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Monday, August 19, 2013

Checker Distributor 56th Annual Open House - Part 1

August means Checker Distributor Open House and this year is as wonderful as the previous years.  This year I have had the great fortune of meeting one of my favorite applique artists, Karen Kay Buckley.

 Karen's DVD, Hand and Machine Applique the Karen Kay Buckley Way, is how I became acquainted with Karen.  She does an EXCELLENT job of teaching both hand and machine applique.  I wanted to be in her living room with her after watching the DVD....ever have that happen? 
Fiesta Mexico is Karen's latest pattern and she took Best Of Show in Paducah this year.  She shared the award with quilter,  Renae Haddadin,  How exciting for both of them and for me because I now have this pattern and you know I have tons of bright fabrics to make this beautiful quilt.
"Alive with Joy" would be my title for this quilt....but they didn't ask me before going to press....imagine that....giggles.
"Centered Beauty" one asks and I'm guessing they don't care...but I continue to self entertain.

Several other familiar faces are at Checker's Open House too.  I'm sure you'll recognize these folks:

 Elena Gregotti and Alex Veronelli (below) ....when you see them you know you are going to have an Aurifil Threads experience!  I know I didn't hear anyone ask what is an Aurifil Thread experience did I? 
 The Aurifil Thread experience can be seen in the movie, When Harry Met know...the restaurant scene!!!!
You'd have to watch that video over and over again to have the "multiple experience" when you see Aurifil's new collection....look at the beautiful drawers full of that luscious Aurifil Thread....drool bucket please.

Rob Krieger, owner of Checker Distributors had a wonderful surprise yesterday and I was lucky enough to be within camera shot of his fun experience. 
 Marilyn Wise from Pieces & Patches in Lexington SC gave Rob this beautiful wall hanging made up of several Checker T-Shirts.  What a wonderful idea!
Marilyn said that Rob had done so much for her that she wanted to show her appreciation....what a lovely way to say thank you Marilyn :)

Much more coming soon....I've got to get my co-workers back to "work."


Friday, March 4, 2011

Karen Kay Buckley DVD - Scissors - Perfect Circles and Bernina Fun :)

Last Thursday on our way to PA I made sure to pack my little DVD player for the car and my new Karen Kay Buckley DVD, Hand and Machine Applique the Karen Kay Buckley Way.  I also packed some hand stitching because I knew we would be in the car for 8 hours and I'd be able to enjoy some stitching too. 

I must say I was very impressed with Karen's DVD.   It is not easy to be "natural" with a video camera on you and Karen did a wonderful job of conveying lots of great information and demonstrations with a natural presence.  If you are interested in Applique, machine or needle turn, and you want to have private lessons....this is the way to go. 

I had also packed a charm pack and Karen's Perfect Circles and Bigger Perfect Circles templates.  While going down the road I managed to cover all but two of the templates with fabric from my charm pack.

When I got home I mixed 1/2 water with 1/2 StaFlo starch and covered the edge of each of my circles

just putting a little on the edge to get it damp before the next step.....
I ironed them  (with my Digital Velocity V50 by personal favorite iron...Mr. McSteamy has the Digital Velocity  V100 on "his" ironing board!").
Look how nice they all look.....just like Karen said, Perfect Circles
I snipped the thread and removed the templates (they are heat resistant so you can iron with the template inside).
See how nicely the circle held it's shape?
Then I trimmed the excess fabric off so I can get ready to applique them to a quilt top.  The funny thing is none of this was planned.  We were packed and ready to leave when I ran back downstairs and saw my Perfect Circles....I grabbed them and a charm pack and ran back to the van.  I love to hand stitch so I wanted something to do in the car other than quilting.  I was so excited by the pretty circles that I began planning a quilt for about fun, spur of the moment that is a Vacation!

Chapter 2

A visit to the Ann Arbor Sewing Center yesterday was an absolute ball. 
Debbi, the sewing machine sales woman was so much fun.  I never once felt like I was being "sold" a machine.  She spent quite a bit of time getting to know about me and what type of features I was looking for without up-selling me features I am not interested in or need.  My kind of person for sure. 
Hey Alex, check this out!  They keep Aurifil in their demo models.....I smiled and told Debi....we just have to get a pix of this .... he's gonna love it.  (It does not get me any closer to winning that suitcase of thread in the challenge....but....I'm still dreaming :)

I am the proud new owner of a Bernina 430 with the Stitch Regulator...oh yeah baby!  I also got the felting foot....I can do needle felting too.  What a wonderful day! 

THANK YOU Debi for the help and your time!!!  If you go into the Ann Arbor Sewing Center....stop by and say Hi to Debi....she is a neat person.  Consider yourself warned about their fabric selection....don't blame me if you come home broke....they carry Kaffe Fasset, Art Gallery Fabrics, M and S Aboriginal Fabrics, 4 walls of Batiks....and so many more....very impressive selections.

But wait...that's not all....Diane and I went into an Estate Sale Shop....the owner does Estate Sales and they also have a small shop in Ann Arbor.  While looking around I found this quilt top....made of vintage feed sacks.....doesn't it look nice?

Yep, a proud new owner of a vintage feed sack twin size quilt top too!  I feel like a thief because it was marked 20.00.  I said the the fella at the counter...."I think this is worth more than 20.00."  He said, "I'm selling it for 20.00"  naturally I replied, "SOLD." 

Now you know where I've been and what I've been up to....why I have not had time to post....So....what have you been up to?


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