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Showing posts with label Quilt Market. Show all posts

Thursday, October 8, 2009

International Quilt Market Houston 2009

Houston We Have Lift Off

I had not even boarded the plane when I met Beth Ferrier, Applewood Farm Publications. Beth is from Saginaw, MI and she has a new book coming out. She is traveling to Houston to talk about "More Hand Applique by Machine".

These are her samples and they are beautiful. This picture does her work no justice. I should have taken a close up of her work. When I see her again I'll take a close up to share with everyone. How fun and exciting is that....traveling to Houston to share a new book!!!

Beth even let me take a pix of her book....ohhhhhh I touched it!!! During our conversation I asked Beth what invisible thread she prefers. She said, "My preference is Superior or Sulky because they are the only ones that are polyester. They don't yellow or melt." I learned something new....I'm always learning something new :)
Hello Houston!!! It was 90 degrees with high humidity when I arrived. I had a coat on at it is Summer time again!!!

Here is a sneak peak....they are setting up for Market....I can't go in of badge is not blue :( Those of us with green badges can enter on Saturday. But those of us with green badges are not setting up and working our butts off to show our work either....:)

These are just photos of the set up process. I have no idea who has what booth....just a general fun shot for those at home to enjoy.
I just met up with Lacey Hill (author of Sizzling Circles) and she is doing well. Lacey has been working her booty off and I can't even tell you on what....gotta keep some secrets you know. Lacey is a wonderful woman....full of life and gives great hugs.
Ok...I'm off to bed....I'll post again as soon as I can. Thanks for all the comments. I'm reading the but can't reply due to time constraints.
Big Ole Texas Smiles,

It's That Time Again...To Market To Market

Giggedy Gig

I'm off to Houston and here are my "spanky name badges." I need two of course....because I don't want one to clash with my clothes....oh the stress of it all!!!

I've been spoiled by MJ in the past. This time...I had to make my own name badge. No matching camera strap, Kleenex holder or backpack. Boooo Hoooo, how will I survive? This picture is of the back where I put pockets to hold my business cards, cash and credit card.

I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to seeing what is new and seeing some friends.

I learned that the Hilton has free WiFi in the lobby area!!!! So I'm taking my laptop so I can do what? Blog of course. It isn't near as much fun without all of you. I even brought a 8MB disk for my camera....think I'll run out of space? The cord to transfer pix from the camera to the laptop is also packed. I'm just hoping I can do all this techno stuff without Rick.

If there is someone or something you really must see....better leave a comment so I know who and where to take pix :)

Smiles, Kelly
Almost forgot....I made new bag tags too!!!
I'll know which bag is mine, no doubt about it :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Quilt Market Set-Up

These are some overhead pictures I took of the Quilt Market while they were setting up.

Does this give you an idea of how big the convention center is? It was huge. I don't know how many vendors were there....I should look that up someplace in all my paperwork.
I'm writing more about my adventures and getting them ready to be published. I'm going to be featured on Little Birdie Secrets reader appreciation giveaway this week. As soon and that is done I will post a giveaway from Quilt Market. I'm also in the process of putting two contests together to give some lucky readers an opportunity to create something original for two designers. Oh so much fun!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm an Addict

I guess it is time I come clean. I could not control my impulses and purchased more fabric than I will use in a year or more....probably 3 years. I also bought some patterns. I will not be carrying fabrics on my website in the foreseeable future....but the patterns and notions will be there if not already. are the introductions to my new babies:

These are Dovo scissors. I had never heard of Dovo prior to Quilt Market. I have always thought Gingher scissors were the best and nothing compared. Well...guess I was living in a cave. These scissors cut like 'buttah' girls. You may have to give up you car to buy them but who cares about driving when you can have these lovely sewing scissors right? Right!!! I'm walking and I'm OK with that....a bit tired....but it's OK....that is what I'm telling myself anyway :) I have the paperwork to begin to order these Dovo scissors for my website but they are not on there yet. If you want a pair and know which one's you want....sell your car....then e-mail me!!

This cool tool by New Leaf clings to your sewing machine top and helps you to sew on a diagonal line. I really liked it so I bought several for my website and of course one for me. Selling the car is not necessary for this cool tool....lunch would be more expensive :)

These patterns are by Castilleja Cotton. They are two sisters and a husband....they don't share him....well....they did not appear to share of the sisters was married to him....oh geez...I'm really digging a hole aren't I? Anyway....lovely people from Canada and I loved their patterns. They all three design and do what is necessary to take their patterns to market.

These are only 2 of Florine Johnson's roosters. I have ordered more and they will hopefully arrive soon. I just loved them. I have no idea why....probably the bright cheerful colors. I hope you love them too.....cuz I'm going to have those soon too.

Lori Smith's patterns were just beautiful. I wanted every one she had. She has even designed patterns that when finished will fit into ready made frames. How smart is that? So you go to your local frame shop (or if you are like me....your local garage sale) and buy a frame to fit your piece. I already have a few of her patterns on my site. Soon I will have as many as I can upload!!!

I thought these Flower Power Pincushions would make fun gifts. They would be great for Guild exchanges and fundraisers too. I'm hoping to have them on my site soon too. Geez....I need either more time or helpers.....

