Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity

54.99 will buy you a quick and easy way to cut strips for your rag rugs, strips for quilting and don't forget it works on paper too!!! Replacement blades will be available in September 2009.

I get so many e-mails asking questions about this machine so I thought I would just do a quick post telling everyone that these are now available. The Rotary Cutting Machines by Simplicity retail for 79.99 and I sell them for 54.99.

My blog readers get the best prices because I don't pay to advertise. My only advertisement is my blog and word of mouth. That is how I keep my prices low. I also use recycled boxes and shipping supplies to save money there too. If I can use a priority box provided by the post office I do that as well. Overhead is kept to a minimum so I can pass a little savings on to you.

OK....I'm done now....just though you should know how I keep my prices low :)

Thrifty Kelly

PS...I'm not being paid by Simplicity for saying these things....just and FYI

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  1. Will you be carrying Accuguilt Go?

    Thanks, Gloria


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