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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bling Your Thing Challenge Winner and Prizes

I apologize for the wait but several folks had computer problems and I wanted to be sure I had the opportunity to list everyone who wanted to contribute a prize to the Bling Your Thing Challenge. 

From Shelly Stokes from Cedar Canyon Textiles

A very cool way to Bling Your Things with  2 mini Paintstiks, a set of Celebrate Stencils, a Rubbing Plate, a suede square and a Brush.  I'm sure many of you already know Shelly Stokes from Cedar Canyon Textiles, but have you seen some the amazing projects she has been working on lately?  Her blog is full of really fun ways to Bling almost anything!  Shelly even has a new book out, Rubbing Plate Roundup....check it out....I have and it is excellent! 


 Nadine is going to send one very lucky winner a copy of her book, Inchie Quilts and.......

InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler Set too.  How cool is that?  I'm so excited for who ever wins because making Inchies is so much fun and a wonderful way to "Bling Something"!!  The Tool and Ruler Set is just what you need to make planning and cutting Inchies easy!  Use the double-sided InchieSee Viewer Tool with the Inchie-sized window to preview light or dark fabrics for Inchies or to fussy cut motifs.  The InchieDo Ruler has very thin lines, open intersections and fussy cut centering marks to make it easy to keep your Inchies on the "straight and square."  Great for Inchies, Twinchies, ATC's and other small scale patchwork and embellishments. Easy to use! Complete instructions and tips included!

By the way, Nadine has an excellent blog as can check it out ...Dream Weaver's Quilts Blog


The IHAN contribution to the Prizes are some of my favorite Bling Things and a book to help the winner explore more ways to explore making Bling, Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton.  There are two spools of Wonderfil Dazzle Thread, two packages of Bead Gravy, Beading Thread by Nifty Notions, Rhinestones by Guterman, some Frieze Thread and a few peacock feathers too.  Just some fun things I thought someone would enjoy.

From Dave Riba of Kandi Corp :

Kandi's Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator and some Crystals too!!!  You all know how much I like my Professional Touch Rhinestone a very lucky IHAN blog reader will have the opportunity to enjoy one too.  The one that will be shipped to the winner will be red and black...not purple...but it is the same exact wonderful and fun applicator :)

Kandi Corp has free Projects on their website, you can click here to see all the fun things you can do with a Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator.     Beware, it is addictive and I don't want anyone to say I didn't warn you :)



I want to thank all of you who participated and sent photos of your Bling Your Thing projects....
THANK YOU:  Mary, Gene, Karin, Diane, Jean F., Colby, Mary Grace, Lisa, Beth, Jackie, Allie, Sandra, Janet, Jean O., and Bern.  

 As you can see, I typed up every one's names and put each name into a hat (quit's not my belongs to one of my coworkers :)
 Then I drew out one name and paired it with a prize so there would be a total of 4 opportunities to win.  Y'all know to spread the fun stuff all around.

 And  the winners are :

Congratulations Allie, you have won the Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator and Crystals from Kandi Corp.

Congratulations Beth, you have won Inchie Quilts  and InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler Set from Dream Weaver Quilts.

Congratulations Colby, you have won the Paintstiks Kit with stencils, a rubbing plate, a brush and suede from Cedar Canyon Textiles.

Congratulations Mary Grace,  you have won the IHAN gift assortment.

Now all you have to do to claim your prize is to send an e-mail to with your full name, address and phone number.

I also want to thank all of you who stopped by and left comments.  I hope everyone had some fun and was inspired to take a risk and "Bling Something"!!  :)

Very Happy Smiles,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post VI - Late Entry

Entry # 16 Janet -
"I made this wreath in 2010 from an idea in Quilting Arts Magazine.  It is silk flowers, taken apart and layered on Timtex and a backing, quilted, edges finished and bling added."

The last entry for the Bling Your Thing - Teeny Tiny Challenge!  Thank you Janet....what a fun wreath you have made.  More great ideas for Blinging Everything! :)

Next post is a post of the PRIZES :)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post V

Entry #14 Jean Overmeyer
 "Attached is a photo of my submission for your bling challenge!  I added Swarovski crystals to my latest quilt label, using my new Kandi's Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator.  It worked fabulously!  Thanks for the inspiration!"

