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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post III

I've received so many e-mails asking to see my "Bling Your Thing" challenge piece that I thought I'd post mine today and all the rest tomorrow.  You know I documented the process right?  That's what bloggers do :)

Entry # 9 - Kelly Jackson- that's me :)

I wanted to use something I already so I pulled out a gift I received from Nadine Ruggles during her Schoolhouse lecture at Quilt Market.  She had given the attendees a little packet of fabric, beads and instructions to make an Inchie. 

I enjoyed her presentation so much and I've always wanted to make an Inchie....but I have not taken the time to make one until I came up with the "Bling Your Thing" challenge.  Nadine's book, Inchie Quilts is the perfect way to start doing some embellishing if you have not given yourself permission to play previously.

This is the fabric Nadine supplied in the kit.
Beads that were included in the kit.
All I could think to do was to put the beads on the dots and then add some of the longer beads.  It was so boring and I knew it needed something else.  So I ran down and searched through my embellishments and found a package with these three little polymer turtles.  They are not beads and don't have holes to stitch through.
The minute I put the spotted turtle on the piece I knew it was the right thing to do.  So I got a sharp needle and poked the needle and thread through this little fella and stitched him in place.  While looking at the turtles the bright green one really appealed to me.  But when he was sitting on the piece something wasn't right.  That's when I got the idea to add some more bling.
I plugged in my Kandi Corp Professional Touch Crystal ApplicatorLucky for me I had a package of Green 3mm Eye Kandi (that's what Kandi Corp calls their Crystals) and I started to randomly add "bling."
I started with one crystal to see how it would look....I liked it so I just kept adding until it felt right to stop.
I used a piece of thin batting behind the base fabric that I embellished.  As you can see above, the embellishments held nicely and all my knots and excess beading thread was on the back.   On the right is a piece of Floriani Stitch N Shape Double Sided Fusible that I had fused to a piece of plain fabric.

I gently pressed the embellished top to the layer of Floriani Stitch N Shape.
Next I did a stay stitch around the entire design and trimmed away the excess so I could see where the stitching would fall when I did the final stitching.
I used Floriani Embroidery Thread because I love the sheen and this is what it looked like.  As much as I tried to ship those little white threads around the edges, I couldn't snip close enough. 
Fabrico Fabric Marker to the rescue!!!
Here is the finished piece.  I used the Fabrico Marker here and there to cover the white threads and give it a two tone appearance.  (you can always use fabric markers to cover things on your regular quilts

My little slice of "turtledom" measures 2" x 2 1/2" and is by far the smallest thing I've ever stitched.  I love how it turned out and have been thinking about what to do with it.  Perhaps I'll make one 1/2 the size and embroider my name on it, then attach them with little hoops and use it as a name tag for my Machine Embroidery Guild meetings.  Who knows?  However....I did manage to "Bling Some-Thing" and I was quite surprised by how much fun I had.

Serendipity Happens
I was preparing to publish this post when I was interrupted by the sound of the mail truck.  I hopped up and grabbed my packages and met Loren, my mail carrier.  To my great surprise there was a small box addressed to me.  It wasn't ticking so I opened it :)

Sue Spurlock who was the inspiration for the "Bling Your Thing" challenge had sent me this beautiful doll.  Her note reads, "Kelly, Your description of yourself inspired this." 
You may recall some of Sue's work is in the book, Creative Quilting with Beads.   The book review is HERE.

I had goose bumps...I'm in love with "Flies by Seat of Pants."  THANK YOU SUE!!!! I think you pegged me dead center! 

Gigantic Smiles,

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inchie Quilts at the International Quilt Market Houston 2009

The American Quilter's Society hosted Nadine Ruggles to do a Schoolhouse on "Inchie Quilts." I clearly "borrowed" this photo of Nadine because the quality of the photo I took was not great. I sure hope she understands :)

"Inchie Quilts" is Nadine's book published by American Quilter's Society. It is available at IHAN. If you want an Autographed copy....and who wouldn't? You can purchase one on Nadine's Site. I remember being very interested in Nadine's presentation and my photos just don't show the excitement I felt so I'm not using most of what I took. You can click on her link above and see many examples of her wonderful work.

I love miniatures so naturally I was drawn to "Inchie Quilts." These make beautiful embellishments for wall hangings and quilts. Those ATC's seem too big about an "Inchie" exchange? That is more my speed!!!

I loved this one too. Too bad my photos don't show how very cool these really were.

Look at this Mosaic. I love it. Since I have lots of fibers and beads I think this would be a wonderful project to incorporate all my embellishments.

See what I mean? The photo above truly shows how I experienced Nadine at Schoolhouse....not like this photo shows.

While I was listening to Nadine speak I got some interesting ideas for other uses for Inchies. How about fundraisers for Pre-schools and other Schools? Each child could make an Inchie and they could be linked with little rings to make an entire picture and auctioned off at a school fundraiser. Each class could do one. Guild members could all contribute one and they could be hung at their meeting place. Every family member could make one and it could be assembled into a family quilt. Good friends could each do one or several and a friendship wall hanging could be made. I could go on and on and on. Just know I was thrilled to be introduced to "Inchie Quilts."

I really wanted this post to have better quality photos to show how neat this technique really is. It falls short of that but I can't run the clock back and take better photos. So hop on over to Nadine's website and look around. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the photography there!!!
Small Miniature Inch Like Smiles,

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