Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Giveaways In Blog ville, land, town, acres...:) Edited!!!

Edited 12:30 9/1/10

Ryan from RyanWalshQuilts is giving away a notion of sorts....hmmmm....can you guess what it might be?  Don't just check out his giveaway....that is interesting....but if you miss reading his blog.....then you've missed out on something more valuable and he gives it away free 24/7 :)

EDITED 12:30 as apparently I have been in LaLa Land....did you know that Julie from JayBirdQuilts is also having a GO! Fabric Cutter by AccuQuilt giveaway?  Two chances ....two....and I'm sure there are more I just have not been sneaking around looking.  Julie's blog is a "IHAN DO NOT MISS BLOG"....if you are not following Julie's blog.....I think you will be glad you did because she is always coming up with fun new creative ways to quilt and sew.

Pat from the Silver Thimble Company is having a lovely giveaway. I recognize that brand of thread and that beautiful layer cake.....and of course the other notions too....but who would be surprised by that?  I'm a notions kind of gal!!!  Love the giveaway, thanks Pat!!

Oh and did I mention.....

The gal from a very interesting blog is also having a giveaway.  You should definitely check it out and become a follower of her blog.....and while you are at should definitely check out her store and buy one of everything soon :)



  1. Thank you for the info.

  2. Yes, a VERY interesting blog indeed! I wish I could afford to order one of EVERYTHING in your store!

  3. If I had the $$$ I would buy one of everything. But I don't have that kind of money. (sigh)

    Would one of everything come with free shipping?

  4. Tanya's Sewing room also has a giveaway for a GO!, along with A Quilting Life. But I think the best giveaway is from a very talented lady with a fantastic store and blog!
    And I'd love to buy everything from her store!


  5. I have been trying hard all over bloggy universe to win a Go. Two more chances, yippee!!

  6. I am still trying, but no luck and way too many people want one, lol. At this point, I just want the heat to go away and a nice weekend for my nephew's wedding, that would make me happy;)


  7. Wish I could order one of everything. Happy anniversary to Checkers (via you). I did attempt to find a specific ruler on your shop site and couldn't locate one. My mother wants a replacement. It is a 6 1/2" by 24" Quilter's Rule with raised black grid on the underside to help with non-slip and aligning with the edge of fabric.

  8. Oh, to be able to buy one of everything...or even one out of 10 everythings!


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