Thursday, October 8, 2009

International Quilt Market Houston 2009

Houston We Have Lift Off

I had not even boarded the plane when I met Beth Ferrier, Applewood Farm Publications. Beth is from Saginaw, MI and she has a new book coming out. She is traveling to Houston to talk about "More Hand Applique by Machine".

These are her samples and they are beautiful. This picture does her work no justice. I should have taken a close up of her work. When I see her again I'll take a close up to share with everyone. How fun and exciting is that....traveling to Houston to share a new book!!!

Beth even let me take a pix of her book....ohhhhhh I touched it!!! During our conversation I asked Beth what invisible thread she prefers. She said, "My preference is Superior or Sulky because they are the only ones that are polyester. They don't yellow or melt." I learned something new....I'm always learning something new :)
Hello Houston!!! It was 90 degrees with high humidity when I arrived. I had a coat on at it is Summer time again!!!

Here is a sneak peak....they are setting up for Market....I can't go in of badge is not blue :( Those of us with green badges can enter on Saturday. But those of us with green badges are not setting up and working our butts off to show our work either....:)

These are just photos of the set up process. I have no idea who has what booth....just a general fun shot for those at home to enjoy.
I just met up with Lacey Hill (author of Sizzling Circles) and she is doing well. Lacey has been working her booty off and I can't even tell you on what....gotta keep some secrets you know. Lacey is a wonderful woman....full of life and gives great hugs.
Ok...I'm off to bed....I'll post again as soon as I can. Thanks for all the comments. I'm reading the but can't reply due to time constraints.
Big Ole Texas Smiles,

It's That Time Again...To Market To Market

Giggedy Gig

I'm off to Houston and here are my "spanky name badges." I need two of course....because I don't want one to clash with my clothes....oh the stress of it all!!!

I've been spoiled by MJ in the past. This time...I had to make my own name badge. No matching camera strap, Kleenex holder or backpack. Boooo Hoooo, how will I survive? This picture is of the back where I put pockets to hold my business cards, cash and credit card.

I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to seeing what is new and seeing some friends.

I learned that the Hilton has free WiFi in the lobby area!!!! So I'm taking my laptop so I can do what? Blog of course. It isn't near as much fun without all of you. I even brought a 8MB disk for my camera....think I'll run out of space? The cord to transfer pix from the camera to the laptop is also packed. I'm just hoping I can do all this techno stuff without Rick.

If there is someone or something you really must see....better leave a comment so I know who and where to take pix :)

Smiles, Kelly
Almost forgot....I made new bag tags too!!!
I'll know which bag is mine, no doubt about it :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Extremely Cool Item ALERT

I just received an e-mail from a new friend and in the post was a news clip of a local designer. Her'll have to click here to see for's called Wrapagain!!! I'm in love with the idea....and I bet you will be too. As a matter of fact....if there is one single solitary person out there that does not find this very interesting....e-mail me....cuz I wouldn't believe you otherwise!!!


Packages Packages

I think I'm in love with getting mail these days. Look at this fun surprise package I received from Terri at Sew-Fantastic Blog. She sent it to me because I was displaying her button. For more packages in the mail....I'll post a full page photo of her and her blog!!! LOL Thanks a million Terri. I'm looking forward to the tutorial :)
Sue Bleiweiss sent this beautiful post card. I just love it. Sue posted photos of her cards and offered to send one to anyone who wanted one. Well....I may be nuts....but not crazy....I said please send me one with flowers!!!
Thank You is beautiful :)

Now it is my turn to pass on the love....and I finished beading this....but it seems dull....why? Is it I too close to it....or is it dull?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Never Say Never...Never Ever...Know Why?

Because then it happens!!! I said I would never carry fabric....and now I do!!! I have kits that include fabric....that counts right? I'm the type of person that likes to have everything I need when I begin a project. I hate running all over town trying to match a fabric (like I had to do with my fall table topper). is the answer....I decided to carry beautiful kits that include the fabrics. The patterns, thread kits and fabric kits can also be purchased separately. I'm still in the process of getting all of them loaded onto my please be patient.

Here is a sneak peak:

Cupcake wall hanging

Serengeti favorite :)
Stop by and check out the new Kit section. While you are there you can also see what is in the Recent Additions section.....enjoy yourself :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Helping Tsunami Survivors in American Samoa

I've gotten several e-mails asking what to send and where to send it. Click here for more information. Everything you want and need to know can be answered there.

By the way, many who asked are "non-reply bloggers." I can't e-mail you and give you information if you are a "non-reply blogger." So click here and fix that little problem, ay? Thanks a million.....