Jean I love the quilt label!  I have to say it looks better than some quilts I've made (really!  LOL)  What a special way to label your quilts :)

 Entry # 15 Bern -

"One Hell of a Huey"
"My “Bling My Thing”  quilt is a commemorative quilt which I made to commemorate the dedication of a helicopter used by the Royal Australian Air Force in the Battle of Long Tan (during the Vietnam War), which was used for re-supply of ammunition in that particular battle). Our local Caloundra RSL (Returned Services League) of Australia (like an Amvets Post or Veteran of Foreign War club in the USA – in other words, an Australia-wide Club for returned ex-servicepeople, currently serving military and their families) was able to locate one of the two Iriquois helicopters that were used in that particular battle. This helicopter was owned and displayed by the Bogan Shire Council (in New South Wales, Australia). On condition of a replacement Iriquois helicopter being found (and in good condition) that Shire Council agreed to an exchange of aircraft.
Some three years after that agreement, $50 000 later (for the repair work to be done on both aircraft and paid for by the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch) and 5 000 man hours (to repair the A2 10-22 helicopter used in the Battle of Long Tan, then to repair the donated helicopter to be given to Bogan Shire Council in exchange for A2 10-22), the A2 10-22 helicopter was installed at the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch in its Memorial Garden, on March 16 this year.
There are more details on my blog Click Here

My husband who is the Sub-Branch President asked me to make the quilt, initially to raffle to raise funds for the continued maintenance of the helicopter, with just over 3 weeks to make the quilt. However, upon seeing (the almost finished quilt, with just one border left to be sewn on) he decided that the quilt had to stay in the Sub-Branch as it was (as stated by others) a fitting tribute to the men who died in the Battle of Long Tan, those who served in the actual Air Force squadron – 9 Squadron – in that battle, and those Australian Army men who fought in that battle, from D Company, 6 Royal Australian Regiment and those men who had worked to restore the quilt. Many of those men have signed the left-hand and right-hand sides of the quilt, around the unit badges.
The “bling” for me is the Rising Sun badge appears on all slouch hats worn by the Royal Australian Army and is a symbol of the Army. It is also an iconic Australian symbol. My dear husband actually sewed the Rising Sun on to the quilt, as I was running short of time to get the quilt finished.  The other bling is the use of parts of actual Army and Air Force uniforms in the borders of the quilts, namely the pockets which appear in the top and bottom horizontal borders and also part of a sleeve with the epaulette still on it, on the bottom horizontal border. The comments that I have received from everyone so far is helping me to forget about all of the little mistakes I can see in the quilt (namely sewing differently shaped photos into blocks and other little things). When one is making a quilt for the military and ex-military, precision is a major factor!"
Wow Bern...what a story!  Thank you so much for sharing.  

Those are all the submissions I have received..THANK YOU to everyone who participated.  I hope it has been fun looking at all the bling :)
Now...for the prize!  I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of people about donating prizes.  I have some here that I plan on adding to the prize.  There is no judging so the winner will be chosen at random and I'm going to have someone not associated with the IHAN blog do the drawing.  Can you wait until Monday to know what the prizes are or do you want me to just do the giveaway without the other prizes being added?  You tell me!
Friday Smiles,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post IV

Entry #10 Mary -

"I also like to add beads to my cards. This can be done by sewing them on individually or threading them onto a wire. All hand sewing and ornamentation must be done before adding the card stock to the back.  To add beads on a wire I coil one end of the wire, thread the beads and then coil the other end"

Now that is what I call "made with love."  Only someone who loved you a lot would make a birthday card like is beautiful.

Mary has a wonderful tutorial for making fabric post cards and if you click on the link above you can read the entire is excellent!

 "I looked at the hanging and said "The star could use some sparkle!"  So I sparkled it."
"Then I pulled out a wall hanging that I started ....... err..... a while  ago.  It didn't have any real plan or goal in mind, so I have never rushed to finish it. No, it still isn't finished BUT,  Kelly, at I Have a Notion, is having a little "Bling your Thing" photo sharing thing going.  So I decided to add my bling to the wallhanging." are one of the coolest quilters I know :)  You have all sorts of projects and you never seem to slow down.  Recently Gene has gotten into machine embroidery and his work is lovely.  If you don't read Gene's blog on a regular basis, you may just want to click on the link above and visit Gene.  He has a great sense of humor and a heart the size of Texas. 

