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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yes, it is Wednesday and time again to increase your E-Notion IQ. The problem is Mr. McSteamy can't get the HD Video Camera to load to our computer.  This is a huge problem because I'm so excited to co-host a blog post with Jean Creates Blog about the Reliable V100 and V50. 

Mr. McSteamy promises he will be able to convince the camera to talk to the computer which in turn will speak to You Tube.  Lets focus on solutions to frustrations and look ahead to tomorrow :) (I'm telling myself that due to the frustrations of owning technology that requires an expert to use)

Ohhhh the mean while I have something to share with you.....

You may recall this post about the first time I saw Dem Bones and I thought Rosemary and I might trample healthy people to get our hands on Dem Bones.

You will all be relieved to know that NO PERSON was harmed in the process of our acquiring Dem Bones!!!!  No animals either...LOL

Apparently the fun folks at Andover Fabrics must be very forgiving because they never shot me with a cannon filled with Dem Bones Fat Quarter Bundles.  DARN IT ANYHOW!!!
For 10 months Rosemary and I have looked at every  local quilt shop for Dem luck.  Do you wanna know where we found it?  The Fat Quarter Shop....oh yeah baby.  You know we were doing the Happy Dance when our package arrived :)    ....and we're still dancing..every time we look at Dem Bones. 

Is there a fabric collection that just would not leave your mind until you got your hands on it?  Which one?

Dancing Smiles,


Jean said...

For me it was Going Coastal. The moment I saw it I went nuts! I wanted to make a table runner out of it. I have my fat quarter pack and am excited about making a table runner for my stepmom.

Brita said...

I could not wait to get my hands on "Sunkissed" when I first saw it, it took months to get some!! And I'm so loving the quilt I made with it. Then "Strawberry Fields". Now, it's "Etchings". What is this obsession, and when will it stop!!!!!

tinajoebob said...

 the Fat Quarter shop! I am partial to fabrics Riley Blake puts out, most recently Delighted by Quilted Fish.

Barb said...

That fabric is just awesome......all fabric speaks to me....saying "Buy me! Buy me"! and alot of times I do.

SewCalGal said...

Really super cute Halloween fabric. Can't wait to see what you create with it.

Fat Quarter Shop always has an excellent selection of fabrics. Glad to know they have this cute Halloween fabric there. I may just click over and order some too.


WoolenSails said...

There are so many fun prints out now, hard to choose.
So, what are you going to make with them?


Allie said...

Cute collection - glad nobody was harmed in the acquisition, lol!!!

Jackie said...

Oh I've seen it and now I want some!!! You show us the neatest stuff every week. I sure wish you lived beside me.

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