in mind this is my very first piece.  It is intended only for practice and I have the one I will use on my backpack set aside until I feel like I've practiced with the colors of thread that I will end up using.  I think there is a huge difference between this one and the one with quilting only. 

Susan is an excellent teacher and the free motion quilting and thread sketching is tons of fun.  Her DVD, Free-motion Stitching and Thread Sketching is an wonderful resource if you are wanting to learn either of these techniques or would like to build on your current skills.  Susan was very clear in her explanations and the video captures each step Susan was teaching.  She encourages exploration and gives her students lots of permission to "just do it."  Typically I would be afraid to try something new and tell myself I can't do it-because I've seen so many incredible works of art and I know mine would look nothing near that quality.  But....oh contraire....look how cool the veins on that leaf looks.  They really pop and that was my first attempt. 

Oh, what do we have here? Hmmmm...would that be Susan Brubaker Knapp's latest DVD? Why yes it is. Hmmm...wonder what I should do with it.....(contemplating now).....

I've decided to give it to one extremely lucky IHAN blog reader. I know, I can't believe I'm giving it away either. Thank you Susan for the pleasure of allowing me to give away a copy of your latest DVD, Master Machine Stitching- Thread Sketching Beyond the Basics, here on the IHAN blog!!

Lets see....something different this time.....hmmmmm....ok I got it.....go over to Susan's Website and look at the Art Quilts she has in her Gallery.  Come back and leave a comment about the Quilt you like best and why.

Oh, one more thing, I forgot to mention Susan's Note Cards......

These note cards make great gifts.  I love giving and receiving gifts that support quilt artists.  I know you've been wracking your brain trying to find something that you know I will love....and feel free to buy me one or 6 sets of these beautiful Note Cards.   It's like giving two gifts at one time - you give to Susan and you give to me.  Let the giving begin!!! :)

OK...back to the Giveaway

A winner will be drawn by random on Sunday Evening,  November 21st.  Feel free to tell your friends or post about this giveaway on your blog or facebook.  You might want to become a follower of the IHAN blog so you will see the post about the winner, if you are not already.  I am a follower of Susan's blog and I think you should strongly consider becoming a follower on her blog as well.  She is a wonderful writer and I have always enjoyed her posts...I know you will too.

Sketching with Smiles,

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