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Monday, May 16, 2011

Chronicles of a CrAzEE Person

I've decided the most appropriate title for the last few weeks is "Chronicles of a CrAzEE Person."  I'm going to be 100% upfront.....I've entered Peri-Menopause and my life has been turned upside down.  Many days I don't have the energy required to do some of the most simple things and I frequently fluctuate between frustrated, sad and angry.  I know, I know....this is part of life....I get that....and Yes I've had my blood work done and I'm seeing the Dr. today at 2:00.  Please just know I'm doing the very best I can do and I'll post when I'm up to it.  I always appreciate prayers and positive thoughts and energy sent my way.

I love this blog and writing it has been such a highlight in my life in the past few years....I'm very grateful for all the wonderful people it has brought  into my life.  Speaking of wonderful people, Spring Quilt Market was this past week and this is the first Market I've missed since starting IHAN.  With Zach's birthday and both boys having Cub Scout Cross Over I just could not imagine going to Salt Lake.  While I have really enjoyed learning about all the latest and greatest Notions and know what I missed most?  I missed seeing some lovely people and I thought of them often this past week.  More about that later.

Ok, so here is Zach on his actual birthday, May 11th.  We celebrated with him a little bit and then on Sunday his friends were invited for a Pokemon Party.
Aaron and Zach....standing next to one another, Momma says, smile I'd like to take a photo of the two of you....and this is the faces I got.....priceless.

Every night last week I worked on the Cub Scout Den Banner for Zach's Tiger group.  (Husband nominated me for this one....guess that is only fair because I'm always saying, "Rick'ell do it.")  Being forced to use my embroidery machine for the first time I attempted to embroidery the boys names to be put on the go....not yet.  We were supposed to leave for Camp Pioneer on Saturday morning but I was still working on the banner so I told Rick I'd meet them there later in the day.  I spent my entire day until 3:00 working on the once you see the banner you are going to ask....what took you so long?.....but I'll give more details in a separate blog post.

Arriving at Camp Pioneer..... I see we have Lake Front Property....for the first time in my cool....I'm feeling wealthy (not). 
 I open the tent flap.....Rick was bailing water into a bread bag and a water bottle ...
Aaron proudly takes the water and empties it right out front of the tent....into the Lake!!!  Did ya see those soaking wet sleeping bags? 

I'm thinking to myself....keep smiling....that is all you can do right now....change them into dry clothes and smile....after all that is what good memories are made of....
This is Zach's Den with their banner....the top is finished.
You can't see that each letter is outlined and the background is free motion quilted.
There is a zipper to zip on the next banner...Tiger's.  It is not finished because I wanted the boys to decide if they wanted to write their names on it or have them embroidered.....they decided on both.  I'll post more when the entire banner is finished.
Mr. Proud as Peas is now a Bear Cub.  Zach will get his Wolf neckerchief and badge when he meets with his den again.  The ceremony went on but in a abbreviated version so everyone could pack up and head out before dark.
 When I opened the tent I was amazed by the flood.....look at the big puddle on top of the tent....

a close up pix shows the steady flow of water....impressive!!  LOL

Sunday was the Pokemon Party......the boys got to decorate their own cupcakes and ice cream sundaes.....that was wild to watch....candy, chocolate sauce and whip cream everywhere.
The gift opening FRENZIE!!!  I could not even see what Zach was opening because of the huddle. 

Everyone had a good time.....then Mommy and Daddy rested....and boy did we ever need it!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

No, I'm not Hiding :)

I know it seems like forever since I've posted, I've been so busy I don't know weather to scratch my watch or wind my butt....honestly.  Yesterday was Zach's 7th Birthday.
Lots of planning and preparations for a Pokemon Birthday party for a few of his friends on Sunday.  What do I know about Pokemon?  Nothing....I've been doing my research....I'm so grateful for Google :)

I've also been preparing for the Cub Scout Cross Over on Saturday and below is a little Tiger I've been working on for the flag.  Researching good scissors has always been fun....and while cutting out this little orange Tiger....I was extremely grateful I own some of the best applique scissors on the market. 

Oh and you know what else is a life saver?  Robert Kaufman's Boy Scout Fabric line.    I am telling you, Robert Kaufman Fabrics totally Rocks!!!!  Check out how neat the fabrics are that I get to make the flag with.....aren't these just so perfect? I will post photos of the flag when it is done.
Yesterday a package arrived in the mail, Girls World by Jennifer Paganelli.  I won an on-line class and this book with patterns from SewCalGal's blog a few weeks ago.  Now I have something Girlie to look forward to after the Cub Scout Flag is finished :)
Part of my brain is in Salt Lake City today.  Today is Schoolhouse and you know how much I love to run from room to room seeing all the new designs and getting a sneak peak at all the latest gadgets.  I am missing some of my friends who are there....and sad I won't be seeing the same time  I also know a Momma can't be missing her son's 7th birthday and Cub Scout Crossover....if she can at all help it....and thankfully I can....but I'm still thinking about Spring Quilt Market.


