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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Headed Home

Another retreat that flew by like it was 3 hours instead of days.  My annual pilgrimage to be with my PA girlfriends and I had an amazing trip.  It started with the concern I could not drive the 7 hours with my ankle, but surprisingly enough, I made it just fine and didn't have to drive with my leg on the dashboard the entire trip :)

I set my sewing goals very low and raised my connecting time quite high and that was the perfect combination for me this year.

Here is a little peak at what my eyes beheld:
The Historic Wheatly Barn is adorned with a beautiful quilt block.

Downtown Wellsboro
The Fanaslau Barn Quilt in all its glory.

Kim always works on something beautiful and fun.  I love her basket quilt and if you look very closely....
there is a chicken too :)
The beds are all adorned with amazing quilts as about heaven...yes...I'm in heaven here and have to leave today....booo hoooo.

If I don't get on the road I'm going to have Mr. McSteamy blowing smoke and the co-workers looking like orphans....gotta run.  

Joyfilled Smiles of Wonderful Gratitude,

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