Three more sleeps....until


I leave Thursday morning for Houston and I'm so excited. I hope this excitement is enough fuel to keep me going to get everything done. I am packing light so I can bring home lots of fun stuff. Wish I could take everyone with me.....but wait....I can!!! I'll be taking two cameras and possibly my video camera too!!! (still have not figured out how to get the HD video camera to upload video to our computer)

I've decided I need a full time secretary/assistant who is older than 7!!! I'm so busy that I need someone to run this show while I'm gone. I'll do my best to blog while away...but if I can't for some reason....just know...that is twice as many posts coming your way :)

How about a re-cap of the best of May Quilt Market? is a list of all the excellent notions I found at the last Quilt Market (in not particular order) :
*** means I own it and highly recommend it. ** means I wish I owned it but I don't because of time limitations with using it.

*** One of my very favorite items. I love, love, love my Thread Carousel. These are hand crafted heirloom quality Thread Carousels. If you plan to sew for years and years I think this is the way to go. You can store your thread conveniently and within reach too. This won't go in a garage is something to pass along to the next generation.

** Electric Quilt Software....I would own it if I had the time to use it. I am blogging or filling orders...taking care of kids, house, family, etc....but I would love to have it when time permits to use it.

***Roc Lon Multi Purpose Cloth. This stuff is wonderful!!! You can look back through my blog for all the great things made with Roc-Lon MPC.

***Sizzling Circles by Lacey Hill. Excellent book with excellent directions. I made a great table topper for the fall. You can see it here on my blog too!!

*** Texture Magic if a lot of fun. You can add fun texture to any project. I really like it on hand bags and quilt centers. I've seen it used on a child's bodice...made it look it had been smocked. Check out Gayle's Gallery for her a great photo shoot for using Texture Magic.

*** Q Tools Cutting Edge Strips...these repositionable little babies are on all my rulers. I love them....and they are inexpensive too.

***One of the best things to come out of May Quilt Market!!! I saw a Floorquilt made by Ellen Highsmith Silver and that is how I fell in love with Roc-Lon MPC. This is Ellen's book, "Floorquilts." I even have gotten to know Ellen and that has been an added bonus :)
**Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine. This is an great tool for those who need to cut a lot of strips. It is a pressure cutter and not a razor cutter. I think that has been the misunderstanding when people first see it. Now you know!!! It cuts by pressure and I had it cutting through everything I had in my stash...everything :)

*** 4" Jackpot Scissors have been a huge hit since I learned about them in Pittsburgh. The holes for your fingers and thumb are nice and wide and the thinner pointed tip helps to un-sew (rip out) and for applique.

***These little guys don't come off....honestly. The guy put one on my finger while at stayed on all day. Needle Grip It is excellent for pulling your thread through without any slip. One package will last a very long time. If you are very can cut one in half too!!! (don't tell them I told you this :)

***Majorly cool!!! Transdoodle tracing paper. You will love, love, love this tracing paper because it is non-waxy, non-staining, reusable, chalky-color transfer paper for clear guidelines that never set - not even with ironing - and simply rub out with the swipe of a cloth or in the wash. Transdoodle is made to be long lasting - use it over and over and over again.

Olfa's Circle Cutter. I tried this at Market and loved it. I don't cut too many circles so I have not bought one. I can tell you first hand that it works and works easily. It is a very nice tool. I think it would be great for scrapbooking and other crafts too. If you make a lot of YoYo's this would be a MUST HAVE tool.

***Paintstik Inspirations. I love this DVD and yes I own the Paintstiks too!!! I even have some rubbing plates!! How fun is it to embellish my fabrics (tote bags, luggage, kids backpacks...I'm nuts so I have to be careful not to "tattoo" everything around me) without being an artist. The DVD shows you how to use them and gives you lots of tips too. My Mother-In-Law watched it and she really enjoyed it too.

***Of course....ya got to have some Paintstik Mini's to make sure you have the colors you want right? That's what I told myself anyway :)
***Rubbing Plates. You can use these with Paintstiks and many other inks as well.
***GrabARoo's were one of the most surprising "must haves" from May quilt market. I saw them and walked right past them. I you have gloves with little grippers. Cool....and I kept walking. Then Lois, one of my East Coast Advisers, said, " wait just have to come with me over there and try these out." Lois knew what she was talking about alright. If you don't have a pair.....treat yourself to a pair. You might think, "I have a pair of garden gloves or rubber tipped gloves....or I don't need them." Pardon me for saying this....but you are wrong. You won't know until you try them....I did know either. Do a search on my blog for GrabARoo's and you'll see why I say this. The good thing about IHAN is that everything comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I won't sell anything I don't think is worth having. It's like having an "Uncle in the Furniture Business"...and I'm not Jushua Door (showing my age again).

