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Monday, February 27, 2012

Really? I don't believe it....not IHAN blog readers....

I'm giving away a very inspiring and beautiful book and as of today at 2:00 pm I only have 20 comments.  I know IHAN blog readers are not Chickens?  I never said you HAD to join in the challenge to win the book...nor did I say your reason for wanting the book more than I do,  had to be a good reason....and still there are only 20 comments.  I'm almost speechless....but not quite :)

With over 1600 people reading my blog, I can't believe that many of you missed THIS POST.   I am giving away a copy- a germ free copy- of  Creative Quilting with Beads by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader .  After reading the copy I received to review, I didn't want to give it away....and besides...I've been sick and my copy must have some germs on it.  The publisher, Lark Books,  didn't want any of you to get my bug so they have agreed to ship a copy of Creative Quilting with Beads to the winner of the drawing (US addresses only.  If you win and are outside the US I can have the book shipped to me or one of your other friends and you can arrange for it to be shipped to

You'll get one chance to win by simply leaving a comment on the post about the giveaway (click here) and if you choose to join the" teeny weenie ittsy bitsy challenge" you'll get three more chances to win the book.   Anything that you have to embellished will count....I don't care if it is a postage size piece or a mug rug....the goal is to encourage one another to pull out some of our beads and other embellishments and create a little something....that's all...nothing will be's just a teeny weenie ittsy bitsy little what are you waiting for?  If it is a call from me better let me know that so I can dial you up.
If you actually went back to read that post you'll know exactly what I'm referring to with this picture of Jim Carey from the movie Mask. 

When I said it was very difficult  not to show a photo of every page in Creative Quilting with Beads....I wasn't kidding.  Y'all know I can be over the top...every now and again...and apparently this must resonate with most of you or you would not be near crazy enough to read this blog...LOL. 

Sue Spurlock, one of the contributors to Creative Quilting with Beads, has made so many beautiful pieces and I just love looking at her photos for inspiration.  I asked her if I could use "some" of her photos from her blog, Piece of Work, and she said yes.  I have saved the e-mail as proof too....and she made the big ole mistake of not saying how many...
"Somebody Stop Me".......said with wild abandon....ROFL :)

All photos below are property of Sue Spurlock and have been used with her written permission.
I assure you after looking at these photos you'll want to go over and follow Sue's blog, Piece of Work.  No, she's not promised to give me one of her pieces nor has she offered to take my boys for a week while I go on a retreat....I sincerely don't want folks to miss some wonderful inspiration and meeting a very insightful enjoy :)
All photos above were published on this post with the written permission of Sue Spurlock, Piece of Work blog.

I know within each and every one of you there is an idea appreciation....a fun thought....and I want to invite you to express it in some way...embellish it!!  :)

I want to say THANK YOU to Sue Spurlock for the permission to use your photos....and for inspiring me to express some of the ideas I've had stirring for quite some time.  And to the rest of you...I say:

 If you look closely at the fabric under the is all with beads and the other with stitching....and you know what?  I didn't make either one of them....nope.  The beaded one is a vest I wore to work years ago that I absolutely loved.  I knew one day I'd use it in an art piece but I didn't know I've saved it....and this here:
is a vest I picked up at a yard sale.....I loved the stitching and I knew it could be embellished further and added to something else. Each of you have interesting little things tucked into drawers and closets...lets pull something out and make a little something...or a big something....where ever your inspiration takes you.

Before I close I want to show you a photo of something I decided to do one night.
I had this fabric...I think it was Art Gallery Fabrics but I'm not' was a long time ago and I was in love with it. 

The post I took these from is HERE....I made this for Amy Butler as a gift (I'd never make another gift like this again...I thought I'd throw up giving it to her).  I have to say I absolutely loved putting the beads on the fabric and I've not done anything like it I'm in for the itsy bitsy challenge too :)

Appreciative Joyful Smiles,


  1. okay...I went back and you feel better now?

  2. I am in love with the winter piece that has a tree and snow. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad only 20 people entered so far. LOL! That means more of a chance for me ;)

  3. I think it is a wonderful book, but I know I would do it, since I am not good with small pieces and I rather see it go to someone who would actually use it;)


  4. I loved seeing the additional pictures. The work is really amazing.

  5. HOly cow! I'm floored!! So glad you highlighted Sue on your blog :O)

  6. Thanks for highlighting Sue's blog and her art. I stopped by to have a look around and it is very inspiring. So inspiring in fact, that I really need that book now so that I can embellish like she does and you do.

  7. OK, I love books and I would just love to own a beautiful book like that....It is just that I am just a bit scared of beads! They tend to get lost (read: Taken by my cat), break (uncurably clumsy) or just not look that good.....Seeing the bead work I am intimidated. So thank you for the chance, but you should give the book to someone else.

  8. I think there was a Blogger issue reader didn't seem to be updating or something, because I saw very few new posts!

  9. Thanks for the second chance. BTW, I went to Shipwreck Beads over the weekend (see my post). $69 later I have beads... Whod'a thunk?

  10. I can't believe you have only 20 comments - wow. I hope that picks up! Although it would diminish my chances, lol. Love the pics and will be going over to follow her! I hope you're feeling better, girl.

  11. I would love a chance to see what I could do with those types of embellishments...what fun!!

  12. I didn't want to be a 'hog' as a friend generously sent me one, so that's why I didn't enter... and because I recently won a lovely gift from you several months ago! Ruler thingy clingy for sewing machine (sorry can't remember the name now!). But a Beautiful book!

  13. I already did! But now you have lowered my chances of getting this great book!! LOL! OK I guess we will give the others a chance to win, too! LOL

  14. I went back and put my name in as I love chickens but do not want to be one. thanks!

  15. Guilty as charged. Between my scrapbooking and avid quilting, I just don't need any more hobbies. So beading and embellishing is just NOT a top priority...maybe someday when I get into more art quilting. I just figured that by NOT entering, I allowed someone who really wanted to win, a better chance of winning!

  16. I really meant to comment because this book looks awesome. I'm now in an art quilt group so perhaps this could inspire me to do something new and fun.

  17. The book looks awesome! Sorry I didn't read my blogs earlier!

    Your still faithful follower!

  18. Well,my excuse would be that I was on vacation with my granddaughters and didn't read any blogs on my iphone. Looks like a wonderful book!

  19. I'm sorry, but I was sick yesterday & didn't get on the computer yesterday. Thank you for a second chance. I would love to learn how to embellish with beads. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Wow!I thought I entered the first time, but I'll do it again now. I really, really, really would love to have this book. What's wrong with choosing ME from only 20 comments? I won't complain! Please, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!

  21. It looks like a great book. I saw the first post, but, since I didn't think I'd wind up using it, I didn't want to enter. I try to not enter unless I'll use the 'winnings'. Such lovely projects in the book.

  22. No no, shhhhh. Don't tell anyone else, just let them feel sad later when they missed out on all this beautiful beading goodness, buahaha ha (sinister laughter). :) Maybe beading is scary, like unto sewing curves? Or maybe there are just a lot of kind-hearted people that know they wouldn't be able to make something for your tiny itty-bitty challenge.


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