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Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in "Business" and a Vikki Pignatelli Show/Class

I don't know if it is too soon to say, but I think I might be back in business. What business you ask?  The business of being Kelly Jackson.  I finally got some hormones from the Doc. and believe it or not.....I am actually having thoughts that I recognize.  Amazing!!!

This past Saturday night, Zach was determined that we were going to make some pom pom monsters.
He built the eyes out of my button stash and we made a two color pom pom....he is in absolute love with his new monster...and quite proud to be showing it off too.

You know I was absolutely thrilled to win these Kona's from Quilting With Debbi.  Thanks know I'll put these to good use ...I promise!


Isn't it time you "Nurture Your Creative Spirit?"  That's just what those of us who belong to the Black Swamp Quilt Guild will be doing on Friday, October 12, 2012. And we want to invite you and your friends to come too!

If you are local....or within a few hour drive...why don't you come and join us?  I would love to see you and can stay with the IHAN® clan if you don't like to drive at night.  We have room for a few folks.

On Friday Evening , Oct. 12th at 7 PM,  Vikki Pignatelli  will be lecturing and presenting a trunk show entitled, "Nurturing Your Creative Spirit: Personal Traits That Inspire Great Quilts.”   Tickets are only $10 and of course we'll have some fun refreshments too.  The meeting is at the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Simpson Building, 1291 Conneaut Avenue, Bowling Green, OH.  Please come....we'd love to have you.


If I'm not mistaken I think there are even 2 spots left for Vikki's class the following morning. She is teaching "Crazy About Curves: The Basics" at the First Cristian Church ( 875 Haskins Road, Bowling Green Ohio 43402).    Waldo and I will be there along with several of my other BSQG friends.  We are going to have some fun so if you can make the class or want more information please e-mail Dale Burnett at
daleburnett44@msn dot com.  The tickets are $65 and Dale will tell you what you need to bring.

Please let me know if you plan to come because I'd love to say Hi and pass around a few hugs too.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pennies Falling From Heaven?

Just in case it is raining Pennies From Heaven near you......I want to help you out with what to do with all those pennies :)

You can join in the UR Priceless Blog Hop and you'll have a coin purse ...a lovely place for all those pennies.
Don't carry around heavy pennies?  How about your lipstick, nail clippers, needle and thread or my favorite....a sneaky place to put your secret fabric stash money :)

If you want to join a group of who are making  some fun coin purses you will need to hop over to Katherine's Blog,  Sew Me Something Good, and get your name on the list.

Where to get your purse frame?  You guessed it :)  CLICK HERE  

Everyone who joins the hop will receive a pattern to use so don't worry if you haven't made one before.  You are not obligated to use the pattern but it has been fun to see all the variety even when people use the same pattern.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy and All The Rest

 Happy Birthday to Jean!, from Life in My Happy Place Blog :)  We all hope you have a wonderful deserve to have the best 50th Birthday EVER!  Big Hugs to you Dear Friend!!!  Please take the time to stop over to her blog and wish her a very Happy 50th Birthday....she is an absolute doll :)

We can call off the APB for my Dovo's....Horray!!!!

This is a photo of the top of one of my magnetic pin and Wonder Clip holders.

And a photo of the bottom....ROFL.  Who would have ever thought they would have been caught by my ex-large magnetic pin keep?  Certainly not me.  I am soooo happy to have them back.  I shot a very quick video on my I-Phone to show everyone why I love them so.

Please keep in mind, I have no video editors or kind please :)

Big Ole Happy Smiles, Kelly

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Few Seriously Fun Things to Share

I just need to quickly share a few very cool things that I know about. 

First, Electric Quilt is giving away 5....yes FIVE....copies of their BlockBase Software.

If by chance you are not familiar with BlockBase, it is a CD Rom that contains the same patterns that sold in 1928 for 15 cents each.  It contains over  4300 ready to print patterns and today's price is: $8686.00. 

What a deal ay? 

OK the real price isn't 8 thousand, six hundred and eighty six dollars.  It would be though....I know because I found an inflation calculator and calculated the price it would be today with inflation.  YIKES! 

The real price is only 69.95 which is closer to 2 cents each.  If only gas, milk, bread and sewing machines sold at less than what folks paid in 1928...LOL

To enter to win a Free BlockBase CD-Rom....CLICK HERE :)

 You're welcome!  I know I'd be furious if I didn't know and others forgot to tell me.  And....yes I've entered Good luck to each one of you as well!