Monday, May 9, 2011

JAYBIRD QUILTS Goes to Market....This is so exciting :)

It is so much fun to watch your blog buddies take off.  I had the great fortune of meeting Julie Herman, JAYBIRD QUILTS, over a year ago.  I had noticed I was getting quite a few orders and they were originating from Julie's blog.  I e-mailed her to thank her for her kindness in mentioning my little shop and she was just so sweet.  I admired the quilt-a- longs that Julie was doing and found her patterns to be fun and energetic.  (Side Note: when I first visited Julies' blog I was struck by her photo.  Here was a young earthy looking woman with a creative light emanating from make-up or pretense...just this is me and this is what I do kind of energy.  When I see that in a young person, it always gets my attention.)  We kept in touch and I had the good fortune of meeting her in person while at Market in Houston last Fall.   

I walked into a Robert Kaufman sponsored Schoolhouse presentation and who was operating the camera?  None other than the this beautiful young earthy woman, Julie Herman.  I walked over and hugged her....I was so happy to be able to meet her in person and thank her for her kindness.  While Julie was taking photographs and videotaping I was taking photos of her.  One of the attendees asked me if she was my daughter.  My first thought was....Oh geez....I guess I am old....and my second, but I sure would be proud if she were. 

During the Schoolhouse presentation Julie had an opportunity to show one of her quilts.  This is Julie showing her quilt pattern, Dot Party.
Oh I wish this photo had come out better....but you can see how happy I was to be able to visit with Julie....she was lots of fun too.

This week, Julie will be heading to Salt Lake City for the Spring Quilt Market.  Not only will she be there....she is also having her own booth.  Isn't that so exciting?  I am so happy for her....I could just squeal.  Not only does Julie have a full time day job, she also works full time in the evenings designing and making quilts.  I know so many young people who complain there are no jobs and talk about how nothing is working out....then here is Julie working her booty off and making a name for herself.....Way2GO ROCK BIG IHAN SOCKS :)

I'm sad that I won't be in Salt Lake to take photos and watch her have a grand time.....but I'll be thinking of her and knowing that others will see her great energy and fun spirit and enjoy her designs.  I thought I would do a little Pre-Spring Market review of the quilts that will be hanging in Julies booth.


Chopsticks is one of Julie's latest patterns that is not available just yet.  When I saw it on her blog I immediately sent the link to Waldo because she has been looking for a great pattern for all the aboriginal fabrics she has been collecting.  Guess what?  The fabric looks great....I'll have to wait until the pattern is available and Waldo gets is going....I'll beg her for photos :)

When I first saw Hugs & Kisses, I instantly thought about the Hoffman Bali Pops I have in my stash.  I have no idea why I bought them other than they were so beautiful I knew I'd find something....and now I have found the perfect pattern for my Bali Pops :)

I've been playing with my blocks on my design wall looking for the perfect background fabric for the diamond centers.  I've not completely decided yet....but don't those Bali Pops look great in Julie's Hugs & Kisses Pattern?

 Creative Grids Lazy Angle Ruler by Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs,  is used for making the blocks for Hugs & Kisses.    

You know if Joan Hawley designed it....then I can use it.  Everything Joan does is done the "Lazy Way" and that is just how I like it!  The other thing is, I can use my new Lazy Angle Ruler for so many other blocks too....I don't feel like I've wasted my money on a one time whirley (you know I'm frugal!!).  I think I spied some "Littles"  Joan has ready for Spring Market and the patterns use the same beans. 

You know you can't loose when Joan and Julie collaborate....both wonderful women and I wish them nothing but success in Salt Lake City....Go Get-em' Girls!!! ( and send along plenty of photos of all your fun...pretty please :)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone Everywhere

This is my precious niece, Lola Tolise....isn't she amazing?   This is Taylor's first Mother's HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Girl....ya sure do have to work your fanny off just to get a Mother's Day card don't ya?  Soon you'll be getting macaroni necklaces and hand drawn pictures that you will treasure more than gold all of your life. 

Me with two of my babies, I'm fortunate enough to have 8 babies! 