 "Brain Storm - Wool Challenge"

 What an interesting piece Colby.  The stitching and beads are just lovely.  I really like the little loops you added....they really add to the piece.  Isn't it amazing what people come up with when they commit to be challenged?  Thanks Colby for participating....I like your brain :)

" Using #10 cotton thread in white, blue seed beads, and my trusty steel crochet hook, I made this little white Rosary case."
" Here's the scalloped edge with the little loop closure in the middle."
"Here it is standing upright and open, showing that it is just a simple pouch with the scalloped edge just a little higher than the plain edge, and both sides stitched together with single crochet."
Mary wanted to know if her crochet Rosary Bag would count in the challenge.  My reply?  REALLY....when I say Bling Something - all counts :)  I'm so glad Mary shared her project because it is another beautiful creation and she has posted the tutorial on her blog.  Click the link above for the tutorial.  Your bag is so beautiful and delicate....what a treasure!

OK have until the end of the day to send me any Blinged Projects if you want to be in the Bling Your Thing challenge.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a photo of the "prize" and of course, it will be drawn randomly.  How about if we let Barb or Jocelyn do the drawing?  It seems like everyone and their brother reads their blogs and trusts them.  Will that work for y'all?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post III

I've received so many e-mails asking to see my "Bling Your Thing" challenge piece that I thought I'd post mine today and all the rest tomorrow.  You know I documented the process right?  That's what bloggers do :)

Entry # 9 - Kelly Jackson- that's me :)

I wanted to use something I already so I pulled out a gift I received from Nadine Ruggles during her Schoolhouse lecture at Quilt Market.  She had given the attendees a little packet of fabric, beads and instructions to make an Inchie. 

I enjoyed her presentation so much and I've always wanted to make an Inchie....but I have not taken the time to make one until I came up with the "Bling Your Thing" challenge.  Nadine's book, Inchie Quilts is the perfect way to start doing some embellishing if you have not given yourself permission to play previously.

This is the fabric Nadine supplied in the kit.
Beads that were included in the kit.
All I could think to do was to put the beads on the dots and then add some of the longer beads.  It was so boring and I knew it needed something else.  So I ran down and searched through my embellishments and found a package with these three little polymer turtles.  They are not beads and don't have holes to stitch through.
The minute I put the spotted turtle on the piece I knew it was the right thing to do.  So I got a sharp needle and poked the needle and thread through this little fella and stitched him in place.  While looking at the turtles the bright green one really appealed to me.  But when he was sitting on the piece something wasn't right.  That's when I got the idea to add some more bling.
I plugged in my Kandi Corp Professional Touch Crystal ApplicatorLucky for me I had a package of Green 3mm Eye Kandi (that's what Kandi Corp calls their Crystals) and I started to randomly add "bling."
I started with one crystal to see how it would look....I liked it so I just kept adding until it felt right to stop.
I used a piece of thin batting behind the base fabric that I embellished.  As you can see above, the embellishments held nicely and all my knots and excess beading thread was on the back.   On the right is a piece of Floriani Stitch N Shape Double Sided Fusible that I had fused to a piece of plain fabric.

I gently pressed the embellished top to the layer of Floriani Stitch N Shape.
Next I did a stay stitch around the entire design and trimmed away the excess so I could see where the stitching would fall when I did the final stitching.
I used Floriani Embroidery Thread because I love the sheen and this is what it looked like.  As much as I tried to ship those little white threads around the edges, I couldn't snip close enough. 
Fabrico Fabric Marker to the rescue!!!
Here is the finished piece.  I used the Fabrico Marker here and there to cover the white threads and give it a two tone appearance.  (you can always use fabric markers to cover things on your regular quilts

My little slice of "turtledom" measures 2" x 2 1/2" and is by far the smallest thing I've ever stitched.  I love how it turned out and have been thinking about what to do with it.  Perhaps I'll make one 1/2 the size and embroider my name on it, then attach them with little hoops and use it as a name tag for my Machine Embroidery Guild meetings.  Who knows?  However....I did manage to "Bling Some-Thing" and I was quite surprised by how much fun I had.

Serendipity Happens
I was preparing to publish this post when I was interrupted by the sound of the mail truck.  I hopped up and grabbed my packages and met Loren, my mail carrier.  To my great surprise there was a small box addressed to me.  It wasn't ticking so I opened it :)

Sue Spurlock who was the inspiration for the "Bling Your Thing" challenge had sent me this beautiful doll.  Her note reads, "Kelly, Your description of yourself inspired this." 
You may recall some of Sue's work is in the book, Creative Quilting with Beads.   The book review is HERE.

I had goose bumps...I'm in love with "Flies by Seat of Pants."  THANK YOU SUE!!!! I think you pegged me dead center! 

