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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Indygo Junction at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis

I have not been able to pass the Indygo Junction booth at Quilt Market without taking several photos.   Their booth is always extremely "cool" to me.   They have a distinct "style" that I find free flowing, fun and interesting.  I took several photos and here they are so you can see for yourself what I'm trying to describe with words.  There are clothing patterns, purse patterns, broaches, pillows, kids clothes, PJ's, dolls and  pin cushions.  I think I like them because their eclectic range is congruent with my energy....I like lots of things and I have a wide range of appreciation for creativity.

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Do you ever feel like these dolls?  Cute but Charley Brown Scary :)
Why am I fascinated and taken in by pin cushions?  Do you think I practiced Voodoo in my last life? Or that I just like small overstuffed objects?  I is because you can actually finish one in a manageable time frame...unlike my other UFO's....yeah that is it....I'm sure.
I think this scarf would look incredible on the right is just so fun and free.  Please don't make it in stars though....that might be "un-cool"....LOL.  But then again, very cool for a Teacher to wear.....or a Coach....see....everything can be cool on the right person. 

So now that you have looked at the pix....don't you or what ever the "in" word of the day is.  Their style and range are interesting to me. I really like Indygo Junction and I'll probably always take lots of pix when I see their work.  I guess a timeless word might be "neat" but then again....that may be 1970's.....dang getting old is tough....the words date me....LOL....quit laughing....they probably date you too!!!  IHAN's Indygo Junction patterns need to be updated....I only have a few....that is on my list too....LOL.  Please don't ask how long my list is.....just know....if you want it and I can get can get it too :)

Dated Smiles,


SewCalGal said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing insights on Quilt Market. I've always loved Indygo Junction and appreciate your insights on them at Quilt Market.


Gene Black said...

Ha ha.. I like most of the stuff in the booth. Very ---yeah whatever the in word is.

The words date me too....or they try to, I tell them I am not going to be a fun date....but they still think I am the bee's knees!

Okay, too early my mind hasn't fully awakened.

karenfae said...

really cool things and the pin cushions are really cute.

Stormy Days said...

I think you are pretty "neat" or maybe groovy.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at their patterns. They are so creative!

As for words, I still use groovy... Yes, I'm a dated dork.

sewmeow said...

Thanks for such great pics. Hey, I'm older than all of you 'cause I still use "cool" and "neato".

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