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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaves Galore Applique Templates by Sue Pelland at Spring Quilt Market 2010

Nope, not done yet!!!  Still more and more and more about Spring Quilt Market 2010.
I remember all the buzz the first time a friend had discovered Sue Pelland's Leaves Galore Applique Templates.  I went over to Sue's site to look at them.....and then thought to myself....who makes that many leaves?  LOL....I can be very simple sometimes as you probably already have picked up :) So I continued to look  and I learned these templates make more than leaves.

These are the three templates: Leaves Galore Petite Applique Template 15in, Leaves Galore Norme Applique Template 18in, Leaves Galore Grande Applique Template 24in by Sue Pelland and the come as the set of three as well.

These are the quilts Sue had in her booth in Minneapolis. The templates were used to make the flowers, leaves and the ribbon around the quilt.
I'm not one for holiday quilts....but this one is absolutely beautiful.  Red and Green get preferential treatment around favorite color combination.
I think the border on this quilt really makes the quilt stand out. 
See, some folks do use a lot of leaves!!!  I know my girlfriend Mary Jane would certainly use that many if not more and she does needle turn applique.  I'm just not to that point yet.  A few more years practice and then I'll be ready.
Lots of movement in this piece which is a great example of the many uses of the Leaves Galore Templates.
This is Sue demonstrating the Leaves Galore Templates:

Posted by Picasa

If you like video like I is the video:

Well, I know it is almost Fall Quilt Market and I'm just posting now....but you know what?  I think I would need a team of folks covering all the great stuff at market.  I need a IHAN Posse don't you think? 


Monday, October 11, 2010

Gift Ideas from IHAN

Believe it or not, I've already been thinking about gifts for the holidays.  I thought I would point out a few things here at IHAN that I think are particularly great gifts to give during the holidays....and anytime really.

I'm a huge fan of handwritten notes.  So, no surprises when the top two things on the list are note cards....but not just any note cards....these are excellent in my humble opinion (and need I say not one has paid me to say a

The first is this The Art of Quilts Postcard Collection - Animals by C &T Publications.  The minute I saw it I had to have it.  There are 30 beautiful Art Quilts featured.  I just took a few pix just to show you a sample but the list of folks featured are: Susan Carlson, Joan Colvin, Dale Fleming, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Ruth B. McDowell, Velda Newman, David Taylor and Ricky Tims.

Cover art- "Sir Francis" by David Taylor
This is the photo the inside cover, "Looks Like It's Going to Be Cold Again Today" by David Taylor.
Old Man Turtle by Katie Pasquini Maspoust
"Madame Blu's Chickens" by Ruth B. McDowell

"Tickled Pink" by Susan Carlson

"SUNblooms" Correspondence Cards by Amy Butler Design is another of my favorites.  I use these all the time and people always comment on how beautiful the cards are.
These are the 4 designs.  Both the card and the envelope are wonderful to the touch.  Very nice quality and a note card I've enjoyed sending.  Great for any occasion too because they are blank.
Who would not enjoy some Best Press?  I wish I could claim the credit for the perfect name for this product....I know I thought it was me....but no....not this time!!!
Yes, I realize now that I only took a picture of 5 of the you'll just have to imagine the sixth bottle :)  These are nice to be given as a set or one to each stitching friend as a little sampler. 
I love fun tote bags and the next two are made from 100% recycled materials!!  The bottoms open up nice and wide so if you want to use them to take shopping you will be able to carry quite a bit in them.  The one above is the Kaleidoscope Tote

This one is the Rhapsody Tote Bag.  Both bags are by C & T Publishing and the measure 15-1/2in x 15in x 8in.  Talk about making a statement while out and about....I think these totes are beautiful and fun.

If you have friends or family members who like great notions these are some of my favorite to give as gifts.  The Sewline Fabric Pencil is nice for marking on fabric.  It has an eraser (yes it works:) and the bottom has a nice gripper. 