Gigantic Smiles,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post II

 Entry #5  by Lisa -

Pretty in Pink
"This little quilt measures 9 x 12 inches and it is my very first, whole cloth, painted quilt. The border fabric is a batik but the rest started out as a rectangle of white fabric. The fabric was painted with Shiva Paintstiks and then quilted. I frequently hand sew a few beads to my art quilts to give them a little bling.  It will eventually find it's way to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and sold to raise funds for Alzheimer's research."

Lisa your quilt is beautiful!  I hope this isn't your last whole cloth painted do amazing work.
Entry #6  Beth -

"I have a submission.... It's a postcard... from my International swap Group, pulled together for my South African quilters... so they could mail postcard and receive a few!!! They are having so much fun. Every Wednesday it so much fun, because they are either sharing what they've made or what has come in the mail!!! This what I am sending out this time.
Its and aloe plant, the flower is enhanced with beads! They are shine a bit... but they aren't supposed to be too flashy."
I'd be so darn excited to get a post card this beautiful in the mail.....I love it!!!  Lovely work Beth, thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us.
Beth is currently living in South Africa and if you have not seen the beautiful photos she has posted to her blog, you really must see them.

 Frolic In The Flowers
"I bling lots… in fact all my art quilts have 3D embellishing on them… that’s what I do… so I think that counts for bling?   Here is my latest one.  It has a kitchen scrubber on it, vintage buttons, all the flowers are 3D,  and ric rac and even little toothpicks coming out of a flower=)"

Jackie, I guess you do" bling a lot" and now I know where to go when I need some bling inspiration.  The flowers really pop right out and they are beautiful.  What lovely work!!  Anyone else who needs some inspiration to add some "bling" head over to Jackie's blog....she's got the bling thing goin' on!!!

Entry #8 Jean -
 "Jean's Tiara"
"Well, I finished some of the hand-beading for the tiara. I think it looks quite nice. The hand-beading is tedious, but it was worth it. I used two rows of small bugle beads in between sequins set with matching seed beads. It's pretty secure on there. I'm really loving how the color is assorted and random. I think it provides a happy accent.

My only wish is that you could really see how fun and shiny it is in real life.  It really sparkles. I think I'm going to do a flower medallion of some sort and attach this to another main piece and make this tiara three-dimensional. After all, I'm three dimensional too! "
Jean's Tiara is amazing and to appreciate the entire process, I would strongly suggest your visit her blog and read THIS post.
Below is Jean's Art Scarf.  She has written a tutorial.  Part I is HERE and Part II is HERE.
 Jean is very creative and talented.  I am very fortunate to call her  friend, we met through blogging and have become "real world" friends.  Jean's work is always fun and she jumps into a project with both feet.

I have to make an art scarf!  Oh yeah, and a Mondo Bag, a Claire Bag, a Hugs & Kisses Quilt, and finish my.....oh I'll stop before you think my list is longer than yours!  LOL


Monday, April 16, 2012

Bling Your Thing - Entries Post I

Entry #1 by Diane
 Coil Bowl Blinged with Beads
 This is Diane's first coil bowl and I think it is just beautiful.
Diane's second submission- "a red handbag; pattern comes with a label to sew in!  I'm sewing beads on the little dogwood flowers and have really just started that part.  I sewed 2 buttons on, the large black Asian one and the white dragonfly."

"This is my own pattern, I used the hot fix crystals...and it's not supposed to be square, but it didn't turn out as wonky as I'd hoped, lol.  I've had this pattern in my head for two years so I must thank you for giving me the incentive to get it out!"
 You know I loved the crystal bling added to the vase Allie!  Love your pattern really is beautiful.

 Entry #3 by Sandra -

"I wasn't able to get a good clear photograph that shows the bling, but I added seed beads and some tube beads to this little zipper bag, thanks to your challenge :)  That was fun,and far easier than I imagined!"

Sandra is right about the photo...the beads are a little bit hard to see....but when I made the photo larger...I think you can see them.  What a fun way to add some fun to your bag Sandra!  I know I would smile every time I pulled this out of my purse.

 Entry #4 by Karin -

"I'm not much on the BLING aspect of Bling-Bling, unlike most other Texans, but I think the embellishments I added really do make the outfits!"

I know if I were a little girl, I would jump for joy after opening that package.  Wonderful job Karin!

Editors Note:  I'll be posting more entries all this week.  If you have one, please send it to me with permission to use your photos, name and blog link if you have one.  There are no "rules" and no project is too small ....wait until you see'll really believe me then!!!  There is absolutely no judging what so ever....just the joy of sharing something that you have been inspired to "BLING."  Click HERE  for more information.


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