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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House Chapter 4 - Simplicity Creative Group

Checker Distributor
62 Anniversary Open House
Chapter 4
Simplicity Creative Group
You may have noticed or will notice that during the Checker Open House I took photos of the banner for each demonstrator or presentation....with this one exceptions....Simplicity Creative Group.  Sooo....I was forced to cut and paste one here....and as you can clearly see....I don't know how to remove unwanted objects just pretend you don't see that red hair in this photo!!!  Thank you kindly :)

Many of you recognize this as the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Machine.  I have one and have really enjoyed using it because I no longer burn my fingers and because I like to do things I consider boring a little more effortlessly.  The Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Machine was introduced at Spring Quilt Market 2009 and since then several new tips have been added.  The one you see above is the Quilt Binding Tip for 2 1/2 inch strips.    I saw and touched the 1/4 inch tip that will be coming and I was very good and did not slip it into my pocket....and for the first time....I didn't even think about it...LOL.  I must be recovering from my fantasy kleptomania!!
Honestly it is Mimi Shimp's job to be introducing the Simplicity products....but as you can clearly see....I got so excited to be able to touch it that I stood right in front of Mimi.  She is so petite that you can't even see her behind me because I'm the  larger version of petite:)  I'm sorry Mimi....please forgive my childlike happens sometimes.
You may recall my previous post about the Deluxe SideWinder Bobbin WinderSeveral people have commented that they want to know if it will work with their machines.  The answer is YES, YES, YES....Mimi Shimp, Product Manager, has not found a bobbin yet that will not work.  Long Arm Machines, Embroidery Machines and Sewing Machines....the answer is YES
  • Interchangeable bobbin spindles to fit all makes and models of sewing, embroidery and long arm quilting machines.
  • Interchangeable bobbin spindles accommodate bobbins for all makes and models of sewing, embroidery and long arm machines.
  • Winds thread from small spools to cones that hold as much as 12,000 yards.
  • Two storage compartments in the lid to hold bobbins or spools of thread.
  • Offers a telescoping guide that adjusts to different heights of thread spools.
  • Enjoy a thread cutter, bobbin fill control and a speed control knob.
  • Adjust the tension knob to accommodate a variety of thread weights.
  • Compact size makes it easy to store or pack for travel
  • For household use only
  • Universal adapter included (which means it can be used outside the US!!!-wooo hooo...I can hear that coming from my customers in AU and NZ :)
  • 90 day limited warranty against manufacturer's defects
Oh but did I can get yours here at IHAN :)  I'll even autograph the box if you like!!! ROFL

Moving right along.....this is Mimi Shimp demonstrating the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity.  It was also introduced at the Spring Quilt Market 2009.

Simplicity later released an Extension Table that can be added to support your fabric as you move it through the machine.  It also has  interchangeable blades, small and large wave,  that are  that are available.
Here you can see that I was using the Rotary Cutting Machine with the small wave blade to cut some fabric.
Fall Quilt Market 2010 brought the Simplicity Deluxe Rotary Cutting/Embossing Machine.  You may recall my previous post from Fall Quilt Market.  And just for the record, I did politely ask Mimi if I could use the Simplicity machines because it is one thing to watch them being used and quite another to use them myself.  I want to feel and see how the machines work and not necessarily have to purchase one of every machine I want to discuss here on the IHAN blog.

You can see, they have also made a Deluxe Extension Table that is available.  It is very helpful because it extends the bed of the Deluxe Rotary Cutting/Embossing Machine.  Here you can see me moving the fabric through the machine.  It is important to keep your hands both in front of the fabric and behind the fabric to keep it even as you move it through the machine.
This is clearly the WRONG way to do it. You don't take your eyes off your cutting surface and you need one hand behind the fabric and one in front!!!  Silly me, what was I thinking?
When you don't keep your hands in front and behind the get crooked cuts and that my friends is referred to as "Operator Error."  There is a learning curve to using both Rotary Cutting Machines but honestly it only took me a few minutes when I first used one (way back in 2009:).

The Deluxe Rotary Cutting/Embossing Machine has many new features.  First the obvious one is that it also embosses and you will see some examples of that below.

The other additions to the Deluxe model include:

  • Speed control that allows you to control the speed at which you would like to cut.

  • A LED light that illuminates the cutting / embossing surface.

  • It includes the tools for removing the blade and adjusting the pressure for the blades. (the blades are rotary-meaning round....not sharp.  The machine cuts using pressure not the traditional razor sharp blades)

  • A longer cord for the foot pedal.

