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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Busy Weekend Indeed

I know I've been quiet lately but I've had a lot on my plate.  I"m preparing to leave for Quilt Market in Houston this Thursday and my oldest co-worker had his 9th birthday party with his friends on Saturday.  Talk about an event!!!  I wore ear plugs...11 children in my home was more than my ears could handle.

 This is the table in my entry you like the bloody finger and the mouse....grown-ups and children and the variety of decorations...they make me laugh.
 The window in my would you like to wake up to that face in the morning? 
 Of course there have to be 2 very ugly rats on my porch too....all to greet the party guests...yikes!
All the children were asked to wear their costumes.  All I have to say is there were a lot of swords and guns....boys are something else!!
 My youngest co-worker initially refused to get his costume on for the party and just wore the mask....until the first guest arrived then he needed Daddy to help him get his costume on..
 I couldn't find a skeleton cake as Aaron requested so I used what I had here in the decorations box and it turned out pretty good if I don't say so myself :)
Mr. Polite reading every single birthday card he got then hugging his friends to say thank you.  I was very proud of him.

A Molly and Jake Update

Many people send e-mails asking me to post more photos of Molly and Jake.  The photo above is Molly (light colored) and Jake (darker in the back). 
 A few months later....they have grown and are very playful.   We had a trainer come out to the house and he pointed out that Molly was being very aggressive with Jake.  I had seen that before but I thought it would stop.  He told us it isn't good to raise litter mates together.  A few days passed and Molly bit Jake and wold not let go when I went over to her. 

I had to come up with a Win/Win plan.  When we first got Molly and Jake and we were walking in the neighborhood a woman came out of her house to pet them.  She started crying and telling us her Golden had passed away and she missed her dog so much.  A few days later I left a note on their door asking them to call me.  We arranged for Molly to live with the neighbors so the dogs could still play together and visit but would not live in the same house. 
This is Jake this past summer in PA.  He has cake frosting on his lips.  We all love Jake very much but I have to say it is very difficult juggle the boys, house, IHAN and a dog.  The boys seem to think Jake is a person and understands them....and of course he is not.  Jake thinks the boys are dogs and he bites at them and chases them around.  I often feel like I'm living in a 3 ring circus. 

So now you are up to date with my very full life.



Heleen Groot said...

I'm impressed. Not so much by the decorations (IEEEEEH indeed!), but that's boys for you! What a great decision to let the dog go. It must have been really hard on you! Well done.

Gene Black said...

The boys are adorable (and funny) I am glad to hear that you solved the dog problem so cleverly.

Denise :) said...

I love all your funky Halloween decorations -- mine feel so *tame* after touring your home! I *love* the picture of Jake with the frosting on his lips. Too funny! :)

Joanne Lendaro said...

LOVE all of the pictures! The boys make me smile...they are getting so big. Thanks for sharing the pictures. If I don't get the chance to chat with you before you leave have fun, but I know you will!

Dana Gaffney said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron, enjoy those birthday parties even though they make your head explode. Kids and dogs are always a circus, even just dogs. Every time the dogs and I come back to the living room together my husband says "the circus is back in town". Have fun in Houston!

Jean said...

Happy birthday Mr. Aaron! I'ts good to see all three boys. All growing like weeds... Give Jake a scritch from ole Jeanie Weanie...

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy , happy birthday to a sweet 9 year old!!! What fun! I sure miss those days of parties and kids running in the yard. I think you made a wise decision about sharing Molly with your neighbor. A few years ago we had a Yellow Lab who completely took over our lives. She had more energy then 10 fire trucks. After a year of obedience training, frustration with her chewing my sewing machine cord and anything else she could get ahold of, we ended up sharing her with a family with 7 children who lived on 10 acres. Whenever we see the Mom of this family, we of course ask how the pup (?) is doing. She always has the same answer. "She's still crazy!" WISE decision ;-)

Karin said...

That cake IS something else! Very nice job, indeed! Oh, and that face would scare the poop outta me!! I much prefer our hummingbirds, tyvm!!

I'm glad you found Molly such a good home - God works in mysterious ways like that. We had a camper with a pup next to us last year, just after we had lost our beloved (ok, well, MY beloved) Sunny. I got to pup-sit daily and THEY got to tour the Valley. Talk about a win/win!! You were simply fostering Molly until her new mom was ready to take her on!!

I've got more, but it'll have to wait! Driver says "road trip!" We are gonna go see a man about a camper!

Allie said...

Well Happy Birthday to your co-worker, looks like a very fun party -love the costumes! That's so sad about Molly, but at least she's in a good home. We picked up two puppies when my oldest was 2years old and I was 8 mos pregnant with my second....WHAT was I thinking....we gave one to a friend. Smartest move I could make.

WoolenSails said...

I think it is wonderful that you had a pup and someone needed the love of one, sometimes things happen for a reason;)


SewCalGal said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron. Wow, are you getting tall. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

And I love the photo of Jake with frosting on his lips. Too cute.

Have fun at Quilt Market.


Madame Samm said...

Happy birthday 9 years a lifetime of surprises with your MOM she can bring smiles and laughter to all of us..YOU just know she loves ya to the halloween fixings...oh my ---

Jeanne said...

Kelly, thank you for the very nice card you sent me. It means very much to me. I have two dogs. I love dogs. I have a cat but I'm not a cat person so much. Your dogs are gorgeous. That's so nice that you could give one of your dogs to your neighbor. And you are great with Halloween!!!

Madalene Murphy said...

Happy Birthday to a lucky nine year old! Next year he will be into the double digits. Love that cake, Kelly! What a creative mom he has.

I was wondering about your puppies because I had heard that raising litter mates was very difficult. Lots of behavior problems. Glad you found a good home for Molly. And Goldens are wonderful dogs (we had one for over 14 years) but they are very lively when they are young and need a lot of attention. They do grow up, however, if you can hang in there.

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