Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TrueCut - TrueSharp - Could it be....True?

The Grace Company in Houston for Fall Quilt Market

Inquiring minds want to know....right? RIGHT :)  I know I wanted to know when I visited The Grace Company's booth in Houston.  I previously had purchased their True Cut Rotary Cutting System because of the safety feature that keeps your fingers safe when using a rotary cutter.  We've all seen and heard about those folks who had an unfortunate confrontation with a rotary blade and it is really UGLY.  Oh yeah, and did I mention costly?  A trip to the ER or surgery....nope I'm not going there.  One elbow cost me over 800.00 in the ER when I dashed of my bike....I really, really, really don't want any unfortunate meetings with Mr. Rotary Blade...know what I mean?  Yikes

This is what I purchased in the Spring, TrueCut Cutting Mat 24"X36"TrueCut Non-Skid Pad 24"X36",  TrueCut Ruler, and TrueCut Rotary Cutter 45mm, and the TrueCut Sharpener.  You have probably seen the mat in most of the photos I take because it is on my cutting table.

Then in the Fall in Houston I stopped by their booth and what did my eyes behold?  The TrueSharp,  power rotary blade sharpener. Another blade sharpener, but this time it is electric.  I liked the manual one but electric, oh they got my attention. Naturally I asked for a demo and asked all the difficult questions I could think of, thankfully Nathan didn't ask me to leave...LOL.  I do my very best to be respectful while at the same time asking every skeptical question I can think of to learn about the various attributes of a product. 
AND  My Comfort Cutter, a right and left handed rotary cutter that eliminates stress on your wrist.  It is customizable too.....which may seem silly until you loose yours at a retreat or class...have had it happen.  It also has been made to work with the TrueCut Ruler Track which keeps the cutter from slipping off the ruler and cutting something other than your fabric. My Comfort Cutter comes in 28mm, 45mm and 60mm.
Of course I had to give it a go....and was easier on my wrist.  I was surprised that I really liked it as much as I did. 
I was also pleased to see new rulers being made.  I imagine those will be shown at Spring Quilt this is your sneak peak.
Now, the IHAN TRUE TEST....did it work?  Was I convinced to spend my hard earned money to prolong the life of my rotary blades? 
  • it sharpens 28mm to 60mm rotary blades
  • it is AC powered (this just means it's electric....for those of us who think of AC powered as an engineering term....I'm simple minded :)
  • it comes with 2 sets of with fine grit and one with coarse grit for the extra dull blades
  • it comes with a safety blade handler (very good planning indeed) and a cleaning cloth
  • oh yeah...and instructions...but why?  Don't they know we don't read those? 
Yes, I did get both....after all how can I demo them if I don't have them right?  RIGHT!!! 

I was in good company too.....check out who else was inquiring at the next table....none other than "Lady Eleanor" herself.  I was not sure weather to curtsy or bow.....but she is so warm and welcoming I didn't think I needed to do either.  Gotta love our Quilting Royalty....they are not stiff and excessively proper like the English Monarchy....ours are warm, kind, friendly and always willing to teach you what they know.
Nathan and Sally were both very helpful and kind in answering my questions and those of "Lady Eleanor".  You might think everyone who has new products at Market are this warm and helpful....not the case....sadly.  Thank You Nathan for taking your time with me and being patient with all my questions :)

I'll leave you with their video so you can see how the cutter and track work.

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  1. Looks like a great idea to save on hands and blades.


  2. I have the True Cut system and really love it. I also just recently picked up their Comfort Cutter. I really love that one! It's a big help on the wrist.

    Can't wait to see their new rulers. It's a great system and I love the true edge to my cuts:D

    I don't have that power blade sharpener....hhhmmmm

  3. Loved the info and the video...what a way to cut,no more going off the beaten path...thanks!!

  4. Wow, I can really see how that increases accuracy and safety. How innovative!

  5. The True Cut system sounds like something to look into. I also like the sharpener. You don't even want to know how I've been sharpening my blades! It's not safe and no I'm not telling :)

  6. I think that is a great innovation. I love the track system to keep the blade where it needs to be.
    I also love the sharpener that you use "just like cutting fabric" -that is a genius idea.

  7. Very interesting. I saw these in a Quilting Magazine and wondered just how they might work. Thanks for sharing. I hope all is good for you! Life has kept me very busy and very blessed these days:)

  8. This looks like a wonderful system, thanks Kelly!

  9. So, you didn't tell us how you like the True Cut System, or did I miss it? I have seen it demo'd at my quilt shop, but I wanna know how you like it. Thanks

  10. Oh my goodness!!!You were her Ladyships presence!!Lucky you...meeting Lady Eleanor is one of my lifetime wishes:)

  11. Kelly, you're so lucky to be there and to check out all the cool stuff. I went to Paducah and got to see some really cool stuff there too. Love the cutter and will have to check it out. The button maker would be good for the little purses I like to make. Thanks for sharing. Steph


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