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Monday, July 18, 2011

Iron Quilter Competition at the Kaleidoscope of Quilts

I hope you have all enjoyed the photos of the quilts I posted from the Kaleidoscope of Quilts.  There was also an "Iron Quilter Competition" that was so much fun to watch. 

The Iron Quilter Competition was comprised of  three teams that were selected randomly from the guilds who expressed interest in participating.  Each team was given a bag of fabric and embellishments and they had to create and finish a quilt or wall hanging larger than 20" x 20".   The completed quilts became part of the silent auction raising money for the Victory Center.  The winning team was also  given a check for 100.00 for their guild. 

 Representing the Black Swamp Quilt Guild (I'm a member) was Cindy Hufford and Mary Lee Grabowski.
 AKA "Superfly Cindy & Mary Lee the Flying Nun"
 Representing the Gathering of Quilters (I'm a member of that guild too)  was Amy Reitzel and Debbie Linenkungel.
 Representing the Cellar Sewers were Cheryl Darr and Edie Dyke.  All of these ladies were very brave to have volunteered in my opinion!
Sheila Painter was the MC of the event.

Sorry for all the blurry photos below...but guess what....those girls were moving as fast as they could.

 The clock was ticking and those gals were having a ball.  The crowd was there to cheer them on and then a whistle was blown....what?  A whistle?   

Guess who showed up?  None other than the quilt police....I'm surprised there were no tomatoes thrown. 
There was a lot of laughter as these fellas pulled out their measuring tapes and flash lights. 

And the winning quilt was made by none other than "Super Fly Cindy and Mary Lee the Flying Nun" from the Black Swamp Quilt Guild.
 Second place went to Amy and Debbie from the Gathering of Quilters.
and third place went to Cheryl and Edie from the Cellar Sewers.

It sure looked like all 6 gals had a great time.

 I thought it was neat that stamps and glitter were used....those gals must have planned lots of techniques that could possibly be used and had to decide fast.
 I was very impressed with all three wall hangings and loved the idea that what was done was done and it only took 90 minutes. 

I think this would be a very fun addition to retreats and other sewcials.....not only a challenge but lots of laughter too.



  1. I can imagine what I would create, a mess , lol. Too much pressure for me;)


  2. What a great fund raising idea!! I love "the quilt police"!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Deb from

  3. How fun.....what an uplifting post...

  4. oh my gravy, I can only imagine the feeling of creative mayhem that day. The stress of working with a time constraint, but yet the fun of just doing it!

    I may have to suggest an activity like this for one of our guild retreats.

    The "quilt police" cracked me up... I bet that was just giggles all-over...

  5. What a great idea! Haha...the quilt police! Love it!
    Jacque in SC

  6. That must have been just as much fun to watch as it was to participate! Congrats to all the ladies - how brave they are! The QP would have had me in stitches!!!

    More pics, more pics! Show us some more Scouts, frogs & puppies, pls!! Oh, speaking of frogs, we heard a ruckus out at the fountain the other night & found a HUUUUUGE lady frog being courted by FOUR, count 'em FOUR boy frogs. How do I know the boys from the girly, you ask? Well, the next morning, 2 were still in the fountaint, hooked together. The big one was producting a string of eggs, about a half mile long! (today they're tadpoles - a billion of 'em!!!) Tomorrow, they'll probably be lunch for our birdie friends.

  7. That looks so fun!!! I'm glad it wasn't me though, lol! Are you SURE you're not a member of that third guild? *G*

  8. Wow, ninety minutes and they had those made and bound. That is impressive in my book.

  9. What a hoot! Looks like everyone had a great time. I can't imagine doing that in 90 minutes.

  10. We did that same thing last year at one of the Guilds that I am a member of. IT WAS A BLAST!! Everyone got to play and the completed projects were used in our silent auction at our bi-annual quilt show. We are doing it again this month and we have been told it's with a twist, so that should be interesting. Some of the wall hangings were unbelieveable. they mixed us up, so it gave everyone the opportunity to get to know others in the guild. Fabulous idea!! thanks for sharing!

  11. I can't believe how many women were in the audience. It was a full house. It looked like a blast!!


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