Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's New At I Have A Notion (IHAN) ?

Currently I'm working on a post to clarify the differences between several of the cutting machines available.  It will take me a bit of time to compile all my info so in the mean time....I thought I'd just tell you what is new at I Have A Notion / IHAN.

 I could not resist this quilt kit....it also comes with the tin.  The quilt finishes at 38 x 48...perfect for a little one.

 Master Machine Stitching - Thread Sketching Beyond the Basics with Susan Brubaker Knapp

Pinmoors...I recently published my review of these little fellas.

Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors Large 7 1/2"

By the way, I've tried these scissors and they are ALL she says they are plus two bags of Frito's!!!  I embeded the youtube video below....they are truly as good as they appear in the video...you have my word on it!

Another weakness of mine, Batiks.....and who could turn down 40 Batik Fat Quarters?  Not me!!

Not only is this a fun and relatively quick project.....it is nice for yourself or to give away.  I think it is very cheerful, don't you?

You already know I think this pin cushion kit is SPANKY!

These scissors by Westcott and wonderful all purpose scissors.  They are reasonably priced and made from Titanium....very nice indeed.

I'll leave you with Karen Kay Buckley's YouTube Video.....enjoy :)



  1. The Susan Brubaker Knapp thread sketching video is AWESOME! I purchased that a couple of weeks ago from you. It really is a great video workshop of machine stitching. I got lots of great tips to inspire me to try it myself!

    I'm drooling over those batik FQs. I'm supposed to be on a fabric diet... darn! Might have to break that fast... LOL!

  2. I have two pair of those Westcott Titanium scissors and I just them all the time!
    However those Karen Kay Buckley scissors would be great if I did applique.

  3. Thanks Kelly; love the scissors video... they're on 'my list!' And thanks for the email on my last order... I appreciate that you took time to let me know the status of my order... instead of letting ... me... wait....!!!!

  4. You certainly have some awesome things there. I am so interested in the pinmoors...and those scissors...and the batiks...and...and...and...

  5. You sure got some nice goodies.
    I love the lunchbox kit, that is so cute.
    I also love susan's thread work, she does such beautiful pieces and so creative.


  6. I think I need to save up my pennies and get me some Pinmoors. I hear they are great.

  7. So many great insights, but such a big tease. I can't wait to hear your insights on all the different cutting machines. I've also been researching this too, but always respect your opinion and insights. I'm now holding my breadth (and checkbook).


  8. Wow! so many nifty things. You are one busy woman, and will be anxious for your review on the different cutting machines.

  9. With goodies like that, how do you get any work done???!! And do your friends always just drop in for a bit of "shopping" - I know *I* would have a hard time staying out of your kitchen! :)


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