***Honestly the best light weight fusible I know of, Mistyfuse....check out the Work Forward Method here. Do you love to applique? Want to learn and make it easy? You won't go wrong with Transdoodle and Mistyfuse...I PROMISE!!! Mistyfuse comes in Ultraviolet as well as Black.

***Very cool fusible powder, 007 by BoNash. If you tear or worse yet cut through your fabric....all is not lost. You can use this fusible powder on another piece of cotton fabric and iron it to the back of the fabric that was damaged. It fixes tears and cuts. I've used it on my boys holds :) It has craft uses too....I just have not had time for those yet.

***If you read my blog on a regular already know that the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Machine is the fastest way to make bias tape...fabric tape....and if you don't tell everyone I told you this....I use my fusible in there too.....I just put the fusible web inside the fabric strip and run it through the machine....because the heat plate is my "mini iron." It also will press your ribbons and trims if you get them all wrinkled...just set the heat setting appropriate for what you are ironing. Now Available: 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" inch single fold tips!!!

*** I think I should buy stock in this Applique Template Paper. I just run it through my printer and I press it on my fabric...done. Excellent price....excellent product.

**Accu Quilt Go Fabric Cutter....this is a wonderful die cutter for fabrics. It works exactly like you would expect it to work. I think it is worth every dime you will spend on it. My only reservation in purchasing it for myself is I don't cut that many pieces to make it cost effective. They are great for retreats and making charity quilts. I think every guild should own one....honestly. If you have the means to purchase one....I know you won't be disappointed.

**This Stack and Store Bobbin Tower is very popular. I've sold several. You just pop your bobbin right into the "fingers" and they hold your bobbins. You can take off each layer if you are going someplace and only need a few. You can use the green holders for one type of thread and the lighter one for another type of thread. I don't need one because I have the Thread holds my threads and my bobbins.

***Another item I walked past. Thankfully Mary Jane did not. She is another East Coast Assistant!!! We all hugged Jan Carr from Clover when he introduced us to the Protect and Grip Thimble. If anyone knows Thimbles it is Mary Jane. She said she would pay 30.00 for this thimble if that is what they charged. She loves them and has sold a ton for me!!! THANK YOU Mary Jane. I can't stand using Thimbles....until I found this I use it.

As you can see this list is getting very long. I have not even gotten to the patters that I found that I loved. So....for today....I'll stop. Just be forewarned that this Blog will be overloaded with information when I head just may go out and find some really good C-Clamps while I'm out of town :)
Zippity Doo Dah Smiles,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big O Blog World (BOB World)

It used to be that you knew everyone in your town and if someone needed something everyone pitched in if they could. Now we live so far away from our families and friends I have managed to connect with people all over the world and now my community is global. I'm sure this is true for all of you as well.
So when the Tsunami hit American Samoa it became real for me. I know someone who lives there now, Barb from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb Blog. So instead of it being another disaster on television it became very real for us. Once I heard that Barb was safe I felt some relief.

I went through the house looking for things to put into boxes to send for the children and families. I brought up a video of the Tsunami in American Samoa for my boys to see so they would understand why these little children needed some of their things.

Zach wanted to decorate a card for them.
I could not help but notice how a 5 year old communicates I'm sorry you are sad. He first draws a frowning face then a smiling one. I think he communicated his message very well...and oh so precious too.
Barb said to send priority flat rate boxes. It cost us only 1/2 as much to ship these as it would have been to ship in our own boxes. Great idea Barb.

Grateful Smiles, Kelly

Where have I been??? MIA

Normally I post every day....and sometimes a few times a day.....but what happened to me?

I'll show you where I've been....join me on a little adventure. Rick and I are now the parents of a Tiger Scout. So....we go to these den meetings and go on adventures. This is our first Boy Scout experience. It comes with buying shirts, neck-ker-chiefs (sp?), wooden cars and wooden boats.....oh yea....lets not forget that expensive pop corn we have to sell (LOL).

Camp Miakonda here we come for a day of adventure and an over night stay. But first.....oh yea....Rick tells me I have sewn Aaron's den numbers on wrong. This will only be the third time I've done this....because the first two times I actually sewed one or more of the patches to the sleeve...closing the sleeve...oh yea that's me....I did it :)

The numbers are supposed to be beneath the Ohio patch.

I did this under duress....this was after all my second attempt and Aaron needed his shirt in 10 minutes when I hurried to get these put on his shirt.

So I sit down at the kitchen table....this time with a whole 30 minutes before we are leaving for camp. My job is to rip the stitches and get them back on....numbers on top this time. Who insists they have to help? Zach (5 yrs old) and he absolutely insists that he needs to do this. is Zach doing his part.
Off we go to camp....shirt looking good.
Rick and Aaron shooting a BB Gun for the first time together.

