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Showing posts with label PA. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rose of Sharon Quilt & More PA

The last blog post I shared a few photos of Eleanor's (my girlfriend) Rose of Sharon quilt blocks. There are several of us from the PA Tuesday applique group who have the book but she is the first that I've seen to finish so many blocks.  I bet many of you also have this book:

These are Eleanor's blocks.  She laid them out on her bed and I tried to get a good overhead photo but that wasn't possible.  You'd think all quilters would have a sun roof over their beds so we could open it and stand on the roof to shoot our photographs....but no...giggles!

Eleanor is very good...or should I say...excellent with colors.  She doesn't need the fabric with her at the store either....she just knows what will coordinate and what won't.  Amazing!
All needle turn applique....impressive aren't they?  I'm with MJ, if I just had a kit I'd start the project but I just need that jump start.  Know what I mean?
If you like having additional color and layout options, there is also a Rose of Sharon DVD.  There are over 200 printable blocks on the DVD. What color combination would you choose?


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Few Quilts and Life Recently

I'll start with "Life" and the going's on around here and throw a few quilts in as "Life" unfolds :)

 On May 19th my younger brother, Mathew, graduated from Law School.  This in and of itself is a huge accomplishment....but during the boring commencement speech (I was tempted to stand up and scream "Time are boring and we want to see our family members get their diplomas now"....but I didn't.) I sat thinking about his life.  He has served in the Army, gotten a bachelor degree in plastic engineering, a masters degree in business and now a law degree.  It sounds like he has spent his life studying but no.....he has traveled the world and had two children as little brother is one amazing dude and it sort of just dawned on me....LOL!
 Speaking of amazing oldest co-worker shot 5 bulls-eyes on the BB gun range.  We were only given 5 BB's....I was lucky to hit the paper one time.

A week or so ago, we had another cub scout event.  Our very first car race at the Toledo Speedway.
It was pretty neat to see that the racers pulled their cars near the stands and let the fans get autographs.
The youngest co-worker was thrilled to be having soda and candy....he loves sugar and his boss does her best to set limits on that stuff!

I felt a bit stupid because I had to ask the man in front of me if the car races were real or if they were like big time wrestling.  What planet am I from?  I do know about the Daytona 500 and the Grand Prix....but who knew there were people who race cars locally?  Please forgive my ignorance!

 You are looking at a photo of men following one another around in circles....yes....spending money on gas to drive in circles....not to fabric stores....but in circles following one another and going nowhere!
When they were finished and got their trophy they then did it again....this time with boats in tow.  REALLY?  I could not make this up....I'm not that creative....giggles.
It gets a wee bit more interesting when they then drive in a figure 8 in a bus....until each one is smashed to smithereens and can no longer run. 

IHAN logic says that if their was thread involved somehow it would have been much more exciting!  They could have at least tied some thread or yarn to their bumpers to they could have had bobbins or spindles wound when they were finished....but NO!  I think they need me to give them some help with their entertainment don't you?  (ROFL)

I better show you a quilt before you leave and never come back :)
Forgive the quality of the photo...but this a lovely lavender brushed cotton with hand embroidery and hand quilting.

I'd like to tell you that I made this lovely quilt....but that would be a lie.  I purchased it at an estate sale last Friday and I paid $55.  I could not buy the fabric and thread for that price.  I also purchased a beautiful quilt with churn-dash quilt made with feed sacks....I'll have to take a pix of that one to show you. Now....that is something I can get excited about and perhaps run in circles....but pay for gas to drive in a circle....not me....still giggling at my narrow life.

Between thread, fabric and does happen here at IHAN headquarters.  While sitting at Max and Ermas having dinner one evening, Aaron looks at me and asks me, "Momma, why do they call these napkins....we don't take naps on them?  We should call them lapkins because they sit on your lap."  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....still laughing.
One of my girlfriends lost her husband so I ran home for the funeral this past weekend.  PA is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my was overcast and ye the sky and mountains were still just as beautiful.
After the funeral, we gathered at their home and our group put on a lovely lunch.  You know I loved pulling into her driveway....there was a barn and a barn idea of  home!
Another quilt!  Hooray :)  This is Eleanor's tie isn't quite finished but I just had to take a pix.
Appliqued silk ties one silk dupioni.  I now know what I want to do with some of my father's ties.

My spirits have been lifted by my quilting friends yet again.....stitching friends have kept me from falling apart....I guess they just know what they are doing!


Oops...I left off a photo....the co-workers last day of school is is officially summer here in Ohio.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bigger Pockets of Access

You could say I now have bigger pockets of access....internet access that is....but I'm telling you it is slow as molasses!  My laptop has "gone fishing" and will be staying with her mates over at the Geek Squad until she is ready to come on back home :(   I'm going to have to depend on this big ole slow desktop for the next few days. 
This is a typical view as we drive to our cabin in PA.  Rolling hills and beautiful country side.  I had planned on visiting with MJ and my girlfriends for 2 days as well.
Well....what can I say?  I was ready to go to visit with MJ and the crew had their stuff in the might say I "dumped my family off" and headed out...LOL
Can you blame me?  I don't get much time to visit with my girlfriends and I was excited to go.  Who wouldn't be when they find a smiling face like this one on the porch waiting for you?

Oh and did I mention I have deluxe accommodations at MJ's?  Yep....I slept in this bed....isn't it beautiful?

All hand quilted too!  And...just for the record...I didn't drool on it while taking these photos...ROFL.

This is a bed runner MJ is working on....I'm in love with it.  All hand done naturally :)

Everything we did wasn't sewing or stitching related....we actually got out on the town too.
We went to Arnot, PA to this lovely little church.
You might say we went for the is a restaurant!  I cracked up laughing....the pizza was very good by the way :)

I'm not sure if you could call this a "local attraction" or not....but it did attract my camera on the way to the church/pizza parlor.
Of course we went to Needles in Wellsboro too.  A little shopping and dinner with my girlfriends....what a wonderful  36 hours!

Life here at IHAN is back to normal.  I dropped the boys off at Zoo camp this morning.  I'll post those photos a little later....this bot is so dog gone slow it might take me 20 minutes to get those things on here.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Annual Pilgrimage Home

Every year we head to PA for the 4th of July. The only difference this year is we are going the week before and leaving on the 5th to return home to OH. We look forward to this trip all year and enjoy seeing our friends and family.
I adore this picture. It was taken in PA in July.
Can anyone tell me who's shirts these boys are wearing? You have to recognize the shirts owner and not be the owner....hey telling....that's cheating!!!

If you are the first to leave a comment on who the owner is and you are correct....without cheating (quilters don't cheat.....well.....I do....but usually they don't!!! LOL) I will send you a special prize. How about .... hmmmm.....what would be fun to give away (no I'm not giving one of the kids away...I'd go to jail) mmmmm.....mmmmm.....2 Bag Tags....your choice of colors!!! If you hate that....then you'll have to talk me into something else I guess :)

The Cabin....ahhhhhh our retreat away from electricity or running water. Rick and his family built the cabin in 1983. The boys love to go to the "house cabin."

Speaking of the quick funny and I'll get right back on topic...I promise. Tonight Aaron, Zach and I are in the backyard trying our best to catch fire flies. Aaron looks at me very seriously and says, "Mommy it takes imperial skills to catch 4 fireflies in one jar." Imperial skills? You just have to love that one.

I thought it would be fun to do a week of each day I'll be away. Does that sound like a good idea?


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