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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Indygo Junction at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis

I have not been able to pass the Indygo Junction booth at Quilt Market without taking several photos.   Their booth is always extremely "cool" to me.   They have a distinct "style" that I find free flowing, fun and interesting.  I took several photos and here they are so you can see for yourself what I'm trying to describe with words.  There are clothing patterns, purse patterns, broaches, pillows, kids clothes, PJ's, dolls and  pin cushions.  I think I like them because their eclectic range is congruent with my energy....I like lots of things and I have a wide range of appreciation for creativity.

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Do you ever feel like these dolls?  Cute but Charley Brown Scary :)
Why am I fascinated and taken in by pin cushions?  Do you think I practiced Voodoo in my last life? Or that I just like small overstuffed objects?  I is because you can actually finish one in a manageable time frame...unlike my other UFO's....yeah that is it....I'm sure.
I think this scarf would look incredible on the right is just so fun and free.  Please don't make it in stars though....that might be "un-cool"....LOL.  But then again, very cool for a Teacher to wear.....or a Coach....see....everything can be cool on the right person. 

So now that you have looked at the pix....don't you or what ever the "in" word of the day is.  Their style and range are interesting to me. I really like Indygo Junction and I'll probably always take lots of pix when I see their work.  I guess a timeless word might be "neat" but then again....that may be 1970's.....dang getting old is tough....the words date me....LOL....quit laughing....they probably date you too!!!  IHAN's Indygo Junction patterns need to be updated....I only have a few....that is on my list too....LOL.  Please don't ask how long my list is.....just know....if you want it and I can get can get it too :)

Dated Smiles,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too Good To Be True?

Well, I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or not....this seems too good to be true.  I got a package in the mail yesterday and look what was in it:

Mary Jane bought this for me from Joyce at their Holiday Sale last weekend.  I just love the colors.  Isn't it so cute?  I think it is an Indygo Junction Pattern.

As if that was not enough, later in the day I had to go to the store for some Milk and Cinnamon Bagels (the boys love raisins though).  I was passing a display and I felt this a lightening bolt to my upper chest.  Was it a heart attack? felt too a lightening bolt from Cupid.  I glanced down and what did my weary eyes behold:

All of a sudden I got warm all over (nothing like a hot flash....more like my water breaking).  I felt like I was floating off the ground a little bit .... like an out of body experience.  I heard the most amazing music in my angels were singing all around me.....was I about to make my transition from this earth? was just those Tim Tams speaking to me.  

HERE in the US....TIM TAMS put out by Pepperidge Farm. 

Now, I beg you to use caution when making a decision to purchase these.  There is no warning label on them like there are cigarettes and liquor.  You have to depend on your own sense of inner guidance to know what the recommended dosage is on these little bites of pure heaven.  As far as I know, there are no 12 step groups for these, so prepare to go it alone from here.  I don't ever plan on recovery from Tim Tams so please don't ever contact me and request is no use!!!  You can never blame me for your addiction either....because you had informed consent!!!  From here on are on your Tim Tam own :)

Via con Dios`

Celestial Smiles,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Indygo Junction at Quilt Market

Another Quilt Market Oooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I must have a "Creative Spirit" cuz I was a luv-in these patterns and fabrics.

These are so fresh and eye catching....eye candy baby!!!

I know I would have been just tooooo cute wearing this when I was 6

I want pajamas in the fabric of the little girl top and pants here. I must have walked past Indygo Junction 14 times....I just could not get enough. I think they have a playful spirit and an obvious appreciation for fun clothes. I have often thought that clothing for adults are no where near as fun as clothes for kids. Someone at Indygo Junction obviously had the same thought and set out to do something about the situation.
The little boy pajamas will be in gift boxes for my boys this Christmas. My Mom usually makes the boys p-j's so I might just buy the pattern and fabric and pass them along.....spoiled....yes!!! My Mom sews clothing, drapes, tablecloths and even reupholsters sofas and chairs. Not me....nope...I'm spoiled....I just make fun things (my idea of fun things). I've never read a clothing pattern I understood and the idea of making a sofa cover freaks me out.
You can find the Indygo Junction patterns here.
I really want some PJ's out of that fabric....anyone willing to enable me to continue with my pattern reading dysfunction?


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