Thursday, July 7, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Apparently someone got the mail before we left town and did not tell me.  As I was moving some things around in the van I found a package with my name on it.  Oh yeah baby...I love a surprise!

I opened it to find this great tote/grocery bag.  I love it.  I had ordered the bag from Sew Write Creations, an ETSY shop that I really like. 

Inside the tote is this handy clip for either my keys or those grocery store customer cards.  I'm going to make this my new tote bag of choice because it is so pretty.
Check out these luggage handle covers.  Karin really surprised me with co-workers love them of course :)  I love Karin's work...and the quality is impressive.  Straight seams and her finishing details are excellent.  THANKS Karin!!  I keep telling her I'd charge more but she doesn't.  If you want a high quality treasure for yourself or for a gift....I'd check out her ETSY shop: I'm not related...LOL...I just really appreciate the quality of her work and still can't believe her prices. 

A few more pix from PA :)

Now I'm going to sit with the "Master" for my Needleturn Applique Lessons :)



  1. See....more critters... no thanks...this is one vacation I won't be visiting you on LOL

    Hey I am going to be in your "neck of the woods" this weekend. I am traveling to Monroe, MI

  2. I wish I lived there........I love out in the country with nature, and a babbling creek too.

  3. G'morning! SEW glad you got your prizes and thanks for letting the world know about my little shop!

    Your cabin looks like just the thing for perfect & restful vacations!! Absolutely beautiful! And I looooove the frog!!!

    Uh-oh, Driver has just arrived home from his solo expedition, so now it's time to load up & hit the road. Think we are going to a farm up the road and probably a short stop at the Cuero Pecan House to get some more cowboy cookies!!! mmmmmmhm!

  4. What a wonderful setting! Have fun learning!

  5. Nice packages!

    Love the flower pic at the end too:)

    Enjoy your needle turn project.

  6. Loved the pictures and surprises.....lucky you. Glad you are back.

  7. Enjoy the time with your mentor. I know the kids are having fun being in the outdoors.

  8. Those are some great photos! I wish I was there! You found some great surprises in the van. Now where did that frog get off to???? lol

  9. Oh My Kelly...this looked sweet..the boys certainly look not sew having to drag those glad you are back

  10. Wonderful pictures and surprises too! Love the frog, and the deer, the green, the quiet, the relaxing, the cool weather.........mmmmh! NICE.

  11. What a cute frog! Did it get a kiss?


  12. Beautiful photos. Wish I was there. LOL
    The Hollyhock flower is fabulous. I have tried to grow them but alas, none of them grew for me.

  13. Looks like a fun place to be. I love your bag and I am going to check out her site as we speak.

  14. Ah little cabin in the woods - Kelly, is that you lugging those suitcases! Where are the co-workers! Love your goodies from Karin.

  15. These photos make me homesick. Wish I could have been there with you all.

  16. Looks like fun! I remember when our munchkins would bring frogs, lizards, snails, turtles, you name it, into the house...."See, mama, isn't it cute?" Heaven forbid it would slip out of their grasp and then we'd be searching everywhere for it!! LOL Enjoy your applique!
    Jacque in SC

  17. I love the bag and looks like a great place for a vacation!


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