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Friday, February 3, 2012


Remember when you were a kid and you said, Uncle...meaning I give up or I quit.  Well....this evening at 11:30 PM...after several hours invested in getting my technology to work....I am saying UNCLE.

This was the only photo that has I'm going with the flow....LOL.  I'm not thinking there is anyone on this planet that is holding their breath to see what I'm up I'm just going to enjoy reading in bed and shut this bot off.  I've heard you gotta know when to walk away...and when ya gotta run....I'm running away from this technological yet...I'm not even gonna do spell check....oh yeah...I'm feeling the freedom now!!!



  1. I know that feeling, trying to get used to a new puter, new photoshop, the camera and that is enough.


  2. You are spell check...grin. I have come to the conclusion that my computer steals more of my time than it saves.

  3. And I still enjoyed the post ever-so-much!

  4. Just go have fun. Enjoy the company and creativity. Do girly stuff. Relax. Have fun.

    Of course, I love to see your photos and hear your insights, but I'm truly just wanting to hear you have a good time and a much needed break.


  5. Sounds like me and my drawing...bah!!! hugz to you and let's see those photos sometime....giggle, heeheehee!


  6. I'll be here waiting to see what you are up to...I bet I'm not the only one! Have fun.

  7. I'll be here waiting to see what you are up to...I bet I'm not the only one! Have fun.

  8. Yep time to fold'em and play a different game!

  9. Did you pack a kitchen sink in there?

  10. Don't worry about it girl - you're right to walk away - you just concentrate on having a wonderful time!

  11. Have a blast! Can't wait to see pics when you return (or is one of those, 'what happens at quilt retreat, *stays* at quilt retreat' trips?! :)

  12. I have to laugh at the spell check comment! When I spell check I think my entire page is yellow (looks kind of pretty) but did you know that unless someone is really looking for mistakes they will read right over an error and never know it is there!! I am a techno-iliterate so I feel your pain!! Have fun sit back and relax! And have a great getaway!

  13. PPPSSSSSHHHHHHEEEEEEWWWWW!! That's the sound of me letting my breath out. Oh, wait, no, that was a doggie fart!

    Of COURSE we want to see & hear everything you do, but we have all experienced the wonders of modern technology, so you know we understand the frustration of your moment! We're friends, so it's ok if you have fun instead!

    Babylock and I are having our own sort of disagreement right now, and she's about to go (back in) for service. Not happy campers at our house - plural, 'cuz you know when I'm not happy, Driver's not happy, either. Can't be much fun gettin' snipped at, if ya know what I mean!

    Well, I've gotta go get dressed to take her into town, and you've gotta go have some fun!! Take plenty of pics & we'll catch up later!

  14. Do you think you've got everything??? haha

  15. I feel your pain when it comes to downloading photo to your blog. I discovered on day when look for photos that in Windows Live Photo Gallery, it has a site that I can create my blog, and the photo load so fast and easy, I almost cried it was so easy. Now I have no problems in load my photos. And I know my spelling is bad, and I don't know how to check it in comments.

  16. Did you leave anyting at HOME? Sometimes being up to date with the technology means not using it! Hope you found some piece and quite, as well as some time to create!!!!


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