Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Electric Quilt Company EQ 7 Pre-Order for 130.00 Upgrade 49.95


No I'm not going crazy......I've had customers that pre-purchased the software and then found lower prices.  My customers know I don't operate "Catchem and Cheatem's Bargain Store" here at IHAN so I've reduced the price.  This price will be honored here at IHAN through May 25th.  Thank you for choosing I Have A Notion :)  I would be honored if you referred IHAN to your quilting friends and groups.



  1. Wow...what a deal. My birthday montha and I think this might be my birthday gift to myself.
    Question: Does it give direction on how to piece the pre-programmed blocks or just (like it only does one thing) helps design the quilt? (I hope that is a clear question)

  2. Is it a stand alone program? I have all the EQS except 6, does that still count as an upgrade?

  3. Is there any hope of still getting the pre-order price? I'm so sad that I missed this.


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