You might also want to know that EQ is hosting a BlockBase SewALong and I know how many of you love SewALong events.

NEXT very cool thing:

Did you know is having Museum Day and you can get a Free admission ticket for yourself and 1 guest on Sept. 29, 2012?  All you have to do is CLICK HERE and you'll arrive on their page and you can see what Museum's that are near you that are participating.  You know I've soooo been there and done that! 

I can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to very cool things....and now you have proof :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Putting Out An APB on my Dovo Solingen Scissors

Do you remember that song...I'm putting out an APB on the one I love?  I need an APB on my Dovo Scissors.  I've misplaced them and it has plagued me for 3 days now.   You know this pair of scissors rival all others if I refuse to cut without them.  I"m not typically that fussy but I'm telling you there is a HUGE difference.

I just so happen to have this Bandana Panel from Michael Miller Fabrics and I want to cut out the center medallion.   Why you ask?
Because I found this small quilt at a thrift shop for 3 dollars.  It doesn't have any backing so I thought I would give it some pizazz and then donate it at my guild meeting.  The colors are fun and bright but the center looks like it is begging for something.  I dug in my stash and found the Michael Miller Bandana Panel...and BINGO....the colors match very well.

Most folks I know would have cut a circle around it and stitched it down.  Why on earth do I think it needs to be fussy cut?  I don't know either!

The only way I know of to fussy cut around the design resulting in smooth lines is to use my Dovo Hardanger Scissors...BUT...I can't find them : (  
Check out the point on these beauties.  IHAN® carried some Dovo Solingen Scissors but I didn't sell very many.  I think it was the expense....these are very high end scissors.  This pair will set you back approximately 55 dollars.  Yep, I know they are expensive but I'm telling you they are worth every cent. 

Do you have a pair of scissors that do for you what no other pair do?  I'd love to hear about them.  Please leave a comment below as I must know that I'm not alone here :)

I may consider picking up several of Hardanger Scissors if there are others who want to experience the Dovo difference let me know and maybe IHAN® will start caryrying them again.

 This is for the Flamingo Flock Fan Club Members...LOL

It appears their Flamingo-mobile  is back in operating order....such good news ay?


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Tip for Variegated Thread by Karin

Guest post by the ever so clever Karin:

Variegated thread is always so pretty, but it’s really hard to tell the color patterns when they’re one the spool.  And if you’re like me, you’re lucky enough to have a collection of beautiful Floriani threads, but I can never remember just exactly what they look like in a sew-out!

Actually, there are quite a few things I can’t remember, but that just comes with old age the territory I suppose.
So, what’s the solution?  It’s really simple – just stitch yourself a sampler!  Grab a fat eighth or any piece of fabric, stabilize it, and stitch away.  I didn’t even hoop it – I just used my zig-zag stitch, at the very widest and very shortest settings, to create a real nice satin stitch. 
Just be sure you stitch a row long enough to display the entire color pattern.  Store the sampler along with your thread, and you’ll always have a reference chart to show you what your threads will look like in a design.

See how different the color patterns can be?
You can build a reference chart for your fonts, too...making it super easy to compare them all at once:

Hope this helps you keep track of what you’ve got!  Happy stitchin!

Written by Karin for IHAN®

Thank you Karin!  Now I'm off to play with Maddy Jo for the first time....oh I so need to have some fun ME time...both "me" and Machine Embroidery time..:)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hoffman Fabrics "Sushi Roll" Winners Announced

How about this photo to put some pizazz, zip, punch and pow into your day? 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to leave a comment as I so enjoyed reading them.  Now I feel like I had a few hundred friends there with me for the tour...that's fun.

The "Sushi Rolls" (given their name by SewCalGal....she's so smart :) are made from the samples from Hoffman Fabrics.  I'm not much of a seafood fan....but I'm telling you this is one "Sushi Roll" that I'd jump over a hurdle for.

As promised, today the winners of the Hoffman Fabric "Sushi Rolls" are being announced.  If you are one of the winners, you have one week to e-mail me at with your full name and shipping address.  If you don't claim it....I choose another winner.

Congratulations Brita!

Congratulations Debbie!

Congratulations LesQuilts!

Congratulations ANudge!

Congratulations TheMuddlePuddle!

I'll be sad to see those beautiful rolls of Hoffman Fabric leaving my desk....AND....I'll be tickled to see what people make with them.

