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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pennies Falling From Heaven?

Just in case it is raining Pennies From Heaven near you......I want to help you out with what to do with all those pennies :)

You can join in the UR Priceless Blog Hop and you'll have a coin purse ...a lovely place for all those pennies.
Don't carry around heavy pennies?  How about your lipstick, nail clippers, needle and thread or my favorite....a sneaky place to put your secret fabric stash money :)

If you want to join a group of who are making  some fun coin purses you will need to hop over to Katherine's Blog,  Sew Me Something Good, and get your name on the list.

Where to get your purse frame?  You guessed it :)  CLICK HERE  

Everyone who joins the hop will receive a pattern to use so don't worry if you haven't made one before.  You are not obligated to use the pattern but it has been fun to see all the variety even when people use the same pattern.



Madame Samm said...

fabulous Kelly and yes if you have a pattern this would be terrific too...we are all pretty excited with you finding the same handles that i used for the pattern....
I certainly applauded you all the way.....

♥Duff said...

okay, sounds good! I signed I will order the hardware!

♥Duff said...


Katherine said...

Thanks, Kelly! This is going to be such fun and I know everyone will want to order more than one coin purse frame. Yay!

Guess what will be a popular handmade gift this holiday season??? ;o)

Snoodles said...

I signed up and now I have ordered! Yay! Thanks for having these in your store!

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