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Friday, July 31, 2009

Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity Update

Some folks e-mailed me with questions about the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity. I forwarded the questions to my distributors and to Simplicity. The response I received from Simplicity is below:

Rotary Cutting Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my blade cut through the fabric?
If you are
using the machine for the first time, you must tighten the pressure between the
blade and the roller underneath. Out of the box, the machine will not cut – it
is loose to protect the blade in shipment.

If the machine was cutting
cotton and now you want to cut wool or paper for example, you will need to
adjust the pressure for the heavier materials used.

What can I cut with
the machine?
Our testers cut quilting cottons, artist canvas, wool, paper,
fleece, craft foam, and felt. The pressure between the blade and the roller
underneath must be adjusted to achieve the cut for the materials to be cut.

How many layers of cotton can the machine handle?
This will depend
on the pressure between the blade and the roller underneath. However, in testing
by several quilters they found that 2 layers gives more control for accuracy
than more layers.

Why aren’t my strips straight?
consistent and accurate results takes practice. (One of our testers said it took
him only about 10 minutes to get the hang of it!) In testing, we found that
guiding the fabric with your hands behind as well as in front of the blade
provides more control.

How do I prevent drag when trying to cut a long
length of fabric?
One of our testers placed the machine in a sewing machine
cabinet so that the surface of the machine was level with the cabinet surface to
allow for a larger flat work surface area.

How do I change the blade?
To change the blade you will need a Phillips head screw driver and a Flat
head screw driver. Follow the instructions that come with the machine. You can
also watch our How-To video by clicking on the link.

Are there additional blades available?
There will be 3 blades
(large wave, small wave, straight) available in late September 2009. Additional
styles of blades will be available in late fall 2009.

Watch our instructional video at:
I have not operated a Rotary Cutting Machine myself. I will have the opportunity at the end of August to meet with some of the folks who work closely with the machine and I will get more information at that time. My understanding is that it works great but takes a little practice to get used to. I have recommended people use their sewing machine tables for stability when moving the fabric through the cutter. As soon as I learn more I'll be sure to pass it along :)


Angie said...

Kelly, I purchased the Rotary Cutting machine at our local craft and sewing store. I returned it the next day. It cuts very slowly and you have to watch it carefully. Guiding the fabric ever so carefully. Very time consuming to cut with. I found it very inadequate. It might appeal to someone who has no experience with a real rotary cutter, ruler and mat. It is more like a "toy", than a real rotary cutting machine. It also has to be calibrated to cut various types of fabric, and it only cuts one strip of fabric at a time. Slowly.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the Simplicity Cutter today. It takes some adjustments and practice to get it to cut the fabric and I played with it about 20 minutes and I have it down. It will be handy to cut stips for coiled projects.

Anonymous said...

I cannot seem to calibrate it to cut wool. Thought it would be easier than spending all that time cutting it up for a braided rug my mom is making... as well as the next one she wants to make too! Will try again...

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