Yep 8, count em: Krista, Megan, Maddy, Taylor, Aaron, Zach, Molly and Jake!  The first three were brought by Northwest Airlines( 11,13 & 15 years old at the time) Taylor came American Airlines when she was 15, Aaron and Zach were delivered by the Stork and Molly and Jake (8 weeks) came by Toyota van!  (Am I supposed count son-in-laws too?  If so, I have two of those as wonder I'm feeling so darn old and my eyesight is going!!!)

If you are reading this, then you were once a baby too and whom ever has contributed to all your fine qualities and has nurtured your soul....I wish them a Happy Day!

In a previous life I was a Psychologist so I know that Mother's Day and all holidays really can be very different for everyone.  Many people did not have the Mother's they needed when they were going up so Mother's Day can be very painful and bring about sadness and's not all about cards and flowers for them.  No matter who your Mother is or was....I pray for you that you cherish all the gifts you received from that person and I thank them for your life.....that is all some Mommy's can give and what a gift it was and is!

It took me until I was 35 years old to realize the best gift my father ever gave me was his absence.....what a treasured awareness.....his gift was his absence from my daily was absolutely best for me although I had not idea what a gift it was until I was 35 years old.  This awareness taught me to look at gifts in many different lights and to be grateful for all of them.

If you had the Mother that you naked all day long!!!!!  That is absolutely wonderful and we are all thrilled for you.  Everyone else, party naked too and be the mother that you needed to yourself today....take only the best care of yourself this and every day!

My Mother's Day wish for everyone today is is a pure joy that radiates peace and beauty....exactly what a nurturing Mother would radiate :)


Beam & Read Winner Announced

 I'm certain you all know I could not choose so I wimped out and used the Random Number Generator.  The first person was a No-Reply Blogger so there is no way I could contact them....bummer.  So I clicked the Random Number Generator Button again....and the lucky winner was

And this was their comment :

Congratulations to Sherry, Country Wings in Phoenix!!!  Please e-mail me at with your full name and address and I'll pass the information along to Bob at and he will ship your light to you this week :)

I loved reading all the comments and it sure seems like there are a lot of folks who would benefit from a Beam and Read Light that is for sure.  If you left a comment on the Giveaway Post you can take advantage of a 15% discount on any Beam and Read Light at IHAN.  To receive your discount, you must e-mail your order to me at (because I don't pay the big bucks for my's not all that fancy :).  This is only for those who left a comment on that post so please don't share this information with everyone you have ever met....that would take me a long time to verify if they left a comment and it would definitely delay my shipping your Beam and Read Light!!  LOL


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beam and Read LED6 Deluxe Hands Free Light Giveaway

Sponsored Giveaway from Beam and Read Lights
Post by Kelly Jackson

Who's Yo Momma?

( Martin could such a handsome man look so "Momma like?)

No matter who "Yo Mamma" happens to be, she should be celebrated on Sunday, May 8th....if you know what is good for ya!!

IHAN and ReadingLights dot com want to  help you with a gift for "Yo Momma." 

Beam and Read Lights

The personal, portable, hands free light for anywhere, anytime, that won't disturb others. Excellent for all needlecrafts. Includes three 4in x 5in acrylic fresnel magnifiers. Needed (not included) are 4 standard alkaline AA batteries.

The personal, portable, hands free light for anywhere, anytime, that won't disturb others. Excellent for all needlecrafts. With 3 LED bulbs, the 4 standard alkaline AA batteries (included) last at least 120 hours. Also comes with a red filter to help night vision.

The personal, portable, hands free light for anywhere, anytime, that won't disturb others. Excellent for all needlecrafts. Includes two clip-on filters & a large 4in x 5in acrylic fresnal magnifier. Needed ( not included) are 4 standard alkaline AA batteries.

To read more detailed information about each of these lights, click here

The Beam and Read lights are great for stitching and needle work....HOWEVER.....I can think of many other uses of these lights....

For example, identifying denominations.  This is what a big wad of money looks like without a Beam and Read Light

Everything is so blurry do you know if you have ones or hundreds?  You don't!

With a Beam and Read can clearly see there are several 100 dollar bills there....not just one's.  This guy wanted to trade me his wad....but I wouldn't part with MY Beam and Read.  I sent him to the IHAN's that M word again....I'm so grumpy!  Ya think I cut my nose off to spite my face?  Me too!!!  LOL

I used my Beam and Read while shopping for a Mother's Day gift for my Momma.....
Being 47 years old,  I can't see a darn thing without a magnifier and a I just keep it on and here I am shopping for wine.  I just dare someone to ask why I can't see....I double dog dare them!!!

Waldo is knitting with her Beam and Read Light.  The light is forward focused and it sure does make illuminate handwork.

