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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Shelf Elf and an Attachment to Aurifil Thread

Just sitting around with a broken leg isn't very much fun I must admit.  There are times I just make some fun.  Take for instance these eye balls staring up at you.  I found these looking at me one day over the quilt I was laying under.  It just popped up and started chatting with me.  Ya just never know what  is going to happen here at IHAN® headquarters.

This morning I woke up (yes still sleeping on the sofa) and noticed that our Shelf Elf had absconded with some Aurifil Thread.  Look how happy that little fella is...makes me wonder where all my Aurifil Thread is hiding???  Perhaps there will be some in my Christmas stocking?  Don't know as I have not peeked.

This past weekend the co-workers and I sat down at the kitchen table to start making some Christmas gifts.
What do you think we were making?  Any guesses?


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quilted In Honor Project

Do you remember Caleb Willis from Island Batik?  If you are a long time follower of the IHAN® blog you may remember THIS POST.  What a day I had at Island Batik....definitely on the top of my list of excellent days!    Caleb is the President and CEO of Island Batik and from one President and CEO (ROFL) to another, I think we hit it off.  I was most impressed that he didn't throw me out when he found me napping in the heavenly batik fabrics.

Very Presidential of me isn't it?  Now you know why I'll never be invited to the White House!
Caleb had an excellent idea to help veterans after hearing stories from family and friends who had returned from the Service.  He was committed to helping but wasn't sure if one company could do enough to make a difference.   Caleb  knew the wonderful spirit of the quilting industry and he approached some other fantastic people (see list of other sponsors here)  and shared his idea.  That is how  Quilted In Honor  was "born".  Now Island Batik helps to raise funds and awareness along with Operation Homefront
How many of you know about Operation Homefront?  I didn't really know much until SewCalGal hosted a fundraiser for them last year.  Once I began learning more about what Operation Homefront does, I decided to hop on board and I contributed to SewCalGal's fundraising efforts.  For those of you who don't know, Operation Homefront provides assistance to military families in their times of need.  Can you imagine serving your country, being away from your family and possibly being in combat only to arrive home and find yourself  having difficult times?  I see it as a project where we can help support those who have  given their time, energy and many times their lives by serving in the US Military.

Caleb Willis, Adam Jennings Medically Retired from the US Marine Corps. and  "Lady Eleanor"
Photo Credits Click Here

Lady Eleanor presented Adam Jennings with a quilt that she designed..  I don't think anyone was surprised to see that Lady Eleanor was involved...she is one kind, sweet and amazing Lady.

There are so many ways you can get involved.  Here are few ideas to consider:

You can purchase Quilted In Honor products and a portion of the sales price will go to Military Families being supported by Operation Homefront.
 If you purchase the Aurifil Quilted In Honor Thread Collections from IHAN® 90% or $54.00 of the profit will be donated back to Operation Homefront.

Make and donate a quilt.  There are several free patterns on the Island Batik website.  Just CLICK HERE to see them.   

If you want more ideas about how you can get involved with Operation Homefront, you can CLICK HERE. 
That is how Caleb's great idea turned into the Quilted In Honor project. Given Quilters are some of the very best people I've ever met in my life...none of this is is Wonderful though isn't it?


Monday, August 19, 2013

Checker Distributor 56th Annual Open House - Part 1

August means Checker Distributor Open House and this year is as wonderful as the previous years.  This year I have had the great fortune of meeting one of my favorite applique artists, Karen Kay Buckley.

 Karen's DVD, Hand and Machine Applique the Karen Kay Buckley Way, is how I became acquainted with Karen.  She does an EXCELLENT job of teaching both hand and machine applique.  I wanted to be in her living room with her after watching the DVD....ever have that happen? 
Fiesta Mexico is Karen's latest pattern and she took Best Of Show in Paducah this year.  She shared the award with quilter,  Renae Haddadin,  How exciting for both of them and for me because I now have this pattern and you know I have tons of bright fabrics to make this beautiful quilt.
"Alive with Joy" would be my title for this quilt....but they didn't ask me before going to press....imagine that....giggles.
"Centered Beauty" one asks and I'm guessing they don't care...but I continue to self entertain.

Several other familiar faces are at Checker's Open House too.  I'm sure you'll recognize these folks:

 Elena Gregotti and Alex Veronelli (below) ....when you see them you know you are going to have an Aurifil Threads experience!  I know I didn't hear anyone ask what is an Aurifil Thread experience did I? 
 The Aurifil Thread experience can be seen in the movie, When Harry Met know...the restaurant scene!!!!
You'd have to watch that video over and over again to have the "multiple experience" when you see Aurifil's new collection....look at the beautiful drawers full of that luscious Aurifil Thread....drool bucket please.

Rob Krieger, owner of Checker Distributors had a wonderful surprise yesterday and I was lucky enough to be within camera shot of his fun experience. 
 Marilyn Wise from Pieces & Patches in Lexington SC gave Rob this beautiful wall hanging made up of several Checker T-Shirts.  What a wonderful idea!
Marilyn said that Rob had done so much for her that she wanted to show her appreciation....what a lovely way to say thank you Marilyn :)

Much more coming soon....I've got to get my co-workers back to "work."


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome Back to Quilt School?

Do you remember when I posted this photo?

 CLICK HERE if you would like to send Fan Mail to the Flamingo Flock

 I didn't notice the other side of the chalk board was a dry erase board....imagine my shock when I drove by and saw this today:

Apparently someone told the Flamingos about National Sewing Month and they have taken up Quilting!

