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Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking for a Sign

Have you ever "looked for a sign?"  Sometimes seeing "the sign" helps. 

Life seems insane of late and I know I have it within my power to change the course of my current why am I still running around like a chicken with my head cut off and choosing insanity instead of sanity? 

Perhaps it was all the excitement of two of our daughters arriving on Tuesday.  Could it have been wrapping all those orders in order to get them to people in time for their holiday.   Maybe it was helping my Mother move from her house of 40 years to a seniors apartment this week.  Do you think it could have been preparing all those teacher gifts and cookies for the boy's school Christmas party?  Well, then again, it could be all the dishes and laundry...and did I mention picking up after 6 people.  I guess it could have been any one of these things that has sent me off the deep end...LOL.

Self Portrait

I need to be reminded to slow down and breathe.  Have you ever gotten yourself into a tailspin and needed to remind yourself to wipe that crazed cat look off of your face?  ROFL

Taking time to slow down and enjoy the process of making 160 chocolate chip cookies.
 Enjoying the scent of fresh made chocolate chip cookies.....ahhh...that would have been nice.

And then there were those Oreo Truffles....they should be called "Dangerous Truffles!"

Krista, our oldest daughter, taught us about Oreo Truffles.  

You take 39 Oreo's and put them in the food processor and turn them into a very fine powder.  Add one 8 oz package of cream cheese and combine.  Then you make small balls and put them in the freezer or outdoors if it is cold where you live.  We put ours on the back porch.  Melt some mild chocolate on the stove and when the truffle balls are hardened, dip them into the chocolate and place them on wax paper and take them back outside to harden.  There is no recommended dosage so prepare yourself :)

The rest of the evening I'm going to focus on "being" and not doing....after all I am a human being,  not a human doing.  Why is it that I get confused so frequently?


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