Alex Anderson's 4 in 1 Tool is another gift idea( Usually 19.99 IHAN price 13.95 while supplies last).  It has a Bernina Seam Ripper, an Awl, a pointed wood endcap for turning bias tubes, stuffing small items (dolls/pincushions etc), and Flat End Presser for finger pressing and folding.  It is great for applique and for paper crafts too.
I know the next item is an expensive gift...BUT....if you don't want the person to ever forget you....or you could just go right ahead and ask for a pair yourself....Dovo Solingen 3 1/2 inch Applique/Embroidery Scissors.  I have yet to show mine to a person that did not want a pair and I'm not kidding.  Look how fine and sharp the tips are.  I was able to cut out the antenna on the dragonflies on my Challenge Quilt.  Teeny tiny little wings and those tiny checks in gingham can actually cut a tiny square without cutting in from the edge.  These are a slice of heaven!  I own 4 pair of Dovo and Brint the Scissorman says he won't stop liking me....he is a modern new age guy I guess!!  LOL 

There is always the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and Tote that IHAN has on Pre-Order Special.  You get the Tote and Fabric Cutter for 149.00 (a 184.00 value-saving you 35.00)

Those are just a few of the ideas....of course a new sewing room with custom furniture wouldn't be bad either!!! 


Friday, October 8, 2010

Exploring Embellishments - Book Review and Giveaway

Can you believe the help I needed was right under my nose?  I just opened the file for Spring Quilt Market and look what I found:

After all that struggle with "flying by the seat of my dragonfly pants" I had a book that could have helped me make that project really jump.  Exploring Embellishments, more artful quilts with fast-piece applique is just the ticket and I spent a few days looking over the book.  Rose autographed the book and gave me some Wool Demo Kits for Beaded Wool Gems to give away here on the IHAN blog.   Why didn't I refer to Rose's book before I started Linda Pooles' Quilt Challenge? always 20/20.  Darn it anyhow!!

This is Rose at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  She demonstrated how to make Beaded Wool Gems. 
She also had this Bobbin Saver filled Superior Threads Masterpiece Collection.  Rose was telling me she likes to keep this with her when she stitches so she has all the colors she will need.  Now how handy is that?  Perfect for carrying in a project bag or going on a retreat.  No need to pack all those spools of thread.  I love this for doing hand applique in the car-while Mr. McSteamy is driving, not me silly!! :)
Here is a close up of the pretty Beaded Wool Gems Rose was showing us how to make.  They are beautiful as pins and/or embellishments for art quilts.
So if you are like me and need some excellent directions for adding some pizazz to your textile wall hangings, clothing and/or will love Exploring Embellishments!!  Rose clearly put her heart into this book because it covers so many wonderful topics.  Not only are there 6 projects with excellent directions, Rose also covers tools, exploring backgrounds, the basics of applique backgrounds. 
Typically I just ask folks to leave a comment, but this time I'm going to ask you to go one step further.  In order to be entered into this giveaway you must go over and vote on Linda Poole's Blog for the Quilt and Fabric Object that you like the best.  The Iridescence Collection is Linda's first fabric line.  I agreed to do a Quilt Challenge and I made the piece below for the Challenge. 

I've gotten many e-mails asking me where I bought the fabric.  You can, click here, and be taken to Linda's website.  She sells the fabric as do many other fabric stores.  If you order it from her, you can request her to autograph the salvage. 

Now, you don't have to vote for my quilt, but you can if you like.  But you do have to go over and vote and then come back and leave a comment saying you voted.  If you have voted prior to this blog post, please encourage your friends and family members to go over and vote.  Then come back and let me know you encouraged others to go and vote.

On October 15th I will randomly draw one name to win Exploring Embellishments and three more names to win Beaded Wool Gems Demo Kits.  The kits include Wool Roving, a Superior Thread fully filled Bobbin, Gutermann Beads and a John James Needle.  Everything you need to make a beautiful Beaded Wool Gem!!  Thank you Rose for the lovely Kits and for the incredible book. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Linda Pooles' Iridescence Small Quilt Contest-Please Vote

Linda Poole announced her Small Quilt Contest for her first line of fabric, Iridescence,  little over a month ago.  I really like Linda and loved the class I took with her earlier in the year.  So when I saw the contest I thought about entering.  I've never, ever, ever, ever done a challenge and this was my first.  I had noooooo idea what I had gotten myself into.....and I'm glad I did not know in advance because you know how hindsight can be....LOL.

