Monday, September 6, 2010

Patsy Thompson Free Motion Quilt Extraordinaire at Checker 62 Anniversary Open House

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House
Chapter 9 (but who's counting?)
Patsy Thompson Free Motion Quilter Extraordinaire

Patsy Thompson and her husband and partner Ernie were at Checker's Open House.  I always enjoy seeing Patsy and Ernie and watching Patsy free motion quilt is AMAZING!!!  It seems to come naturally to Patsy as she just moves that fabric under the needle with such grace.  But you know what?  It didn't come naturally to Patsy!!  She was a hand quilter for 25 years before she tried free motion quilting.  She was unsuccessful at making free motion feathers even after she practiced and practiced.  Then one day, it happened, Patsy was able to make a free motion feather and she has not stopped since.  I'll let you read the rest of Patsy's story in her new book, Feather Adventures! Volume One

Patsy was just swooping and looping like Ginger Rogers on the dance floor!!  (Notice the Bendable Bright Light?  Doesn't it just illuminate everything wonderfully?  I love mine.
Patsy uses a bendable ruler to mark her registration points so her flowers are spaced at consistent intervals. 
Just look at the quilting....absolutely beautiful.

 This is her Sassy Quick Tote Bag Pattern
And this beauty is from another new book written by Patsy, Hyperquilting.  It is the cover photo.

I'm not sure Patsy and Ernie even had time to eat lunch or have a drink.....when they weren't talking to guests she was autographing books.  Speaking of Autographed books....IHAN has some Autographed books available!!!  Just click on the links below and on the check out page be sure to write in the message area: Autographed copy. 

Can you imagine publishing two books and a new DVD?  Well that is exactly what Patsy and Ernie have done.

A 2 Disk Set no less.....Free Motion Fun With Feathers Volume 4. 

I am sooooo glad Patsy did not give up and that all of her efforts to make a free motion feather have laid the ground work for her DVD's and books.  Can you imagine if she had given up?   I believe you too can accomplish amazing things when you don't give up!!! 


  1. Wow! I would love to learn how to quilt like that!

  2. I just recently found Patsy's website and found out what hyperquilting is. She has some great free downloads for free motion quilting.

  3. Gorgeous Quilting!! Thanks for sharing Patsy's beautiful work.

  4. I just subscribed to that "The quilt Show" and she has 6 videos in there where she is teaching free motion...oh my goodness. I just loved it and devoured it like I would a bag of plain M & M's....just loved it.

  5. Another clever lady :) That quilting is fantastic :)

  6. I am too stubborn to give up! Wait, that isn't "stubborn" it is TENACIOUS! I have tenacity!

  7. They make it look so darn easy. I assume with lots and lots of practice it would be easy for me, too!

    I got trip over to find out what hyperquilting is. I guess it doesn't involve chocolate and a lot of caffeine.


  8. Thank you so much for introducing me to Patsy. My FMQ skills have significantly improved, and I'm looking forward to buying more of her DVDs and books from IHAN for continuing to improve in the future. And now I'm going off to search the IHAN store to see if IHAN carries the "long" bendable ruler that Patsy likes.

    And..if I don't order more of Patsy's DVDs to take with me on an October trip, I'll add them to my Christmas wish list!


  9. Her work is beautiful. How they make it look so easy is beyond me! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Autographed Copy
    I love her feathers and I am working on making them. I would love to win her book.

  11. OMG - I've never seen such pretty work!! That's just fabulous! I'm still waiting for my day to "happen." Can't wait much longer or I'll be too old to see what I'm doing!!!

  12. Wow she is amazing! I guess I just have to practice more LOL!

  13. I've seen Patsy's blog several times. She does an amazing job with her feathers and hyper quilting. Maybe someday I'll invest the necessary time to become such a prolific quilter!

  14. I've seen demo's of Patsy's work...she makes it looks so easy and listening to her tutorials, she explains everything so clearly that it makes me think it is easy and that I can do it.

  15. Patsy is the absolute Queen of the Universe for machine quilting and she teaches it so well! Her books and DVD's are awesome.


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