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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time to Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Thread Organization

I am a self proclaimed Thread Hoarder....and I know I'm not alone in this category.  I've met plenty of you and seen your thread I know I'm in good company.

I'm going to show you some of the thread organizers that I have personal experience with but I know there are many more that are wonderful too.

I used to have my Isacord Thread on my thread wall....but I found I wanted to be able to have access to all of them right near my embroidery machine.  So I got this Isacord Super Satchel Thread Box w/Trays.  The box is by Art Bin but this particular organizer has special trays inside that specifically hold Isacord Thread (I did check and it doesn't hold other popular brands of thread...I knew you were going to ask me

 This is the top with the lid closed....and below I've taken a photo with the lid opened.
Oh so nice and neat...and the boxes are stack able too...for those of you with more Isacord Thread than I have :)
 There are two trays per Isacord Super Satchel Thread Box  and do you want to see what I love, love, love
 Check this can take the trays out.....and if you do they won't fall all over the place because they snap into the trays.  Isn't that just the best?  I know you hate picking up all those spools of thread when your box opens....I do too.  I think the Isacord Super Satchel Thread Box is perfect for all your Isacord Thread!

Mettler has a wonderful Thread Organizers that come with 40 spools of thread.

 This is the Best 40 Silk Finish Cotton Thread Set Organizer Box and you can see it holds up to 104 spools of Mettler Thread
The thread stays nicely in the case and to remove the thread you just lift the spool and it comes off the spindle.  The case can lay flat or be hung on the wall.  The other sets that come with this wonderful organizer are the  Best 40 Polysheen Embroidery Thread Set Organizer Box and the  Best 40 Metrosene Polyester Sew All Thread Set Organizer. 

I have two 120 Spool Large Wooden Racks .  These have legs that support them if I wanted them on the table top.  I put mine on the grid wall.  I like these as well...they are very convenient.

I also have an Easy Reach Thread Carousel very special treasure and I love it.  There is room for 100 bobbins on the top and 90 of spools of thread on the hexagon shaped carousel.  If you need to hold the large or king cones....the  Easy Reach Carousel also comes in the Large Cone size.

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that this is not all the thread I own....but I don't want someone sending my name to the television program about hoarders....I just don't have time for their phone calls....LOL.

Do you have any nifty thread storage containers or ideas?  I'd love to hear about them...and if you'd like to send along some photos I'd love that too.  My e-mail is



  1. I definitely don't have that much thread, lol.
    I keep my main supply in a plastic case and then I keep various colors and types on antique shelves that I put on the walls, near my machine.


  2. must know this is my one weakness and one of my messy areas....

  3. Ha! I'm not nearly that organized. I have my threads in rubbermaid shoe containers ;-)

  4. Hmm...I have my threads in a drawer....but I am coming ot your house to restock!

  5. I have two drawers full, and it's a big jumbled mess. I keep telling myself that there's got to be a better way... I don't have room to store the plastic boxes or the peg rack style though. Hopefully someone will comment with a method that will work in my space.

  6. None of these would work for me! I have the very large spools - tons of them - all rayon machine embroidery thread, and they're dumped into drawers. I would love to figure out some way of keeping them on spindles, but COVERED, so they don't get dusty.

  7. You're cracking me up, woman! Sisterhood of thread hoarders unite! Somewhere in my brother's garage ares three cases of my machine embroidery thread. I need to get him or my niece to look for it. LOL

    Now I don't feel so bad. Hahahaahaa!

  8. oh my goodness...i'm so jealous I can hardly stand it. i think thread is like fabric -- wonderful to own and play with and you can never have evidenced by a big Aurafil order yesterday...because I couldn't help myself! Enjoy! Jan

  9. What an amazing and lovely collection and such ingenious ways of storing them, too. I definitely need to stock up on some of these lovelies someday!

    1. This is me replying to your post...Organize the thread, sure that is right up there with alphabetizing my spice rack. are too funny.


  10. did I just reply to Michele above me or to you. Told you I was confused.

  11. Wow! you do have a lot of thread. I like thread too but don't have as much.

  12. Great thread organization ideas. I do love those ArtBin totes. Very durable. I've certainly abused mine taking them everyplace, as well as pull down off of shelves.

    Are you able to get the plastic totes for the Aurifil suitcase? As they are designed to hold Aurifil I'm interested in getting those totes, but not sure if they sell them w/o thread.

    I'd also like to know how people organize their thread when they have multiple brands. Do they organize by brand, color, type, weight? Inquiring minds.


  13. How cool is this, Ihave a system...I turn them upside down and they fall all over the floor lol

    I need these lol


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