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Showing posts with label Orion Burns. Show all posts

Friday, June 25, 2010

IHAN Exclusive - Quilting Royalty Is Expecting A Princess

The IHAN blog has the exclusive ultrasound photos of  Princess Kylee Marie who will join a  Royal Quilting Family on or near November 9, 2010.  
Notice the hands in front of the face?  Interesting isn't it?  Do you think that says anything about what family she may belong to?  Looks to me like she is going to have great hand eye coordination....which is extremely important for quilting, don't you think?
This Princess will be absolutely beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, cheerful, hardworking, compassionate, caring, and very creative.  Can you guess what family she belongs to? 

Recognize this fella? Prince Orion Burns.....well.....he is the Proud Father of the beautiful Princess Kylee Marie Burns who is expected to make her arrival sometime in early November.
Teresa, "Mommy", is reportedly doing very well. She is a RN Hospice Nurse.  I don't have any photos to share. I need to stake out "the Royal Compound" to get more photos.  You have no idea how much money I had to pay the Ultra Sound Technician to get these exclusive photos.  I tell you, IHAN has spent countless millions to be "THE FIRST" to publish the story!!! (fiction)

While hiding in the bushes at the Quilt In A Day Royal Headquarters I did happen to hear there are some incredible preparations going on for the newest Princess' Royal Quarters.  When I get wind of the projects.....I'll be sure to share.  You know me....I can't keep my mouth shut/ typing fingers still.

Lady Eleanor with a photo of her adorable Grand Children.

The Royal Grand Children at Play with Lady Eleanor.  I'll bet you 10 bucks that Lady Eleanor has a photo of the Kylee's Ultrasound and she carries it with her.....I bet I win lots and lots and lots of 10 dollar bills!!!

Stay tuned for a review of Eleanor's Latest Book, Quilt Blocks on American Barns.  Don't be surprised if there is a wonderful Giveaway with that post too :)


PS:  (You may notice they changed the title from the original title I heard about while hiding in the bushes at the QIAD Compound.....American Tattoos on Biker Babes Booties....guess that was just too "out there" for Eleanor....she took the safe route with the American Barns don't you think?  Me too!! LOL

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