Since each of the fabrics are different in the "Sushi Roll" they are really nice for making some fun gifts.  How about making some of MJE's Bag Tags?  The tutorial is right on the side bar of my blog.  Those always make lovely gifts.  Bag Tags are great not only for luggage....they are great when you need to label to any personal belongings.  I keep on on my computer bag ....just in case :)

Do you have a tutorial that you have written that you would like me to add to the IHAN ® blog?  Feel free to e-mail me at  :)

OH Yes...I almost forgot....the Flamingo Flock Fan Club probably want to see what they are up to here's your fix:
When I stopped to take the photo I was first I thought the Flamingo had been hit by a car.  Then I noticed the car is up on blocks and that's the mechanic working on the car (I can be a bit slow sometimes :)
Who would have known Flamingos were so handy?  I do need my oil changed....think I should pull up on their lawn?

Just in case you have been out of town and are not caught up with the latest on the Flamingos......
1.  They are not my Flamingos
2.  The folks who own the Flamingos have given me permission to post their address for those of you who would like to send some Flamingo Fan Mail.  You will have to GO HERE and then click on the link that says "CLICK HERE" to get the address.  I know it is a bit hidden but I thought it best to not put their address on my blog post.  I have heard of Flamingo-Nappings and I would be very sad if they went missing.


Friday, September 7, 2012

A Few Things

I just signed up for a Link to Karen at Sew Many Ways Find A Friend Link.    After I clicked on a generic photo I realized....I do have a photo...AND I didn't sign up for any other reason than to meet new people and potentially make new friends.  I, a person and not just a business owner...and  I hope all of you know that I am a person first, and love meeting new people and making friends.  (How sad is that?  A person would worry that others would think of it as a "marketing ploy" but those of you who know me...know I love making friends and value them far more than any "business endeavor."

Another thing I want to clarify....I get a lot of e-mails from people thinking I own the Flamingos.  The Flamingos belong to a couple that live in a house that I pass on my way to town.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who have read my blog disclaimer that reads:

IHAN Blog Disclaimer :)

I work alone and until Oprah or Gail loan me some of their staff, I'm the only editor there is. I write all of the posts and because they are my words, I don't see most of the mistakes. I do use spell check but often times those mistakes are not caught. So if you find mistakes that are dates or something that is not clear....feel free to e-mail me,, and let me know. The rest is minor and just pretend you don't see it. I'll be sure to return the favor :)
Why do I thank you?  Because my last blog post actually read, "I"ve Addopted a Little/Big Girl :)"
 I was at an appointment for my son when I wrote the post...and I hit publish before I ever read the post...much less the title.

I feel very loved..THANK YOU to everyone who noticed my error and didn't mention it.  I promise I"ll return the favor should it ever be you in my shoes.
Bigger Smiles,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've Adopted a Little/Big Girl :)

Here is a photo of her just as the midwives delivered her on a floral blankey.  She was the child of a lovely woman in North Carolina and I have adopted this beautiful baby :)

I picked her up yesterday and she sat in her play house until today when I had the time to put her on her perch.  She is a Babylock Elegante and she's 4 1/2 years old.
I couldn't help but put a hoop in just to see how she looked....sort of like a bonnet on a baby :)  After much research I decided the Babylocks are the most user friendly and their user manuals actually make sense.  If you own an Embroidery know of what I speak.

Her name is Maddy Jo.  I know a few of you are going to want to know how she got her for those of you who don't care....have a great day :)

For those with inquiring minds:   I met with a friend for lunch about 15 years ago.  During the lunch we talked about our dreams and I said I want to have a child and if she is a girl I'm going to name her Madeline Elizabeth.  I love the name Madeline and Elizabeth is the middle name of my best friend since 3rd grade.

A few months later I met Rick (Mr. McSteamy) and we were married in 2000.  Guess what his youngest daughters name is...yep...Madeline Elizabeth.  So I have a Madeline Elizabeth and I'm absolutely in love with her.

I just so happened to be having lunch with a person by the name of Joe when I was talking about my I'm calling her Maddy Jo....not to be confused with Madeline Elizabeth :)

If you can believe it....I've only had 30 minutes to myself since yesterday so all I could do was get Maddy Jo set up.  I'm on the road now....and I won't be back to play with Maddy Jo until after 8pm this evening.  If this old girl has any energy left....she's going to go play with Maddy Jo....I can't wait.

For those of you who need a Flamingo you go:
The Flamingos were having a party this past Monday.