Rick and Zach shooting this time.

This morning....after sleeping in the cold and rain all night....this is Mommy....trying her best to rest. Honestly I don't think I got more than an hour or two of sleep. Between the rain and cold....I kept covering up the kids to be sure they were warm. There was a guy in the next tent who must have had an excellent air mattres and a very warm sleeping bag.....he snored all night long. I should have thrown a tennis shoe at his tent and said...quiet down over there....but I was polite...this time!!! :)

We had a ball and this is a beautiful photo of the leaves turning. I was very impressed with this gathering and camp. Every event was very well organized and supervised. This is going to be fun :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wooo Hoooo I won

The Business Women's Expo was great for another reason: I won and this package arrived at my door today!!!
So of course I grabbed it off the porch...after the mail man need to scare him....honestly it is bad I ran into the kitchen and opened the envelope....
I won this book from Hershberger & Huff autographed copy of their book.

How nice was that? They even autographed it for me. This is a really awesome book. I spent some time looking at the drawings and thinking about translating them for applique. Can you imagine me making an original applique? That would be truly amazing....I don't think I would believe it myself!!!
Thanks a million Kelli & Carlynne!!! If you did not stop by their blog during the Women's's not too on the link and there you will be.
Grateful Smiles,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are You Prepared?

Please, please, please GET YOUR NICKERS IN A BUNCH if you see this happening....don't stand and watch as these folks did....what were they thinking? I guess some folks are begging to be taken out of the gene pool....not about you?

After the Tsunami recently and not hearing from Barb of "BEJEWELED QUILTS BY BARB" blog I started thinking how prepared we are for an emergency.

I have batteries, gas, bottled water, canned food, blankets, flash lights etc....but what about those very important papers if our house flooded? What about our kids medical records? What about copies of all our credit cards and house papers etc? What about all our photos? If a tornado hit and we lost everything how would we tell the insurance company what we owned? Who would know what they have exactly?

I did what I always do....I Googled Emergency Preparedness and found this site with great checklists and I thought I would share them with you.

You will be able to find lots of great information and start putting together some tangible plans for you and your family should you have an emergency. I thought it would be an excellent idea to scan birth records, prescriptions, all phone contact numbers, home and auto paperwork, immunization records and all your most important documents and put them on a thumb drive. They are pretty cheap. If you keep one at home and then mail them out to your family and/or friends. Should something happen....they would be able to help you retrieve those documents and even have a list of all your contacts to check with them as to your well being.

We put all our pictures backed up on a drive in our safety deposit box. Of course I started thinking....what if the flood goes into the bank and ruins our drive....what then. So I think I"m going to have another back up made and sent out of state for safe keeping.

Ready America has a great list of items for kits as well. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also has some great info. The American Academy of Pediatrics has some excellent information for families with children. The American Red Cross has information as well. FEMA has a list of information about different types of emergencies and disasters. For those of you with pets, Pet Finders has information about helping your pets during an emergency. has a list of first aid disaster preparedness products that may be helpful.

Ok....I've done my job...well....Google and I went to work to help you have a plan for those things in life that are unplanned. ( I'm sorry if you get pregnant and it is unplanned....I have no advise for you.....other than....get your sleep now....cuz good sleep it is over for the rest of your life!!!)

If you have information or great ideas that are not listed here....please, please, please leave a comment or an e-mail and share those tips with the rest of us.

AND because I put this list are now obligated to take my family in if there is an emergency....and we want all your quilts to keep us warm and your needle work to give us interesting things to look at!!! Oh yea....we'll need some PB & J sandwiches on whole wheat bread, diet pepsi, apple juice and milk with lots of chocolate chip cookies too!!!

Safe Smiles,

Dear Jane...I mean Dear Mary Jane

This is a photo from the Dear Jane quilt my girlfriend, Mary Jane is making. She sends me pix of her projects and I do the helps us feel like I can just drop by....even though I'm 8 hours away....booo hoooo.

I think choosing just one fabric for the designs really makes the designs pop. Besides...Red is one of my favorite colors....Green is up there too.

This is what MJ has to say, "Our guild has a Dear Jane group that I joined but making a whole quilt is overwhelming to me when I have so many other ideas in my head or UFOS that I want to finish. This is as many as I am going to make and finish it into a wall hanging. I enjoyed the experience of being with other women having the same interest and hand piecing but sewed the blocks together by machine. On to the hand quilting which I love the most."

Notice she loves the hand quilting the best? Now you know why she took the first place ribbon at the recent Needle Arts Guild of Toledo Exhibit.....she is EXCELLENT at hand quilting....every stitch is so tiny and perfectly spaced....I love her work. She taught me needle turn applique and my first project got a 3rd place ribbon at the same show....not bad ay?


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