  • It cuts paper or fabric 1/4 inch to 6 inches.
The embossing rolls and optional decorative rotary cutting blades are sold separately- just like Barbie's accessories....remember that?  Always sold seperately...LOL.  (I think when you get married there should be a "sold separately clause" that states-"this version of the wife does not include a clean house and interesting meals or constant attractive company"-all of those things are sold separately and come at a very high price!!!)

These are some examples of what can be done with the Embossing Rolls:

This what the Embossing Rolls look like up close.  I did not notice the measurements on any of the packaging so I used this quarter to give you an idea of their size.
Mimi was wearing the Winding Buddy around her neck and I was teasing her about her necklace.  The Winding Buddies are actually use for the Bias Tape Maker Machine and the Winder Machine by Simplicity.  While they are made for these might find me wearing one with licorice or a fruit roll up wound in it so I'd have easy access.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rotary Cutting Machine Test Results

I have finally tried the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine myself. Yes, it was tested by me personally. I have been asked many questions about the machine and I could only tell folks what I had read or been told by those who have demonstrated the machine. Now I have first hand knowledge and I'm about to share it with you. But before I do, I want to say that I also did a video of the test with the fabrics I will talk about here. It is in the process of being uploaded to our computer so it can be put on YouTube and then on my blog. So stay tuned :)

These are two tools you will need if you get or have a Rotary Cutting Machine. A flat head screwdriver and a cross tip screwdriver (Philips head). Why? Well because the tension on the cutter needs to be adjusted with a flat head and the blade is changed with a cross head. You are now prepared :)
I am holding the Rotary Cutter up at an angle so you can see both screws that I just spoke/typed about.

This is a top view of the cutter. You adjust the width of the strip you want to cut by moving this sliding bar. It has two holes so you can adjust it smaller or larger depending on what you need. The "lip" to the right is where you put your fabric. You slip it under the lip and guide it straight toward the blade. I found all of this to be fairly straightforward and simple to do.

This is the pinking cutter. Hopefully you can see just how tightly I'm holding this rotary cutter blade. Are you expecting blood? Lots and lots of blood? Perhaps plastic surgery to have my fingers put back on? Well you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn this is all that happened:

Just a squiggly indent in my finger. I was gripping it very firmly so it would leave a crease.

Now I'm changing the blade to the straight edge cutting blade. I just used the cross tip screwdriver to loosen and remove the screw. The little cover comes right off. Then you need to turn the black dial to the Right (not left...lefty loosey righty tighty does not apply here...just the opposite!!).

Same thing....tempting fate I hold the rotary cutter very tightly between my fingers.

No blood....just an indent. I'm sorry to disappoint those of you who like the gory'll have to go back to your TV for that.

The entire machine is apx 8 1/2 inches long. Nice and compact.
Now you have seen the pictures and know a little about the machine, I'll share my experience with you. I will also share why I think (guessing really) a few people are having difficulty with the machine.
I got my fabric jammed and had some experiences with it going wobbly. These are all on the video. I also had it go over fabric and paper without cutting.
I noticed after I practiced with the machine I got better and then I had no problems cutting with it. I think it was the way I was holding the fabric when it jammed. I did have a few times when the fabric went around the roller and I had to use tweezers to pull it out. I kept trying and it cut just fine. I had to keep the fabric under the guide and against the machine evenly. When I moved my hands or arms I noticed I would get a wobbly cut if I was not paying attention. I think there is a learning curve just like with a new sewing machine.
A few things to note about the cutter. The cord that goes from the pedal to the wall is only 36 inches long. More than likely you will need an extension cord. You will need screwdrivers. You will have to play with the tension to get it right for the fabric you are using. It will take time and practice. You will jam your fabric so don't start with the good stuff. You may get frustrated (a few glasses of wine will cure that quickly). If you are like me, you will only read the directions if you can't get it to work right. Before being patient, you'll complain and say negative things....if you are like me (a few glasses of wine will cure that too).
Note: The blades are rotary (•circular: describing a circle; moving in a circle; "the circular motion of the wheel). They are not razor rotary cutting wheels. I think/guess most people think these are razor edge and the sharp blade cuts the fabric/paper. It is the pressure that cuts the fabric or paper. So don't be surprised when you have to adjust the tension to get a good clean cut. I know I was surprised by this and thought perhaps others would be too. I like the fact that they are not razor edge because they won't dull as easily as the others do.
I hope this helps some folks. I think the machine does exactly what it says it will do and I was satisfied once I learned what I was doing. It does take some getting used to and you will be using your screwdriver to adjust the tension. I had no idea it would require these things. Somehow I just figured you put your fabric in and out it came.
To those who have had difficulty I know what you are talking about. The same things happened to me. I made the adjustments and I got it to cut even strips. I even used Best Press to starch the 100% cotton fabric to see if it would make a difference. I really did not notice a difference.
I used 100% cotton quilting fabric, duck cloth, corduroy, linen, felted wool, sweatshirt fabric and upholstery fabric in the cutting machine. The machine cut all of these fabrics and I got the size of strip I had set the machine for. I used card stock paper with both blades and it cut evenly and well. I even put two layers of 100% cotton and got it to cut evenly. When I put three layers under the blade it did cut but the machine slowed down considerably.
I think knowing these things about the machine will help people make informed decisions when making a purchase. I recommend using scraps to practice and go in having the expectation that you will need to get comfortable with the machine. Make sure your scraps are squared up and have a straight edge. Then you'll know just when you get the hang of it .... your strips will be even.