The challenge required that the panel or strip (any part/piece) and three coordinating fabrics in the Iridescence line and three fabrics of my own choosing.

This is what I started with:

I had absolutely no idea where to go with this fabric.  It seemed to lend itself to squares and triangles because of the panel.  Keep in mind I've never done anything like this before.  I have always had a pattern to start with.  I scanned all my fabrics into my EQ7 software and began designing a quilt.  I was very proud of myself and I thought I had come up with something that looked pretty good. morning I woke up and decided to try some techniques that I've never done before.  I've seen some quilts where there were varying size I just decided to start making things and see what would happen.

This is a block I made....and I really like it too.
Here is another block
And another
And yet another.....
Then a mishap......honestly I don't even know if I can call it a quilt turned out more like a size B bra cup (turn it on it's side and yep....that is exactly what it looked like, without straps).

Ok, I liked these....but I could not find a direction to take them into.  Nothing was coming together for me.  I let everything sit for over a week....and still nothing.  Then I had what I thought was a great idea.  I have lots of books and so many techniques that I want to I grabbed a book in the stack and decided to just give it a whirl....what did I have to loose right?  It happened to be Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilt.

(a photo of the book)

Well....ok then....I guess I'll slice and dice this fabric up and see where it goes.  The first Convergence I tried did not converge at all.....and I was lost.  My girlfriend Rosemary came to the rescue and helped me create the actual convergence.  Then I added a it all on....nope...didn't like it at all.

Then of course there were a long series of self made dragonflies....several and lots of print and fuse going many sheets used and wasted it is a crime.

NOPE!  A few more days pass and I decide all the vertical and horizontal lines are just too stark.  This piece needs some movement.  But what?  I Googled "Dragonfly" and every photo had dragonflies on or near green green leaves it is!!!
But which green?  This went on and on and on....for days.  It was 11:50 PM on the 4th of October (the deadline for the challenge) when I finally sent Linda the photo below.  I decided this was going to be finished and I was done.  I felt like I had given birth again. 
I think an appropriate title for this piece is "flying by the seat of my dragonfly pants" don't you? 
Linda has posted all the entries on her blog.  Who wins?  The person with the most votes of course.  Now....I do want everyone who reads the IHAN blog to go over and vote.  However....I only want you to vote for the one you like the honest!!!  If it is another one you like the all means vote for them. 



The Cutting Revolution by Anita Grossman Solomon Giveaway

Pat Sloan announced the winner of the the complete Cutting Edge Ruler Set today.  Angela was the grand prize winner.  Congratulations Angela!   

IHAN is giving away Rotary Cutting Revolution by Anita Grossman Solomon.  Before I draw the winner I want to tell everyone a little about this book.  I had intended to doing a review long before now and I did not do it.  My apologies to Anita because this is one great book. 

For all of you that are new to the IHAN blog, I have the pleasure of reviewing books, patterns and products of my choosing.  There is no personal gain or benefit to me when I do these reviews (unless otherwise stated).  When I got to Market I have the opportunity to get some free books and products.  There are no strings attached to these items....just given to shop owners for personal or business use.  IHAN chooses to review the books and give them away.

Anita's book really is a tough one to give away and I'm not kidding.  She is known for the phrase, "Make It Simpler Way," and Anita certainly does make it Simpler.  For me, that is a good thing because I hate wasting fabric because I've misunderstood the directions and cut it wrong.  There are so many photos of each step so there is no way to go wrong.  Anita lays out each block and shows you how to cut it all out at one time.  I will be buying a copy of this book for myself for sure!!!

The very lucky winner of Rotary Cutting Revolution is Robyn of Coffee and Cotton Blog.  Congratulations Robyn!!! Please e-mail me at with your full name and address.  I'll get this book into the mail to you right sad to see it go :(  But happy to have had such a wonderful response to Pat's Blog Hop.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by....feel free to come and visit anytime.  I always enjoy your comments.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Creativity and Desperation....What do they have in common?

