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Showing posts with label Floriani Thread. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Floriani Thread. Show all posts

Thursday, May 3, 2018

and it Continues!!!

EVERYTHING in the store 50% off!!!

Featuring FLORIANI Thread

(Great for machine embroidery, longarm quilting or thread painting/sketching).

Beautiful sheen, 100's of colors


Don't wait some colors are getting low! and a few are gone!

I am a recent finder of the Floriani thread, and I have been playing with it on the longarm. I think it is a finer thread than Glide, which is a 40 weight thread, so it does not show quite as much, something I like. And by not showing quite as much the sheen is a little less as well, again something I like.

One of the other things of note is that Glide likes to untwist while traveling from the spool/cone to the needle, on my longarm, as I hear, also on many other longarms as well. The Floriani does not seem to do that!


More Later!! Beth

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Its a Thread Thing

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Thread is my thing!!! It is how I learned so much about needles and the best one for the job. Well that is not exactly true, it was Free Motion Quilting that led me down that path, but much of what is true for the Quilting part is also true for the Free Motion 'Threadplay' part.

So I thought that my next logical step would be to do some show and tell .... about the "Threadplay".

Let me start with one of the most difficult Free Motion Threadplay options. Metallic thread. These are postcards, and came about so I could compare the difference/sameness of the Fil-Tec Glide to the Floriani Thread. I had never used the Floriani and if I have to sell it, then I guess I should know something about it. I have used the Glide in the longarm and recently used it for another project in the Janome domestic machine, which is where I did the postcards.

I stitched these Free Motions with just the spine drawn. The feathers on the left are Floriani thread and the feathers on the right are Glide thread. The threads appear to be very much alike and the only real difference is the slight variation in color, I picked Floriani threads that were a close match to the Glide threads, and chose red and green. There wasn't a problem with either thread and to further test things I also tested the Signature Metallic thread. Wow!!! You don't really see it in the pictures, but I went over some areas with the metallic. I stitched pretty quickly and the Signature Metallic stitched like a cotton, no breaks, no shredding and no kinking. Of course a large eye helped the thread move without breaking.

The second is a detail photo, and it also is a little light on the metallic sparkle visibility. These were great fun to make, if you haven't ever made any postcards now is the time to try. Send one as a surprise to a friend or far away family member. I keep a stack on hand to mail... as needed. People just love to get them in the mail!

So to sum it up Floriani thread seems to stitch up the same as any other Polyester thread that I have used. Next up is to test the Floriani for use on the Longarm.

Have you ever received a textile postcard in the mail? Leave a comment. You might be the lucky one to receive a feather in the mail!

More Later- Beth

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perfect Endings with Floriani :)

Hey y'all, Karin here again...

Just wanted to pop in a moment and share a thought with you (I can't stand it when they rattle around inside my head, just clamoring to get out!)....

If you want a perfect ending, you've gotta start with a good beginning.  And if you're gonna start off right, you'll want to start with Floriani Thread.  Believe me, I've used my share of the other stuff...and then some.  And I'm here to tell you, results just aren't the same.

Take a peek at what came off the machine yesterday.

Bet you're wondering what the heck they are?  They're pillowcases!  Made with the super easy "hot-dog" method, then just neatly folded and laid side by side.  

I actually started with some really nice fabrics from Moda (the stripe is Songbird), Benartex (the solid teal is Quilters Suede), and Windham (the small checks are Christmas something...).  The dotted fabric is unknown, sorry.  They all have a really nice hand and were super easy to sew.  They frayed something fierce, tho, I must admit.  (I pre-wash EVERYthing before I use it.)

The thread is Floriani PFP52, and to my eyes, it's a really close match.  Unreal how different fabrics and thread from different manufacturers all works together, eh?

Anyway, back to the beginning....I ironed some Floriani No Show Mesh  to the fabric, loaded a hoop with Floriani Tearaway, then a narrow strip of Floriani Perfect Stick, then placed the fabric on that.  Of course, I had finger-pressed to find my center and marked it with a straight pin.  I programmed the name straight off my Babylock Ellegante2 and messed with adjusted the spacing just a wee bit.

Once I had my placement perfected, I pressed start, and away she went!  I can't say it enough, Perfect Results, Every time.  Thank you Walter Floriani!

Now, if you don't mind, I have some purple turtles calling my name.  Thanks for letting me pop in here, Kelly!  Wishing you and all your fans a very happy and safe holiday season!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Gifts With Purchase

If you didn't get a IHAN Newsletter, you can click on the link above to see what all the buzz is about.  If you would like to begin receiving the IHAN Newsletter there is a sign up link on the right...yep...glance to the right and you'll see it :) on the side bar. 

