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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors...Or Should I say Plastic? IHAN "Cub" Reporter

Breaking News- IHAN has a "Cub" Reporter and this is the latest breaking saw it here first :)  This is being published unedited.  Raw Data/Coverage. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors! … or should I say Plastic?

September 24, 2010. By IHAN Cub Reporter

Greetings from The Rock – The 2010 American Sewing Expo at Rock Financial Showplace, Novi, Michigan.

Could it be? OMW-Yes! It is Scissors Man!! Within the first minute of arriving, I spot him racing down the aisle, cell phone to his ear – a man on a mission. And, who would not recognize that apron!?!

Since I am missing my traditional gig out west, I decide, spur of the moment, to come “up” from Ohio for a few hours. I’ve never been here before. Don’t know how big the place is or how crowded it will be. If it is anything like Quilt-a-Fair in Colorado, it can be tough getting down aisles and close to some of the booths, let alone actually talking to a vendor. You know how those quilters can be! You know what I mean, the ones in their pin-studded, patchwork and embroidery-emblazoned vests and jackets. You do not want to get in their way! They are scarier than bikers! It is harder to get down those aisles this weekend at the Boulder County Fairgrounds than during the motorcycle swap meets there. I can say that ‘cause “been there, done both”! All this flashes through my mind in a matter of seconds.

Was he a sprinter on the track team? What if I can’t find him again? I dash after him, determined to trip him if necessary. Screech! (sound of my shoes braking, suddenly stopping pursuit.) In that instant I know I must take my chances at finding him later. I now see that he is on a beeline for… The Men’s Room! Who knows, it could be his only chance all day! Luckily for him, the His lines are shorter than the Hers.

Aha! (leaping from around the corner) Alright! Everyone! Step. Away. From. The. Tables!

This is a stick-up! Hey, Brint! Off with the apron, Scissors Man!!

“Okay, okay, don’t shoot!  Tell Kelly I’m untying the apron!”

I tell Brint I can’t leave without getting a hug to take back for Kelly. I can tell all of you that Kelly is not exaggerating about the great quality products and friendly Famore service! Evidently, any friend of Kelly’s is a friend of the Famore family! And, Brint sent something special along to be delivered to the IHAN Test Lab. Stay tuned…

P.S. This reporter will not be washing that cheek for a week!

P.S.S. Check out earlier blog posts for Scissors shenanigans and shop at IHAN for Famore Cutlery if you missed Brint at Novi.

I can only speculate that urgent phone calls were being made throughout the building to tech support regarding credit card machine wireless connections… or lack thereof. Luckily, it wasn’t a continuing issue and didn’t seem to affect scissor enthusiasm!

And, remember, the next time your clerk asks “Paper or Plastic?” they may not be talking about grocery bags! 
Had I known I would be asked to file a report and take great pictures… This will have to do from my little amateur camera since I don’t have the IHAN big guns. And, I have even more appreciation for all the time, research, testing and creativity that Kelly puts into her blog!


IHAN Cub Reporter

A Note from IHAN Chief Executive Officer- Thank you "Cub" for your excellent reporting.  I think everyone in the Quilting and Needle Arts world needs to be forewarned....just because they don't see a tall red head with three cameras does not are not being watched!!!  See, we do hide out in bushes. 

IHAN is always watching......and welcomes other "Cub" reporters to submit their spying for publication here on the IHAN blog :).....Smiles, Kelly

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