This morning, Creativity and Desperation have Kelly Jackson in common!!!  I was up most of the night re-doing a challenge quilt that is due today.  I think my creativity was fueled by desperation....but we'll find out later today when all the finishing touches are put into place.  Going to bed at 3:30 am when the alarm goes off at 7:30 also brings desperation-how to motivate my co-workers to get dressed, eat, brush teeth....and get on the bus....Oh the joy of YouTube....all I had to do was turn on this YouTube video and they were good as gold.  Thought you may enjoy it too!  IHAN will return to it's regularly schedule program.....soon :)

Toasty Smiles,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway

Edited 10-6-10
Happy October! 

Welcome to the IHAN blog.  For those of you who are new to the blog, IHAN stands for "I Have A Notion" which is the name of my online Notions store ( 

Fall is my favorite season so I was more than excited to participate in the Fall Into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway.  There are 151 Giveaways for this Blog Hop!!!  Oh we are all going to have a good time getting to know one another and hopefully winning some fun gifts. 

IHAN is giving away this beautiful Fabric Roll (2 1/2" wide) by Westminster Fabrics.  When I saw this fabric I just had to buy it.  I love it and I actually bought I thought I could possibly let go of one....but just one....a girl has to have a little stash ya know! (I know these are not exactly Fall Fabrics....but they were the prettiest I had....can you blame me?)
For your chance to win, please leave a comment on this post.  The giveaway ends on 10/15/10  so commence commenting....and if you are a no-reply blogger you can't win.  If you don't know if you are a no-reply blogger or not....I'd recommend taking the safe route and leaving your e-mail address.  I know if I won a prize I'd want to be contacted...oh yeah baby :)

Please feel free to become a "Follower" of the IHAN blog by clicking on the "Follow" button on the blog sidebar to the right.  You are also invited to stop by and take a look around.  Our focus is on great prices and excellent customer service.

You may also want to know about the IHAN Needle Exchange Program. You can get a FREE Superior Titanium Machine strings attached.  Click here to learn how to get your Free needle :)

Kelly Jackson's Entry-AKA-IHAN :)

While you are would you like the opportunity to Vote on Linda Poole's Quilt Challenge.  This is my entry but feel free to VOTE for any quilt you like the best.  Please just CLICK HERE TO VOTE :)

GO! Baby Fabric Cutter by AccuQuilt Get Yours for $99 or $149 with Tote Bag

edited 10/1/10 1:00

Great for retreats and sew-cials....take it anywhere....but don't forget your "diaper bag" / Tote!

 GO! Baby Fabric Cutter
Love to quilt but hate to cut? Now there's a NEW way to GO! The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter is a fast, accurate and easy way to cut up to four layers of cotton fabric in seconds. Plus, with it's ultra-portable design you can take it wherever you GO! and easily store it away when it is not in use. Use with most  GO! dies to cut perfect pieces every time. (Keep in mind it will not work with the GO! Dies that are 10x10 or 10x24) 

GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Tote
Every GO! Baby Fabric Cutter needs its own baby bag! This PINK Tote is as functional as it is cute Made from the highest-grade fabric, this tote will keep your GO! Baby in good condition and make it easier to take with you when you're on the GO! Roomy interior features multiple accessory pockets to store your GO! dies, notions and fabric.

IHAN's limited time price for the
Why offer both?  Because many of the larger companies can offer free shipping due to the large volume.  IHAN can't do that....but what we can do is offer you a Tote Bag (a $45 value for $10)  and that more than makes up for the free shipping (a 16.40 value). I know many people like what I call "Advertising Tricks" ( you are tricked into thinking you are getting a deal)....where they offer a 40% Coupon they mark everything up (you pay a much higher price if you by chance need something right away and it is not on sale) just to mark it down.  Here at IHAN....we always sell at an affordable price and we focus on Customer Satisfaction.  Check out our Customer Feedback and read for yourself. 

IHAN aims to if you are one of those who loves say you got it for Free....we can accomodate you too.  If you e-mail your order to you can get the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and Tote for FREE....however the shipping will be 149.00  (there is always a catch isn't there!!!)
GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and Tote will be available to ship Mid November (just in time for the holidays) according to my sources. 

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