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Showing posts with label Inklingo. Show all posts

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need a Demo for a Guild Meeting? Try Linda Franz's Inklingo

Oh to be so organized.  I need a professional organizer to come and get me as up to date as Linda Franz.  That or I need to recover from the flu so I can get back into my re-organization of the organization that was re-organized prior to being organized. 

For those of you who have never heard of Linda Franz's Inklingo you might want to check it out.  You use your own home printer to print out the Inklingo shapes on your fabric.  Click here for her free shape collection.

Do you remember the Passacaglia Table Runner that I posted awhile back?  If not, here it is below:

I just love this pattern.  Please don't even ask me why I have not made it then....because you are opening the doors to the truth and some people are just happier not knowing what goes on behind the sceens...LOL. 

I signed up for Linda's RSS feeds from her blog so I get notified when she has updates.  I thought this was note worthy because I know people are always looking for interesting new things to share with their friends and guild members.  So if you need a fun demo....Linda has done all the work for you....well....most all of the work :)

Demo Notes
Demo Handouts
Flip Chart

It does not get any easier than this.  I don't think it is called cheating when someone else prepares your homework for you....not at guild meeting anyway. 

I'm on the mend so I'll be doing some homework of my own....I'm days behind and the Elementary School's Winter Carnival is Friday Night.  I've been working to get donations for the silent auction and raffle.  Good thing they did not ask me to organize the event. ROFL
That would be one very interesting event ay?


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Inklingo has done it again!!! Absolutely beautiful free patterns

Stop here and download your free pattern to make a beautiful table runner.  Oh did I say free?  I meant to say FREE!!!  You won't be sorry you did.....and while you are over there....leave a comment because there is a Give Away too!!  How is that for a little gift?  Wish it were me who was so generous....and talented.....but I am just the messenger this morning.  LOL


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inklingo by Linda Franz

Checker 61st Anniversary Open House
Chapter 6
Linda Franz, creator of Inklingo, was at the Checker Open House. I got to meet Linda and Monkey. I had been introduced to Inklingo previously so I was excited to meet Linda and hear more about her invention.

What is Inklingo? "It is software that allows you to print cutting and stitching lines on fabric. It eliminates measuring (and mistakes), tricky templates, funny markers, weird rulers and light boxes, plus it allows you to cut with a rotary cutter OR scissors. These templates can be printed on fabric using the Inkjet printer you already have. It is precise, simple and fast."

Linda Franz
I took these photos to help demonstrate the process. The lines were printed on this piece of fabric. The solid lines are the cut line and the dashed lines are the sew lines. You will get a perfect seam allowance every time!!
With these shapes you can get the block below.

Can you see the squares and diamonds?

You can also get this arrangement from that pattern. Check out some of the other fun patterns that can be made:

So when you go shopping and you want to see if a pattern on the fabric will look good in one of the shapes. First you print out the pattern on paper and cut out the shapes. You slide it into a plastic sleeve and now you have a easy way to audition fabrics while you are shopping.
These clearly are not the only shapes. You can click on the Quick Start Guide that takes you to Linda's Inklingo site. You will be able to read all about the process. Linda also offers a video demonstration. Believe it or not she also has a blog but a Yahoo group too. I don't know how she keeps all this up and running. Oh wait a minute....yes I do....she has a monkey. I need a monkey too!!!
Linda's newest projects are Jane Austen and Quilted Diamonds. You'll have to hop on over to Inklingo to see all these fun new things. If you want to buy the Inklingo Handbook or the Inklingo Shape Collection or you know where to get it....oh yea baby....I Have A Notion :)
I still have a notion to Smile,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Inklingo and a Giveaway !!

Please be advised I made an error in posting these photos. I thought they belonged to Linda Franz of Inklingo and apparently they belong to Tilde Binger from Inklingoprojects. I have e-mailed Tilde Binger and I'm in the process of resolving this misunderstand.

Can you blieve I learned of this after I apologized for simply singing my blogspot signature on other people's blogs. Geez....little did I know I did this too. Guess making mistakes is a very good way to learn ay?

Two things I really like....something that is new to me and a Giveaway. My eyes just popped out when I saw the following pictures. I e-mailed Linda Franz and asked could I use some of her pictures to post to my blog about Inklingo. She said Great!!! So here you go:

Bruce made a great start on his Double Wedding Ring project.

Mary made this stunning batik version of a Drunkard's Path using (surprise !)
the Drunkard's Path collection.Size of quilt is 36 * 45"

Elly made this great little bag. She writes :The pattern was from the book "21 terrific patchwork bags" by Susan Briscoe

Kathi made the little purse from Tilde's pattern.
I love the double wedding ring in the bright colors. They just popped right off the screen and I instantly wanted to make one. But as you know by now....I want to make everything and I'll need to live to be 467 years old to get to everything I want to make and do.

Who would not want one of these purses? Oh please.....I'll take them both!!!

And the Drunkards Path....made me want to run back to Kathy Green's house to get some more fabric (I was there yesterday......I felt drunk when I left....intoxicated for sure with all those delicious fabrics!!!)

You can go to Inklingo blogspot and check out these and other wonderful projects people have made using Inklingo.

This is my first experience with Inklingo so I watched the video demonstration on Linda's site. It was very informative and I think this will be very easy to use. I'm adding Inklingo to my store today. If you have not visited my store owe it to yourself and your wallet to stop by and check it out.....invite a friend or two to come along with you....everything is more fun when you bring along a friend....especially a stitching friend :)

If you click on the link on the side of my blog you will go directly to the Giveaway. Please don't enter too many times because I want to be the one to win all those great gifts. Can you imagine??? Ok....back to reality.

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