Since the Beam and Read Lights are hands free, even a bank robber could wear one so he doesn't need to hold his flashlight.  Speaking of robbers....hey I have a great idea.  When I plan my next Aurifil Thread Heist....I can wear my GrabARoo's (won't leave any finger prints behind) and my Beam and Read Light to steal all those spools cones of thread from Alex in Houston.  The magnifier will come in handy so I can read the colors I'm taking. 

This is where I sit in the evening with my applique.  It is typically dark and the lamp on the table does not throw enough light so I wear a Beam and Read.  See, I don't always sit around thinking of heists you know :)

What would you or "Yo Momma" do with a Beam and Read Light?   If you are an IHAN blog follower, leave a comment on this post telling me what you or "Yo Momma" (or anyone on earth you would want to give one to) would use the Beam and Read Light for and and you will have a chance to have the Beam and Read LED6 Deluxe Hands Free Light sent to the address of your choosing.

Now keep in mind, Father's Day is just around the corner and you just may just want to start thinking of  ideas for "Yo Pappa" too.  You can comment on what he would do with a Beam and Read Light and still qualify :) 

On Sunday, May 8th, I will announce the winner.  I may do the random number generator or I just might take the best idea that I read from all the comments....I just don't know yet :)  Have some fun!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

How ever did this happen?

Ya ever been smacked with reality....sort of hard?  Like you look in the mirror and you don't recognize the person staring back at ya?  That's how I've been feeling lately. 

While in the shower yesterday I glanced up to the Cetaphil Pump Soap that I use on my face and it read, "it softens while it cleans."  You got to be kidding wonder I'm so damn soft everywhere....I need to switch to Teenager Soap!!!  I'm convinced it is time to switch to Just Naturals....look for yourself....those old ladies look young again :)

Seems like with technology these kids have everything....I mean everything.  There is some new technology called the Electronic Driving Coach that helps keep teenagers focused on their driving.  Great for them!!!  How about an Old Lady Living Coach that reminds me what I came into the room for?  Come on folks....I'm really tired of stuff for young people....I want something I can actually use....what about you?

As you can tell, I'm heading into the M word and I'm feeling older than I did just a year ago.  I went to the Eye Doctor and he told me my vision has not changed.  I wanted to scream into his young ear, "then why on earth does it seem like I can't see a darn thing anymore!!!"  Instead, I politely thanked him and left.  I'll fix this problem....who needs eye doctors anyway, right?

This is what I have been seeing when I turn on my sewing machine.

 NOW look what I see :)  I found myself a wonderful gadget that helps even the playing field a bit.  I love this CC all I need is a CC Smaller to place in front of the mirror!!!  Wonder if Simplicity has considered something like that? 

You can see how it attaches to my machine...and it does not get in the way of my thread or lever in the back....I put it on in less than a that certainly helps...cuz you know the M word and frustration is potential  explosion don't ya?
While watching Karen Kay Buckley's DVD I saw she had a magnifier on her Bernina.  So I priced one for myself and I learned  the CC Bigger is so much more affordable .  Now everything much easier to see (or should I say, CC?).

In the photo above you can see my Bendable Bright Light.  If you don't have one on your sewing machine and you are over 30 years old.....ya just might want to check them out.  I've never met anyone who didn't love their Bendable Bright Light

I've learned about a few other lighting gadgets and they have found their way into my daily life.

I really liked this LED lighting strip when I first saw is so bright.
Check out how bright it is.  It has a peal and stick strip on the back....but I want mine to be mobile because there are so many places I use instead of pealing off the backing....I use the sticky tack (used to put posters on kids walls).  The sticky tack (I got mine at Office Max) is inexpensive and it is soft and pliable so I can mount my light strip to almost anything. 

One of the ways I use the Light Strip with 6 Led Bulbs is to illuminate my DreamWorld sewing table ...then I use it as a light box.
Here you can see I have a piece of tracing paper and a Cub Scout Emblem that I needed to trace....I put the light strip under the table and it makes a really great light box.

This is what the light looks like under my DreamWorld sewing table.  No need to buy a light box....not when I can use what I already have.  See if those young people know about that!!!

Now, I know I've been going on and on about lights....but I've been fortunate to have been able to review the following two Beam and Read Lights.

I like to do needle turn applique and other hand stitching at night in the living room.  My problem is there is not enough bright directed light to be able to see those tiny stitches well.  I've been wearing my Beam and Read with 6 LED's quite a bit because it also comes with a clip on magnifier.  There will be more information about the Beam and Read Lights very soon.....I'm going to be hosting a Mother's Day Giveaway!!!  Oh yea baby :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


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