 On Wednesday this week they were guarding the front porch and the others were.....
watching the road.  Now....if I were a paranoid type....I'd be thinking they are making sure the nutcase doesn't come into their world and add any props.  Since I'm not paranoid.....I think they are waiting to have their photo taken :)  I'm not sure everyone noticed that the people who own the Flamingos have given me permission to publish their address for those who want to send a note to them or to the Flamingos.  I've added a tab to my blog and if you look there you'll find the link to the address.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hoffman California Fabrics Tour Last Chapter

WARNING: If Hoffman Fabrics gives you weak knees....please sit down now as IHAN ® is NOT responsible for any injuries you incur as a result of passing out cold after seeing these photos....Photo intensive and long post...sorry (well, not really)!

 During my visit I learned that the Hoffman's are a family of environmentally friendly leaders, champion surfers and they have shown their dedication to the environment by investing in a water treatment processing in Bali to minimize the impact making Batik fabrics has on the environment.  

Subsequently I have learned that Hoffman Fabrics have partnered with Quilksilver to provide funds to Everyday People Initiating Change (E.P.I.C.)  a non profit that is committed to bringing safe, clean drinking water to a number of villages in the developing world. 

I love companies that share my values and I find it very easy to support them and buy their fabrics....and boy do I! :)

Entering the Warehouse

This surf board collection covers the walls.  The collection  belongs to champion surfers, Walter and Philip Hoffman

Forewarned is forearmed!!  Remember I told you about what was coming next.....

This rainbow of bundles were on a desk and I just could not imagine what they were doing there all by lonely.  I should have stayed to keep them company....but those darn co-workers are always needing something!

Most of us know exactly what a Hoffman Bali Pop is right?  Those gorgeous 2 1/2 inch strips of the Hoffman Batiks.  But...did you know there are now Bali Snaps (5x5) and Bali Crackers (10x10)?  What I love about the pre-cut  fabrics is getting the variety.  I don't want to have to buy a yard of everyone one I like...just give me some of all of them....oh yeah baby!

Don't get too excited....these are not the Colossal Roll being offered as in the Hoffman Pre-Cut Collection...LOL....these are more photos of my warehouse tour.

When I saw was total silence...I was speechless....couldn't utter a word....I was able to get my breath...eventually.
It didn't end....a gigantic warehouse filled.  I would have thought there would be armed guards at all of the doors and sharpshooters on the roof ....but nooooo they were all cool calm and collected.  Do you think there is something wrong with them?  How do you get accustomed to being in that environment every day? can go on now!

My understanding is that many of the employees at Hoffman Fabrics are long time employees.  I was told this lady has worked there over 20 years.  I found some odd pleasure in watching her create the swatch boards by hand....and not machine.  How wonderful is that?  An actual human performing a task....there was some Zen in that activity and it just felt good to see it.
Up close and personal with the Hoffman Challenge Fabrics....someone pinch me or I'll think I'm already dead.  I'm not kidding....I was right there and touched those lovely fabrics.
This is how they get the fabric from the rolls to the bolts.  These guys were putting the fabric into the "bolt machines" (I have no idea what they are really called) and then the put their initials on the bolt when it is finished. 
The next time you are shopping for a Hoffman Fabric, check the bolt end for the initials and just know....real people do that!

That was supposed to be the end of the tour...but you know me...I had to wander up and down those isles and "be with" all the energy in those isles.  As I walked to the end of a row I asked....what is that?  Keep in mind this photo was not altered...the light coming does look like Heaven opening up....but I don't own any software that could alter a photo to make it look that good and I'm too cheap to pay to have that done.

"Stairway to Heaven" was the first thing that popped into my head when I gazed upon this sight.  It is the archive's at Hoffman ....where they keep their archives of fabric swatches.
I stood was much better than the Walk of Fame in far!
 Something else I learned while at Hoffman Fabrics is that they are sponsoring the "Why Quilts Matter" PBS Series.  How cool is that? 

Do you Love Hoffman Fabrics too?  I thought so :)  All IHAN® blog followers can feel free to leave a comment on this post and all you have to say is, "I Love Hoffman Fabrics" for you chance to win one of  these lovely "Sushi" Rolls.  The "Sushi Rolls" are not available in any quilt store...they are rolled up samples of Hoffman Fabrics.  Do you want 2 chances to win?  Click Here to and "Like" Hoffman California Fabrics on Facebook  and come back and let me know and I'll enter your name again!

Giant Smiles,

PS...forgot to give a deadline....go figure!  Leave your comment on this post by Sept 11 2012....why not have some really good memories associated with that date?

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