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Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House Patterns by Annie

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House
Patterns by Annie
Chapter 6....I think!?!
Annie Unrein from Patterns by Annie was at the Checker Open House.  Annie uses Texture Magic in several of her patterns and I'm telling you, the Texture Magic really makes her designs pop.  Check out Hoot and Annie below.  The Texture Magic really gives those cute little owls some pizazz.
You may remember during IHAN's Anniversary Celebration 32 Days of Giveaways, Annie contributed her pattern for the All Occasion Baskets below.  Photos do no justice for the Texture Magic because when I'm looking at the items close up they really are exceptional.   Honestly I can't imagine anyone seeing the All Occasion Baskets in person and not walking right up to them and saying how neat they are.  In the photo you can see the cute fabrics and the fun ric-rac but they are charming in person.  You'll have to trust me on this!!!  (Which better not be too hard to do after all this time.....and if it better turn yourself in to the IHAN comment police!)
I thought this ring pillow would be a wonderful hand made contribution to a family wedding.  The pattern
Happily Ever After also includes the pattern for the flower girl basket.
This is Annie's most recent pattern, Jewelry Travel Case.   I took lots of pictures so you can see all the great details.

She used Texture Magic on the outside fabric.  Look how nice this travel jewelry case is.  There is a place for everything including the pocket to hold any pendants that are on necklaces so they don't get wound around one another.  I was thinking what a nice gift these would make for gals in my life.  I know I would use it and so would my girls.  What about those holiday gift exchanges with guild members or teachers and bus drivers?  You know I've got to get busy because this is definitely a gift people will really appreciate even if they don't sew or like quilting. 
Don't you love brain storming late at night when you just need something done and you want to make it happen faster?  I've had some pretty good ideas that have come to me at the last minute and always late at night when my normal defences are asleep.  Annie had one of those experiences with gathering ruffles for this Flower Power dress and purse pattern.  
Isn't this precious?  I love the purse below.  I am hoping for grand daughters or grand nieces to dress in these beautiful outfits.
Below is Annie's the Ah Ha discovery....the old way of gathering ruffles is to stitch along the edge and draw up the threads and move them around until you get just the right amount of ruffle that you wanted. 

Check out what Annie discovered.....if you put a small strip of Texture Magic along the edge and apply a little get perfect ruffles.  The more steam, the more ruffles....because the Texture Magic draws up the fabric.  Thank you Annie for taking us out of the "dark ages of old fashioned ruffling!!!"...LOL

Here is the front!!!  Looks good doesn't it?  I thought so too.  I love it when these sort of Ah Ha moments happen.
By the way-
After re-reading my post it sounds like I'm doing an advertisement for Texture Magic....which in one sense I guess I am.  You need to know these reviews are unsolicited and I write about what I experience and learn from my travels.  I write what I'm inspired to write and no one pays me to write reviews (but if they would like to....feel free :)  I've read comments on chat boards from time to time saying things like, "well of course she says that....she is selling it."  I hope by now all IHAN blog readers know and understand that I love what I do and I'm just reporting what I've learned and experienced.  If you shop in my store, IHAN, of course I make money.  You may notice by the prices that for the work I do I don't make a lot of money.  I write my blog for the pure joy of sharing my adventures with others who are interested in the same things.  While I appreciate your business I hope you also know I would not write about products that I don't feel are worth the investment.  If you have any questions about products...just e-mail and ask...people do that all the time. 
Now that I've said that....keep your eyes open for the Superior Needle Exchange Program post....coming soon to an IHAN blog near you :)


  1. Once again, anothe fun post. What a clever way to do ruffles....I guess I am going to have to get me some of this texture magic...

    Kelly, anyone reading your blog knows how much you love what you do, meeting fun people and very interesting ones at that....getting to try all these products...oh....can I be you?

  2. That jewellery case looks great, a good gift idea for sure. I've been meaning to try Texture Magic so must go buy some.

  3. Oh my that dress with the matching little purse is too cute! I think that texture magic really IS magic! Cool ruffles! I have got to get me some of that!


  4. Even if you were getting paid for your posts I would still read them as you make them very interesting and fun :) Look forward to you next lot of posts.

  5. I have some of that texture magic. I think I'll have to go try it out now!

  6. I think you need to syndicate your posts. Every quilting magazine (and newspaper) would certainly see an increase in subscribers and happy readers if they did.

    Needless to say, another great post. I love the jewelry tote pattern. This would also make for wonderful gifts. Love it.


  7. Chapter 6.5 maybe, but not 6. Love the owls! So many cute project and a great tip for gathering.

  8. I saw Texture Magic demonstrated at a quilt show, and should have bought some! A friend of mine did and added some great textured squares to a baby quilt. All the projects in your post look so cool with the added texture. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I do like ruffles on skirts. Saw a lot in the stores this year and thought I could make that myself and a lot better quality;)


  10. Kelly:

    It was so nice to see you at the Checker Open House and to show you all the fun that I've had with Texture Magic. It really is just plain ol' fun to play with it and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed seeing the things I've come up with.

    Something I especially enjoyed about gathering ruffles with Texture Magic is that the ruffles are EVENLY distributed across the entire length of the ruffle with the only effort on my part being steaming AND I can cut that gathered strip to any length and the ruffles won't fall apart as they are a permanent part of the project. Too fun and too, too easy.

    I've got several new patterns and projects in the works, so be sure to check my website and blog often for updates.

    I'll look forward to seeing you at Market in Houston.

    Patterns by Annie

  11. Kelly:

    One more clarification. When making the ruffles for the Flower Power dress, I actually had to apply one strip of Texture Magic and steam it and then repeat the process to get enough gathering. The Texture Magic shrinks up to a point and stops -- so it doesn't matter how much more steam you apply after it reaches that point. You won't get more shrinkage.


  12. You must be psychic... I was at a LQS and saw some pieces made with this stuff and wondered if you carried it. Now I know where to get me some. Groovy cool!

  13. Oh my goodness =) I absolutely love the owls and the dress!!! I need to get some texture magic to play with at home!

  14. What a great post..and the Texture Magic for ruffles. Yes, gonna have to get me some of that stuff and get out of the "dark ages". Thanks.


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