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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Golden Thyme Blog by Lacey Hill

Three of these beautiful gold butterflies were given to bloggers by Designer Lacey Hill on her Golden Thyme Blog.
Golden Butterfly Award

An award given for generosity of time, sharing of knowledge, inspiration, encouragement and charitable contribution to Quilting & Fiber Art.

Kim's Quilting Adventure  
I Have A Notion 

I must say I was completely shocked and thrilled that this award was for me.  I don't know who Kim is.....but you know I'll be reading her blog now (already subscribed to the feeds) and to be mentioned in the same sentence as Darlene from SewCalGal was really something for me.  I admire Darlene, so this is a real thrill for me.

I know....this is starting to sound like the academy awards or something....or you might be thinking....who cares, right?  But when someone takes the time to recognize what you have given your time and energy to in an authentic a true gift and I'm appreciative of the gift.

On another but similar note.....if you want to feel like you are part of the "Members of the Academy" you need to head on over to Darlene's blog because she is doing The Golden Quilter Awards
The really cool thing about being part of "this" Awards don't need to buy a dress that costs as much as feeding a family of 10 for a need to wear those cumbersome 10 carat diamonds on your does not matter that your husband does not look like Brad won't go blind from all those flash bulbs going off in your need to wear a girdle to suck in your size four puffiness......there won't be anyone hiding in your bushes and scaring you half to death when the jump out and snap your one will publish a photo of your worst stitching work and  act like "how could you" don't even need to get out of your ugliest house can just be who ever you are and feel pretty darn good about yourself because our blogging community values your spirit not your perky mammary glands :)

Spanky Smiles,
They were given to:


Linda said...


SewCalGal said...

Congratulations. I too am very touched by this award. Quite special.

Tomorrow starts voting for the winners of the Golden Quilter Awards. But I do believe it is an honor to be nominated to these awards as nominations were submitted by quilters throughout the world, to recognize those that have made significant contributions in our world of quilting. IHAN certainly has earned this recognition!


PS - Sneeze, blow, cough...I definitely have a cold!

Laurie said...

Congratulations Kelly!! From a sagging mammary glanded blogger friend :)

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