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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Needle Felting Beginners Class with the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo

It has been several days now since I went to this Beginners Needle Felting Class at our Needle Arts Guild of Toledo meeting.  Caren Scarbrough, our past Guild President, gave us a beginners lesson on Needle Felting.  I had exactly zero experience with Needle Felting prior to this class.  All I have to say is it was fascinating

The piece above and this incredible gentleman were made by Kay Griffith.  All I can say about her Needle Art Skills is                     .  Her work leaves me speechless every time.  There are always those experienced Guild Members that have seem to turn every piece of work into a breath taking object of art.  She is one of those in my eyes.  Not to say there are not many more....but today, I'm talking about Miss Kay :)

Kay stitched and felted every part of this gentleman.  Isn't it incredible?  I bet I could visit her house and spend the entire time taking photos and never wanting to leave.

Caren brought her Baby Lock Felting Machine.  I did not even know such a machine existed.  It has 7 needles and no thread.  It just felts and wow it is a fast and wonderful machine.

This is a close up of the felting process.  It is much like free motion quilting.

These are some samples of other felted pieces.

Our beginners lesson was about making this birds nest.  We started out with a felting needle and a piece of Styrofoam.  We just poked and poked and turned and poked until it became the shape of an egg.  I think it was a great beginners project.  I'm going to use mine as a pin cushion. 
And I'm going to put these "Just Pins - Around the Block" in the pin cushion.  Won't that be so fun?  I think it will.  Another reason to smile.  By the way.....I'm always open for another reason to smile!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I know life is good when I spend the weekend smiling and marveling at all the things I see and people I get to visit with. 

Dana, a friend I met at The Toledo Needle Arts Guild meeting, picked me up and drove to Diane's house for a stitch-in and potluck.  Dana lives in Colorado, so it was a pleasure being able to visit during the drive (I got to be chauffeured in a preheated car :) . 

We arrived at Diane's house and when she opened the door, all I could do was smile.  Windows, sunshine, beautiful wood everywhere AND wonderful stitching in every room (I did not check every room, lol)

Sorry for the glare in some of the photos....but the beautiful sun was shining and I was so busy enjoying myself I just took the photos and trusted the beauty would be evident even with the glare.

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Every room had several treasures to enjoy.  And those was just the guests.  Then I got to see all the stitchery.  I'm sure I've said this many times before, but the Needle Arts Guild here has some of the most lovely and interesting ladies.  I know I spent more time chatting than I did stitching. 
I asked Diane and her husband Jack, if I could take some photos of their home.  They designed and built this beautiful home.  I'm a huge fan of windows and wood.  You can clearly see why I felt like I was transported to a paradise for a few hours.

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What an incredible home.  Lots of energy and creativity in their space.  Unfortunately I could not have lofts in my home.  My co-workers would launch Lego's from those heights and I would just hate to have to see what else they would manage to launch.

Jack said the house to their left is a traditional ranch.  Theirs is a pole house, where the roof is held up by poles not the walls. (They can move any wall in their house when they feel like it!!! Sooo cool.)  The next house is an underground house and the fourth house is an envelope house.  It was not planned that was just what the owners decided to do with their land.  Interesting, isn't it?

Jack and Diane built their house with a southern exposure.  The roof line permits shade in the summer and allows the winter sun to come in and warm their home.  I love the design, the layout and all the wonderful treasures they have found and made to enhance their home.

This little fella was looking so playful I could not resist taking his picture.  He was made from recycled newspaper.  My kind of dog!!!  No messes :)
This little fella or gal (?) was sitting on a table in the living room area.  I could not fun....made me smile.

Ahhhhh Smiles,

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