This pattern is by "The Noble Wife" and I thought they would be fun for flowers on a purse or as an embellishment on a package. Just too cute to pass up.

I liked this pattern for a purse organizer by Studio Kat Designs. I thought others might be interested for their purses and for their sewing notions in their sewing bags.

Cotton Ginnys had this Cell Phone Catty. I thought it might make Cat Lovers smile. I think it would also be very nice in punchneedle.
OK comes the fabric.....I'm telling you right now....I am studying Karate and I own weapons.....DO NOT BREAK INTO MY HOME AND TRY TO STEAL MY have been warned. I won't be serving coffee and cookies if I find you piling through my stash :)

Marrakesh by Hoffman Fabrics

Folklorika by Andover Fabrics....coordinating fabrics below.

Posies Roll Up by Robert Kaufman

Starflake by Brewer Sewing

This beautiful assortment is by Avlyn Fabrics.

Andover Fabrics Autumn Bounty panel and coordinating fabrics below.

Hoffman California front

Hoffman California back

I must have lost the label....but I loved it.

Exotic Felt Assortment by National Nonwovens.
I now live in a tent and walk everywhere I go.....but I do have an electrical cord from the kind neighbors to my tent so I can still sew.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sample Spree Thursday Night at Quilt Market

A Movie Star!!! Eleanor Burns was at Sample Spree in her beautiful boa signing books. Isn't she beautiful...what a great smile and boa.

Quilt Market is for business owners, designers, artists, longarm quilters and people associated with the quilting industry to meet and introduce their products, share information and take orders.

On Thursday night they have something called, "Sample Spree." The sample spree, from what I could gather, is to offer shop owners an opportunity to purchase fabrics and notions that have not yet been released for show in their shops or websites. Hence, Sample Spree.

After my last class at School House with Andover Fabrics I headed straight down to Sample Spree. I had been told by Internet friends that the folks line up early. The sale was to be 8-10 pm. It was just 6pm when I went to get in line. I was so surprised to see a huge line of two hours in advance. You have to remember this is my first Quilt Market. I could not believe people were actually lined up to PAY for things they could order from their home computers in just a few weeks....and some things that are already available. But I'm going with the flow here. We all patiently waited in line and chatted with one another. I really enjoyed that the most. I loved talking with people and learning about their lives and interests.

So the doors open and to my surprise they opened doors in the middle of the line as well. I guess that was a good decision on their part to avoid a stampede and having people rushed to the ER. I felt like I was at one of those soccer games you hear about on TV when people get trampled.

Just inside the door that I entered through, were the Andover Fabrics folks and then the MODA group. People were literally 3 and 4 deep and handing fabrics over their heads to other gals standing directly behind them. It was PANDEBALONIUM (if you are a follower of this blog you will know this word).

I asked the Andover guy how they know people are actually paying for all those fabrics they are passing overhead. He said, "I always trust a Quilter." That Andover guy says all the right things :) It is true....I've never been cheated by a quilter (knocking on wood) and I have found they are happier giving you something than taking something.

This was the line ahead of me.
This was the line behind me.
I loved this gals jacket. I was expecting to see more clothing created by quilting artists and designers. I only saw a handful of specialty clothing being worn. That was a big surprise to me.

Edyta Sitar was there with her husband signing books as well. I thought I was married to the best guy in the world. I guess Edyta must have gotten in the same husband gene pool as I did. He was right there helping, smiling and chatting in his friendly manner.

I ran into Katie and Mary from Needles Quilt Shop in Wellsboro, PA. Those are some seasoned gals....very wise. They strolled in after the rush and were just looking around. In the future....I'm following their lead!!!
P.S....I went to bed last night at 9:30 and got up at 9:30 this morning. After a busy week with the family and being worn out by 4 days of walking and talking....I needed some rest.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ahhhhh Home Again

I'm home from Quilt Market safe and sound. I think I have months of stories to tell. I hope 265 pictures will be enough for you girls. I walked and talked (and accepted freebies) for 4 straight days. So, after some rest I will begin telling my stories and showing all the very cool things we found and saw. We all learned about so many new products that we were unfamiliar with and even shared some tips with others. Talk about freebies....we brought home enough to share with all the blog world (small exaggeration there). I'm going to begin contests and giveaways....including things that have to do with some pretty big names in the sewing world....stay won't be disappointed, I promise.


Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm in Pittsburgh

I have time for one quick post. I'm alive and well in Pittsburgh. I arrived at 1:00 yesterday and spent my afternoon in the Schoolhouse classes. These were offered by many different companies and individuals. I learned quite a bit and even got some pix of celebrities...I can't wait to download my pix.

I won a book, "Punchneedle The Complete Guide" by Marinda Stewart. I so thoroughly enjoyed her lecture and seeing her work. I had goosebumps when they called my name to win a book. Marinda signed it too!!! I had a hard time not hugging her to say thanks for this really cool book that was just released from the printer.

There were some other giveaways and freebies that I were given to me. I was thinking about a post Market Blog Giveaway.....that would be share a bit-o-de-market with others.

I stayed with my husband's Aunt last night here in Pittsburgh. She has a lovely apartment in a very pretty part of town. Aunt Linda is a quilter/artist so you know I'm in heaven :)


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