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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kaleidoscope of Quilts 2011

The Kaleidoscope of Quilts is being held at the Franciscan Center at Lourdes College in Sylvania OH.  I particularly enjoyed the show because I recognized so many names on the quilts.  Local show are so much fun...I saw so many friendly faces it was a ball. 

 I took over 350 photos and I've spent the last 4 hours tyring to get them ready to post.  Not all of them are uploading for some crazy reason.  I've done my best to list the title and quilter first followed by ribbons and then quilts.  I hope you enjoy this labor of love (love of the needle arts, the work the local gals have put into their quilts....and for all my blog readers whom I want to share pix with).  Congratulations to all the ribbon winners.


Agfter reading all the credits...I think I'm going to change my name to "Self"  :)



  1. There are so many beautiful quilts, makes me wish I could get more quilting done. I just love that kids quilt with the animals, that is so cute.


  2. What an impressive display of quilting talent! Thanks for sharing your pictures, I really enjoyed them!

  3. Wow! This was fun....almost as nice as being there! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos.
    Jacque in SC

  4. Oh wow, a lot of very nice quilts that I liked in this quilt show. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Kelly!!! Thank you for the pictures.... after a year of being away, it's almost like being there. There is plenty of inspiration in your pictures! My biggest pet peeve, it I would really like more makers to tell us the inspiration, about and why they made a quilt. Sometimes the backstory is as interesting as the quilt.

  6. Beautiful, thank you Kelly. I wouldn't want to be a judge, I found myself getting indignant, "what do you mean second or third place". I would have to give everyone a blue ribbon.

  7. I love love the tie quilt. Such a great quilt for her dad.

  8. There are SO many gorgeous quilts that I can't choose a favorite!! Just as I decide on one, I see another. lol One of the quilts, "America, America Land That I Love" (toward the beginning), is one that I've got the pattern and all of the fabrics for in my USO pile! I REALLY need to make that one!!!


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