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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You might want to add some new terms to your sewing language. Stumble and Sable. I have more of course but they're not all acronyms.

Stumble- Stash Taking Up Most Baskets & Living Environment

Sable- Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

AFGO- Another Flipping Growth Opportunity (when you have to tear the same zipper out 4 or 5 times)

Pandabalognium- Pronounced- Panda Bologna-Um That is when all heck breaks loose like pandemonium but there is a hint of Bologna going on. (Feel free to use the other three as your own....but this one is mine girls....I made it up and I'm a keepin it)

Just thought I would start out this day with a vocabulary lesson. Now on to the best and most interesting topic of all...Gifts....espceially gifts given to ME. This is a miniature made by MJE and it is one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns. I remember when Mary Jane saw this and got excited. She and I sorted through her scraps....and I made fun of her for having all those scraps (be careful what you laugh may either become it....or begin to value it). I know it is not the best picture but it is one I have here handy. It hangs in my sewing area and I just love it.

There were many e-mails and comments yesterday about my "re-assignment surgery" analogy. This poor guy was born a prince and will die a frog!!!

One woman commented that her daughter wanted a quilt made from her childhood clothing. The woman tried to cut it up but had a very hard time. Ladies.....this is exactly why doctors do not do surgery on their family members.....send those things out to your most trusted surgeon/stitching friends for re-assignment!!!

No, I'm not into Vudu....this is a pin cushion silly....where is your mind lately?

1 comment:

  1. Love your pincushion! You left a comment on my blog ages ago (I'm sorry to be so slow to respond). When you told me you were also in Ohio and I checked to see where you are I was STUNNED! I graduated from Perrysburg High! Small world, isn't it?

    Love your blog and plan to come back!


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