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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"It's All About You Cupcake"

The theme of our meeting last night for the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo was "It's All About You Cupcake."  Karlyn, below, coordinated the entire event and it sure was a ball. 
We even had a cupcake tower and this beautiful cupcake cake to enjoy for our meeting.

Those who chose to made Cupcake Pincushions to enter into a contest. We only had 8 or months to make the cupcakes but I waited until yesterday to make mine (perhaps I just wanted a fresh cupcake?). I had thought about it several times but the word "contest" really threw me off.  The ladies that belong to this guild are very talented in my opinion.  I have no intent to ever enter into a "contest" with any of them, ever!!!  So I decided instead of participating in the "contest" part mentally....I switched it to a challenge to make a cupcake that I would enjoy looking at and using as a pincushion.  Can you guess which one was mine?

Jenna Morlock was the speaker at our meeting last night.  She is the same gal who spoke at the Wood County Fair last week.   As you can see by her smile she is a fun person to talk to and hear speak.
Last night she shared her love of making ATC's and Fabric Postcards as well as her on-line quilting class.  I really enjoyed looking at the collection she brought with her.  Some were thread painted, needle felted, stamps on cloth, painted and most were embellished with almost everything you can think of.
This Morning:
Dale is a friend who owns her own longarm quilting machine and she has offered to let others use it.  With Dale's help and encouragement, here I am actually using a longarm quilting machine.  Not pretending to use one, actually using one :)

I followed a pantograph and actually really enjoyed myself.  Prior to today I had touched one and moved it's handles but never really used one. It was such a good time and I am so pleased with how the quilt turned out.  I began to relax a bit and found it easier to move once I was actually breathing in and out...LOL.  I thought I would never want a longarm quilting machine.....I may have to eat my words....I think I want one now.  Of course I'll have to practice some more and learn more, but for today.....I'm one happy camper!!

Time to get that binding on so I can put it in the mail.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Needle Arts Guild of Toledo Met Last Night

Last night was the last guild meeting of the year for the Toledo Needle Arts Guild.   We had a raffle for this beautiful wreath with member made ornaments.  It was so beautiful....this photo does not even get close to showing how beautiful the ornaments were.  Lots of very talented and generous ladies in the guild. 

Caren, our outgoing President, won the raffle.  I thought it was great that she won.

I finally got my computer working again.  Rick came home for lunch and fixed it right up.  I think this machine likes him better than it does me....I'm so glad it likes someone :)


Friday, September 25, 2009

Needle Arts Guild of Toledo 34th Annual Show

Today was the first of a two day show at the Toledo Lucas County Public Library Sanger Branch for the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo. If you are local and can make it is an excellent show and well worth the drive.

"Bird In Flight" by Peverley Hormann

Peverley received several First Place Ribbons for "Bird in Flight." She was given First Place in the Silk and/or Metal Category, Best in Show and the Judge awarded this piece a Special First Place Ribbon for exceptional work. Peverley used different types of metal threads including check purl, Jaceron, plate, Japanese gold, Torsade and braid. The ground fabric is silk and the eye is a small crystal bead. Peverley used hand made silk paper as well. The lettering was done using press on letters.

Congratulations Peverley!!!! I'm so excited for you :) Your work is absolutely beautiful.

I entered a few of my pieces into the show. Typically when I go to a show I think to myself....I would never enter my is not show quality. This time I entered some work hoping others might see you don't have to be an "expert" to enter your work. Not in one million years would I have ever expected a ribbon....and guess what....I received a 3rd place ribbon in the Quilting category for my Hawaiian Applique Wall Hanging.

I also entered the very first quilt I made, "Many Hands." My girlfriend, Mary Jane Ehlich, did the hand quilting and that was the category it was entered in under her name. I think Mary Jane does beautiful hand quilting and she gave me permission to enter the piece. Guess what? She took a First Place Ribbon for her hand quilting!!!! Congratulations Mary Jane!!!

There was one other piece I received permission to photograph. This is "Elvis" by Pamela Lungulow. She was given a Third Place Ribbon in the Counted Cross Stitch Category.

Congratulations Pamela!!! This is a very cool picture of Elvis. You just never know where the King of Rock and Roll will turn up next.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Needle Arts Guild of Toledo

Last night, I went to my needle arts guild meeting. We always have such a good time. I really and truly enjoy these ladies. There is always laughter and something beautiful to look at (other than their faces of course!!)

We are having an exhibit and I thought if you were local you might enjoy coming and you might even want to enter some of your work. You don't have to be a member to enter your work. The only stipulation for entry it your item has to be made with a needle with an eye!!!

If you are not local and want to come please call me first so I can arrange to pick you up from the airport or bus/train station personally!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 26, 2009

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Toledo Lucas County Public Library
3030 W. Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43606

I will be demonstrating on Friday, September 25th from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. and greeting from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. Come on over and visit with us....I promise you won't be might be needle pointed but not disappointed!!



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Needle Arts Guild of Toledo Meeting

Last night the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo met and the program was about a Biscornu Arm Chair Pin Keep.

Meet Karlyn Thompson. She gave the program last night and this is her Arm Chair Pin Keep. She gave directions and patterns to make our own Arm Chair Pin Keep, Caddy-Needle Case, Scissor Case and Scissor Fob. The one she made is absolutely beautiful. Many of us think she needs to put this one in the Annual Needle Work show.

Karlyn.....come can do it!!! Your work is absolutely beautiful and it will inspire other's to stitch and show their work too.

The colors and the beautiful stitches are just lovely. I liked the variegated thread used to make the alphabet.
The gals in this guild are so friendly and welcoming. If you like to stitch or would like to learn to stitch and live in the area join us for our next meeting on Sept. 9th at 6:30. Check out the guild website for directions to the new location for the meetings.
I met some of the ladies from this group a year ago when they had their Needlework Show at the Sanger Branch Library. I saw a woman doing punchneedle and that is what started me doing punchneedle embroidery.
On September 25th and 26th (Friday & Saturday) the Toledo Needle Arts Guild holds it's 34th Annual Needlework Show at the Sanger Branch Library. Come and see all the lovely needle arts projects. I will be there on Friday from 10am until 2:30....come by and say howdy.

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