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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Few Things

I just signed up for a Link to Karen at Sew Many Ways Find A Friend Link.    After I clicked on a generic photo I realized....I do have a photo...AND I didn't sign up for any other reason than to meet new people and potentially make new friends.  I, a person and not just a business owner...and  I hope all of you know that I am a person first, and love meeting new people and making friends.  (How sad is that?  A person would worry that others would think of it as a "marketing ploy" but those of you who know me...know I love making friends and value them far more than any "business endeavor."

Another thing I want to clarify....I get a lot of e-mails from people thinking I own the Flamingos.  The Flamingos belong to a couple that live in a house that I pass on my way to town.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who have read my blog disclaimer that reads:

IHAN Blog Disclaimer :)

I work alone and until Oprah or Gail loan me some of their staff, I'm the only editor there is. I write all of the posts and because they are my words, I don't see most of the mistakes. I do use spell check but often times those mistakes are not caught. So if you find mistakes that are dates or something that is not clear....feel free to e-mail me,, and let me know. The rest is minor and just pretend you don't see it. I'll be sure to return the favor :)
Why do I thank you?  Because my last blog post actually read, "I"ve Addopted a Little/Big Girl :)"
 I was at an appointment for my son when I wrote the post...and I hit publish before I ever read the post...much less the title.

I feel very loved..THANK YOU to everyone who noticed my error and didn't mention it.  I promise I"ll return the favor should it ever be you in my shoes.
Bigger Smiles,


Debbie said...

Very well said, Kelly! So glad to be in the same blogger's network with you.

Those people with the flamingo are really funny people! Thanks for sharing them!

Debbie said...

See, I meant to say flamingos, LOL!

Gene Black said...

Ha ha......I didn't even notice that apparently.. of course I was enthralled with seeing Maddie Jo.
But if you see a mistake on mine, tell me. LOL - I go back and correct posts that are over a year ols!

Joanne Lendaro said...

LOL!!!!!! Who knew??? I would have needed spell check to see it that's how lame I am!! I don't have time to edit everyone else's post, I barely have time to edit my own!

Question - the the owners of the birds read your post? I hope they do. We all love those birds and you've made them famous. I will definately send them a note to thank them for giving you the material.

hugs!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I think it is good to have friends that overlook the small errors. I've made lots of them along the way. I agree with Joanne, You are amazing, and we love coming here to read YOUR posts. The Flamingos are a bonus :-)

Teresa in Music City said...

I make new friends every day through the blog world, it's the main reason I blog! And I think for the most part that is true of most bloggers. Sure, there are those who are just promoting themselves or their business enterprise, but they're pretty easy to spot. And your blog has never had that feel Kelly - its a fun blog written by a fun person! And, of course, there's the flamingos too :*)

Josie McRazie said...

Hahaha I read the blogs so quickly I don teven see these things! Hey we don't claim to be writers do we? Heck i majored in accounting NOT English ( that would be my sister who is a librarian LOL) it kind of reminds me of those funniest you read that say as long as all the letters are there and the first and last letter are ccorrect your brain still sees the word it should be not the word that is written!

Anonymous said...

I still don't see anything wrong with it.

Susan said...

I depended on my daughter, Kelly to edit my work--she was an English/Lit professor at UK. She passed away two years ago from an aggressive form of breast cancer and now, I try to catch my errors, but you don't realize how much you rely on someone. I love my Followers who don't point out my misspellings and grammar errors:-D

Susan said...'s too short to worry about typos! (I read it and never noticed!)

Flamingo reports? I LOVE THEM!

I don't even know how to address the issue of the possibility of you only being friendly as a marketing ploy. Honestly? I wouldn't believe it for a moment!

Allie said...

Kelly, I haven't had the great good fortune to meet you in person yet, but I know you're wonderful and a sweetheart. Enjoy making new friends, hon! As for your typo, I never even noticed - I only ever seem to notice mine, lol!!!

sandra said...

I make so many mistakes myself I would never notice yours. I think you are really a sweet person and I often relate to the things you talk about in your blog. I have gotten to know so many lovely people through the blog world I don't know right now how I would have friends without it. Blessings Sandra

Rosa said...

Kelly,I make many mistakes... I learned English at school and try to improve it .Mi spoken English is not very fluent because I do not practice but I understand. So sorry if you see mistakes in my comments.

Ah ,I enjoy make new friends.

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