Friday, February 4, 2011

Superior Titanium Coated Topstitch Sewing Machine Needle & IHAN Needle Exchange Program

Edited: 2/5/11  The program is not still have about 6 weeks to participate....just letting everyone know it won't go on indefinitely :)

By now if you have not heard about the Needle Exchange Program at I Have A NotionNOW is the time to exchange a needle before the program ends!

These are some of the comments I've received since starting the Needle Exchange Program:

I recently received a Superior Titanium needle size 16
I LOVE it!
I have been stitching away and have had no problems whatsoever.
Thank you for the opportunity to trade in my used needle.
I will be purchasing these needles in the future.

I didn't believe it, BUT you were right. The Superior Titanium Coated Topstitch Sewing Machine Needle is FABULOUS! I chose the #90/ 14 needle and started using it a few days ago. It stitched through quilt layers with ease AND bounced off several of my pins. I love it! Thank you so much for this program - I'm a believer.

Yes, I received my superior needle. Have been using it about a week and really like. I will have to get more. I would like to be able to find Superior Needles at my local quilt shop and not just order on line. I shall research it

Thanks for this fine program.
I just finished a quilt with the needle you sent me and have pieced a second. So far I am very pleased. Thank you for introducing me to Superior needles.

I just used my new Topstitch 100/16 Superior needle to attach prairie point binding ties to a Christmas tree skirt using decorative metallic thread and it all went thru like butter. No needle breakage and no thread breakage. Thank you for setting up the free needle program, I will definitely be ordering some soon.
If you are a bit skeptical about trying new things like I might just want to trust me on this one.  Click on the link : IHAN Needle Exchange Program and follow the instructions to get your free needle before they are all gone.  Once these run out....the program is over.  Please remember to enclose your self addressed stamped envelope and a broken/used needle for the exchange.

I wish all of the incredible products that I have come to appreciate could be so easy to ship out samples of....unfortunately that isn't the case.

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has sent in a needle.....THANK YOU!!!  I'd also like to say Thank You....THANK Bob Purcell of Superior Threads for saying yes to my idea and for providing all the free needles.



  1. Are you going to post the actual ending date? I can't believe I haven't done this yet.
    I guess you are going to have to smack me into compliance. Ha ha.

  2. I am trying to clean out my room, so I can get to my machine, lol.


  3. The Titanium needles sound good Kelly. I never heard of them.

  4. It's been a great program and a great idea! I love my new needles. Thanks for introducing me to them.

  5. Well I am glad that I got mine because I bought some for me and some for a friend as a gift. Love those needles.

  6. So funny you post this now! Of course the program converted me and after I got my needles I ordered from you, I posted about them and encouraged everyone to get over here and get their samples! I wish more companies like Superior would do this! Thanks for your efforts to get it set up.

  7. Kelly, I'm excited about this ! ! !

    Thanks to your generous exchange program I'm going to have a chance to try these wonder needles I've been reading about in the blogs.

    My exchange is going out in the morning's mail.



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