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Showing posts with label Wendy Jenkins. Show all posts

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Wee Bit O' Pride

Some of you may remember this quilt.....

"Passing The Sacred Orb" made by Moi'
I blogged about it in THIS POST.  I absolutely loved making it and when it was finished....I found it difficult to send off for donation.  But I did it...and guess what?  It is finally up for auction.  CLICK HERE to see the auction.

This quilt / wall hanging is by Kelly Jackson of the Black Swamp Quilters Guild in Ohio.
Kelly says, "When I heard about making quilts from the fabrics that other women had made clothing from I was intrigued...I agreed to be a part of the process. Quilters in the US could agree to make a quilt from these ladies lovely creations and then the quilts could be auctioned and the money could would go back to support those women...Women helping women...a wonderful solution to show the connectedness of women across cultures and countries."
This pattern is originally by Terrie Kralik of Mosse Country Quilts in Bonners Ferry, ID. The circle symbolizes "our connectedness to one another and is reverently dedicated to the spirit of women."
Quilt measure 48" x 46".

Wendy Jenkins, another guild member also has her beautiful quilt up for auction. 

Indian Summer Quilt
"Indian Summer" by Wendy Jenkins

You can CLICK HERE to see her auction. 

My quilt top was finished at the Lake House when I went for retreat with my girlfriends in 2011.  I have such fond feelings for this quilt.  I sure do hope the new owner will love it as much as I do....LOL.  Isn't that terrible?  I guess it feels like a piece of me is out there and up for bid.   Have you ever donated your work for auction?  Did you get to find out who bought it and where it went?  "Passing The Sacred Orb" feels like a part of my family and I want to know where she'll go.

The money raised from these quilts go to support the social development programs for women and children in Mumbi, India.  If any of you saw Oprah's program, The Women of India, you'll know the money is going to a very good cause.  I saw the program when it aired here in OH and I learned a great deal about a place I've never been.  My father lived in India and my nephew went for 3 months...perhaps some day I'll get to travel to India as well. 

Have a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wendy Jenkins' Work

Wendy Jenkins is a member of my quilt guild, Black Swamp Quilters in Wood County, OH. I was hopping around today and saw this beautiful Sunflower.
" Growing Wild"
"Woven Wonder"

"South by Southwestern"
These three pieces really grabbed my eye. She sells her work on Etsy. Lovely work Wendy!!!

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