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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inklingo by Linda Franz

Checker 61st Anniversary Open House
Chapter 6
Linda Franz, creator of Inklingo, was at the Checker Open House. I got to meet Linda and Monkey. I had been introduced to Inklingo previously so I was excited to meet Linda and hear more about her invention.

What is Inklingo? "It is software that allows you to print cutting and stitching lines on fabric. It eliminates measuring (and mistakes), tricky templates, funny markers, weird rulers and light boxes, plus it allows you to cut with a rotary cutter OR scissors. These templates can be printed on fabric using the Inkjet printer you already have. It is precise, simple and fast."

Linda Franz
I took these photos to help demonstrate the process. The lines were printed on this piece of fabric. The solid lines are the cut line and the dashed lines are the sew lines. You will get a perfect seam allowance every time!!
With these shapes you can get the block below.

Can you see the squares and diamonds?

You can also get this arrangement from that pattern. Check out some of the other fun patterns that can be made:

So when you go shopping and you want to see if a pattern on the fabric will look good in one of the shapes. First you print out the pattern on paper and cut out the shapes. You slide it into a plastic sleeve and now you have a easy way to audition fabrics while you are shopping.
These clearly are not the only shapes. You can click on the Quick Start Guide that takes you to Linda's Inklingo site. You will be able to read all about the process. Linda also offers a video demonstration. Believe it or not she also has a blog but a Yahoo group too. I don't know how she keeps all this up and running. Oh wait a minute....yes I do....she has a monkey. I need a monkey too!!!
Linda's newest projects are Jane Austen and Quilted Diamonds. You'll have to hop on over to Inklingo to see all these fun new things. If you want to buy the Inklingo Handbook or the Inklingo Shape Collection or you know where to get it....oh yea baby....I Have A Notion :)
I still have a notion to Smile,

1 comment:

Beena said...

I had never heard of this clever product before. Will have to check out her blog. Thanks for the link!

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