Kelly the Cutting Machine Tester :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Simplicity Update

By the way, I don't work for Simplicity!!! I was just shipping out a box of Jackpot Scissors and thought maybe others did not know how great they are.

I'm in contact with a gentleman from Simplicity to resolve the concerns and questions folks have about the Rotary Cutting Machines. I'll keep everyone updated :)


Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity Update

Some folks e-mailed me with questions about the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity. I forwarded the questions to my distributors and to Simplicity. The response I received from Simplicity is below:

Rotary Cutting Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my blade cut through the fabric?
If you are
using the machine for the first time, you must tighten the pressure between the
blade and the roller underneath. Out of the box, the machine will not cut – it
is loose to protect the blade in shipment.

If the machine was cutting
cotton and now you want to cut wool or paper for example, you will need to
adjust the pressure for the heavier materials used.

What can I cut with
the machine?
Our testers cut quilting cottons, artist canvas, wool, paper,
fleece, craft foam, and felt. The pressure between the blade and the roller
underneath must be adjusted to achieve the cut for the materials to be cut.

How many layers of cotton can the machine handle?
This will depend
on the pressure between the blade and the roller underneath. However, in testing
by several quilters they found that 2 layers gives more control for accuracy
than more layers.

Why aren’t my strips straight?
consistent and accurate results takes practice. (One of our testers said it took
him only about 10 minutes to get the hang of it!) In testing, we found that
guiding the fabric with your hands behind as well as in front of the blade
provides more control.

How do I prevent drag when trying to cut a long
length of fabric?
One of our testers placed the machine in a sewing machine
cabinet so that the surface of the machine was level with the cabinet surface to
allow for a larger flat work surface area.

How do I change the blade?
To change the blade you will need a Phillips head screw driver and a Flat
head screw driver. Follow the instructions that come with the machine. You can
also watch our How-To video by clicking on the link.

Are there additional blades available?
There will be 3 blades
(large wave, small wave, straight) available in late September 2009. Additional
styles of blades will be available in late fall 2009.

Watch our instructional video at:
I have not operated a Rotary Cutting Machine myself. I will have the opportunity at the end of August to meet with some of the folks who work closely with the machine and I will get more information at that time. My understanding is that it works great but takes a little practice to get used to. I have recommended people use their sewing machine tables for stability when moving the fabric through the cutter. As soon as I learn more I'll be sure to pass it along :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Replacement blades for the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity

Replacement blades for the rotary cutters are due out in Sept.

(Juanita, you need to leave your e-mail address for me to reply.)

I hope this clears things up for everyone :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity

54.99 will buy you a quick and easy way to cut strips for your rag rugs, strips for quilting and don't forget it works on paper too!!! Replacement blades will be available in September 2009.

I get so many e-mails asking questions about this machine so I thought I would just do a quick post telling everyone that these are now available. The Rotary Cutting Machines by Simplicity retail for 79.99 and I sell them for 54.99.

My blog readers get the best prices because I don't pay to advertise. My only advertisement is my blog and word of mouth. That is how I keep my prices low. I also use recycled boxes and shipping supplies to save money there too. If I can use a priority box provided by the post office I do that as well. Overhead is kept to a minimum so I can pass a little savings on to you.

OK....I'm done now....just though you should know how I keep my prices low :)

Thrifty Kelly

PS...I'm not being paid by Simplicity for saying these things....just and FYI

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity

I've gotten a few e-mails asking about the other new machine by Simplicity. The Rotary Cutting Machine is available for 54.99. To order click here.

Sorry for the bad picture. This was being demonstrated at the Quilt Market. It is like a sewing machine in the sense that you need a surface to put your fabric on while you feed it through the machine. It worked great. So if you are considering becoming a "stripper" I say go for it :)

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