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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back to the IHAN® Hits Vegas Post

The yellow monster ate the co-workers and will spit them back out here in a few hours.  I'm back to the Vegas trip...Speaking of feeling a sin coming on.....I thought Elvis was dead....but not in Vegas....apparently he is alive and well.
Since he was doing so well....I thought about proposing marriage.....I figured what the heck....who wouldn't want to be married to the King of Rock...

To prepare for the proposal I got dressed up....first I had to choose my shoes... many to choose from......
Ultimately I settled on these!*

 Headed to the Chapel.....
And got left standing at the alter....NO ELVIS......
So I set my sights on Donny Osmond.....ROFL

Fearing being stood up again....Jean and I headed to the Bellagio.
Loved seeing the Dale Chihuly ceiling.....and the Chinese New Year Celebrations too.


Jean and I were having fun just walking around and watching the activities going on around us.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Jean happened to notice this sign as we were leaving town:
I think I'll just post that to the IHAN® website....what do ya think?


* There is on living soul to confirm nor deny the validity of this you'll just have to decide for yourself weather or not it is true.


Jean(ie) said...

That sign in perfect! Ummm. those shoes? If I wore any of those I'd fall flat on my nose or bee-hind. Oy vey!

Janet said...

I don't recognize the feet in those shoes. Are you sure they are yours? Looks like you had fun!

Jean said...

Oh, Kelly....there IS one living sole who CAN confirm or deny the validity of all of your Vegas could you forget me so quickly??? But don't worry; I only accept very large bribes, so you are (probably) safe! LOL!

Gene Black said...

LOL...I think you should have gotten the lacy glittery black boot high heels.......I mean c'mon, those are awesome.

Liberata said...

Love the Chihuly ceiling! Looks as though you had a fun trip.

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