That was my first Newsletter and I'm telling you it took me over 11 hours to get the thing right and then get it sent.  Ya know what?  There are errors...spelling and punctuation.  I felt really bad about that...until....I thought about it and decided I did a great job for a gal working alone (support from friends of course).  If you pretend you didn't see the errors....I'll return the favor :)

One of the errors I made was saying that all Non-US Shipping Addresses get a Gift with $100.00 purchase at IHAN (excludes purchases included in the Pre-Holiday Sale).  I should have said...for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

The free gift is a" Spirit of the Bear Snap Pack" a $15.00 Retail Value.  You get all the fabric necessary and the pattern too.
The batiks are beautiful....and so is our weather today :)

If you are looking to stock up on some beautiful embroidery thread (excellent for thread painting too) then this Sale is for YOU.

Not only do you get Free Floriani Thread....but you Get Free Shipping Too!

Buy 10 Spools Get 1 FREE Save $14.48 Coupon Code FLOR 10
Buy 25 Spools Get 5 FREE Save $47.43 Coupon Code FLOR 25
Buy 50 Spools Get 11 FREE Save $92.35 Coupon Code FLOR 50

Buy 100 Spools Get 20 FREE AND a Free Rolling Machine Tote
Save $296.00  Coupon Code: FLOR AND TOTE
You Get $120.00 in Free Thread Plus a $129.00 Teal Me Away Tote...that is a total savings of $296.00...Defintiely a Great Bargain!

You can choose from individual spools or collections, your choice.
(I'm still uploading colors of thread so if you don't see what you are looking for please e-mail me at

This is the Free "Teal Me Away" rolling machine tote.

Since the weather is so nice, I took the photos outside...can't believe it is November in Ohio.
The Teal Me Away Tote is an Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies Exclusive. As you can see, there is plenty of room for your machine plus all the supplies you need. This is the front zipper pocket and there is a place for thread, fabric, pattern and a zippered compartment for your other notions.
Inside there is another zippered pocket and the padded part that protects your machine also has a zipper and will hold a cutting mat and rulers.

 And there is even a safety belt!  Can't have your girl giggling around.

 Inside pocket
Outside front pocket.
When you take the machine out....there is yet another zippered compartment.  I'm calling this one our "Private Stash Hiding Spot."
 If you happen to be gone sewing and have spent more than a reasonable amount of money on more stash....just hide it in the compartment and say nothing.  When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, sneak down and retrieve your secret stash and incorporate it into your fabrics and no one will be the wiser :)  Also a great place to hide extra documents when traveling. (The Teal Me Away Tote is also available for Purchase)

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.  I know I did.  There were 12 of us for dinner.  Our kitchen area is very small...and yesterday I noticed 5 adults standing in there....what in the heck...that is like packing  a phone booth...check it out:

 There is Mr. McSteamy, both my brothers, my sister and my nephew....all crammed into tiny kitchen...on Thanksgiving no less.
Only one of them was in there cooking at the time....ya gotta love it...the kitchen is the place to congregate I guess.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Alive...But Buried in Floriani :)

I know ya' all think I've left the country to hide away with all the new thread, designs and stabilizers that arrived here at IHAN....but I didn't.
A big ole semi pulled up yesterday  and I just about passed out.  I thought to myself...oh dear God...where am I going to put all that?  Then the fella only unloaded this one pallet....instant relief :)
Yes, Floriani...Floriani Thread, Floriani Stabilizers, and Floriani Software galore....where is the army who is going to inventory all this?
 I have almost finished checking in the order and then I'll have the joy of arranging it in a fashion I can easily see and find the threads to fill orders.
Just look at all those colors....YES I have every single one of them...and not just one spool of each either....nope...I have at least 5 of each one...the world is looking so colorful right now :)

While I'm buried in thread..... I had to speed clean the house because I had invited some friends for lunch and the guest of honor was Lyn Gladwin, the gal from Australia who visited our guild meeting last month. 

I've not hosted a lunch in I don't know how has been years and I have no idea why I don't do it more often because it was such a treat.  There were 7 of us and some of the gals brought some quilts to show.  I'm only going to post Lyn's quilts because I need to get back to all that thread!!

 This is a quilt that Lyn made for her son and she "pinched" it off his bed before she came over.
 I really liked the way she cut her fabrics...and the bead is fun too.
I thought the quilting was interesting...the border and how she lined up each of the stars...I just know it would not be that straight had I been in charge...yikes.
This is a quilt Lyn made for her new daughter in law.  It is different than the one I posted about previously.  Unfortunately, the light from the window takes away from the beauty of this quilt.
 This is the view from Lyn's house in AU.  She can see the ocean...oh I can only dream of living somewhere so beautiful.  My camera and laptop are having an argument so I can't post the rest of the photos right now....but suffice to say there were lots of beautiful quilts and great women right here in my house....that was very cool indeed.

I know it is Wednesday and I am working on an E-Notion IQ post....that will be coming soon ....I'm roller skating as fast as I possibly can...I promise :)


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