WHAT?  Flamingos Quilting.....Now your talking!!!!  Oh friends to stitch with :)  I must say the teacher wasn't the friendliest either.  While I was visiting I heard her yell at one of the students.  Apparently there was one student who had brought some electronic toy to class.  School is no place for electronics...I don't allow my boys to take any so I completely understood....until....

I spotted I get it....this Flamingo is an "advanced" Flamingo and wasn't interested in learning to skipped the piecing and went directly for the Free Motion Quilting and was watching Patsy Thompson's Fast and Free DVD.    I had not idea there were intellectually advanced Flamingos...perhaps they are a new breed?
I was Over the Moon Rainbow with excitement.....Waldo and I now have a Flock of Friends to stitch with.  These are some really hip Flamingos....they have Edyta Sitar's Aurifil Thread Kit, Over the Rainbow.
Their classes started simple...they made a babushka and some scarves.  Didn't they do a lovely job?
I inquired as to where they had gotten all that beautiful fabric for scarves and I was told Hoffman Fabrics.  I said really?  What a coincidence....I was just at Hoffman Fabrics on a recent trip to Southern California.
I'm going back tomorrow to speak to the head mistress and see if I can get some of those beautiful Hoffman Fabrics to give away on my blog. Wish me luck!

Oh...and for those of you who doubt Barnie Fife lives near me.....I took a photo of his police car yesterday.  Here's my proof!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Not Sewing....

It's thread painting...or so I told my 17 year old nephew this morning.  His new job doesn't start until the end of next week and I figured he needed something to  fill his time.  This morning I suggested he learn to use a sewing machine.  To make it a little more appealing...I called it thread painting.

I gave Nick a short lesson and set the machine up for free motion quilting and let him go.  Here is his first piece:
 He's getting the hang of it....
I even saw something that looked like a bird.
Once he got the feeling for the machine....he just took off...
 There was no need for that "suggested glass of wine" to relax....he was cool as a cucumber...zipping along...
While I was upstairs working this is what he made.....
He's not even finished yet...but I had to recommend he stop sewing for awhile....the machine had been going for a few hours and I thought it might need a break!  I've never sat with my BSR going for 2 or 3 hours.....I'm so jealous!

I do want to encourage him and his art....but I may have to consider dipping into his college funds to replace some of my thread....I still can't believe how many times I had to wind bobbins for him.  He was using my Aurifil thread ....I guess I'm a pretty nice Aunt :)  

What he needs is more he can make a quilt.  I think I'm going to hook him up with a collection of fabrics and let him his words, "I'm just  "improvising."  I wish I had learned to sew with his method....he seems so much more relaxed that I ever was.

All the while he was creating his art....this is what I made:
 A mess...that's all....just a mess.  Paper piecing is not a very clean sport ya know.  

What?  Did I hear someone ask about what the Flamingos are up to today?  Well....just by chance I did see them...
I think they are relaxing and discussing what their next adventure will be.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reasons For Quilts by Edyta Sitar

Time for a book review and more photos from Quilt Market!
(this post was started 4 days ago...hmmmm...perhaps it needed to marinate)
The book I choose is "Reasons For Quilts" by Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts). I had the great pleasure of visiting with Edyta and Michael in Houston for Quilt Market. They were both very busy so I only visited for a short time. I did take lots of time to take photos of course :)

Edyta gave me an autographed copy of Reasons For Quilts and I am in love with it.  Don't fret...I also got one to give away too (you know I wouldn't forget about you!).
This is how Reasons for Quilts begins...

Life Beneath The Threads
Every quilt is a piece of art-but the true art lies among it's layers.  Deep beneath the colors and patterns are the meanings that embrace the fabric of our lives.  through cutting, assembling, and painstaking stitching, we dream of our quilts in their finished form.  Yet the true beauty lies in the making of quilts.  In the hundreds of pieces that teach us patience; in mistakes that make us a bit more humble; and through setbacks that spur even greater resolve, quilting both reflects and shapes our being."

For every quilt, there is a reason
                                                              (written with permission of the author)

Any surprise I'm so drawn to Edyta's work? Edyta embraces and emphasizes addresses  human connectedness and reasons why we are drawn to quilt.  The more depth and meaning...the more attracted I become to a  persons work.

 These are photos of Laundry Basket Quilts booth at Quilt Market in Houston, 2011.

 If you just like to piece...Edyta has a pattern for you....if you like applique....Edyta has a pattern for you and if you like machine embroidery...Edyta has that too!! 
 I absolutely  love the smaller quilt and the machine embroidery quilt behind it.  I have taken close ups of both...
Edyta's batiks (Moda Fabrics) are absolutely beautiful. 


 This cornucopia is just stunning isn't it?

 You know I couldn't overlook her Aurfil Thread Collection (Can you believe I didn't even try to take it?  That is self restraint at it's best!!)
 or her lovely quilts under her patterns....such a beautiful booth.

 This is the close up...or closer up of one of my favorites....I'd love to have a quilt like this to snuggle with at night...and I'd love for all the scrap pieces to come from my friends...wouldn't that be so special?

Back to Edyta's latest book....Reasons For Quilts
There was a very long line to get an autographed copy of Reasons For Quilts.  I arrived early and the line was already wrapped around the corner. 
Edyta has written the stories behind many of her quilts and she has added quilts from her family as well.  The stories and photos are beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful...such a treasure.  There is also a bonus CD included in the book with 9 of Edyta's quilt patterns...can you say BONUS!  That is a bonus :)
I am thrilled to have a copy to give to an IHAN blog follower.  I know who ever wins this book will be thrilled.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and share one reason you have made a quilt...just easy!  On Friday, December 9th I'll let the Random Number Generator choose a comment and I'll announce the winner.
THANK YOU Edyta for the books and for giving your permission so I could include some of your beautiful words in my blog post!

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