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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Quilt Market 2010 Houston, TX Day One-Schoolhouse Series

I thought I'd log on and give everyone a sneak peak at a few people I spoke with today....just a little teaser....there are so many more and lots of photos too!!! 

The lovely Amy Butler just before her Schoolhouse presentation. She looked as fresh and beautiful as ever and I can't wait to get to her booth at Market and take more photos.  Hmmmmm who is the gal in the background?  Why it is Miss just never know where she is going to turn up.

Eleanor Peace Bailey with an unidentified passerby.

 I love this picture.  Sarah Vedeler and Susan Brubaker Knapp together in the hallway after their Schoolhouse Presentations.  They both have fantastic presentations today and I took lots of photos in each to share.
That unidentified passerby has found a new love interest.  What can I say....he offered free Chocolate Milkshakes for life....LOL (No worries Mr. McSteamy....just a wee bit of humor :)

It was a great day today.  I am finding it very difficult to blog on a laptop.  I will keep my posts short while here in Houston and share much more once I'm back at IHAN headquarters on the trusty ole home bot.

If you were here at Quilt Market what would you be most interested in seeing?  Is there anyone you would just absolutely love to meet?  Who and why?  Inquiring minds want to know :)

Tired Smiles,


Amy said...

Do they have sewing machine/long arm vendors at market? I'd love to hear what might be new on the sewing machine market.

Allie said...

Ok, you're having too much fun without me. Eleanor has been one of my heroes forever! Get some rest and I hope you're wearing comfortable shoes!

Rafael's Mum said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the update, something to be getting on with for us '@home-ers'. Much appreciate you struggling on your laptop..please keep on at it!! If I were to be at quiltmarket, I'd be looking for you.. and carry your camerabag or something (something light, lol!). That way I would be ensured to meet all those talented interesting people I know about and lots more I did not know I wanted to meet but so did! I know that is not a lot of good to you at the moment, but you're doing great and please continue! x

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great pictures already!!

Anya said...

Oh, Kelly, it's easy to post on your blog with a laptop. I do it all the you have a mouse attached to yours? If not, I'd recommend it.

Sara said...

Anna Marie Horner because she is very humble and down to earth from her video on her blog about helping flood victims.

Gene Black said...

Gee, I would have to meet my online buddy, Kelly Jackson. And I would like to meet Ricky Tims. Oh and Lee N. from Accuquilt!

WoolenSails said...

Well, you of course;)
I would love to visit Lynnette Anderson, since we only talk online and of course, Terry from Whimsicals.


kc said...

Pictures, pleeeeze, lots of pictures of pretty quilts, quilters & quilting! HAVE FUN!!

Cecilia said...

I would love to meet Sandy Gervais. I love her fabric lines. I wish I were there, it looks like so much fun.

Marcia said...

sweetwater - new line sunkissed
denyse schmidt

Vicki said...

I hope you are having fun Kelly. Rumor has it that Ty Pennington is at Quilt market and will be launching a line of fabrics with Westminster. Do you want to check this out for us?

Stormy Days said...

What would I want to see? All of it, I would want to take all of the classes and see everything. Who would I want to meet? Alex Anderson!

irishgirlsews said...

I would be on sensory overload for sure, so many great new lines of fabs, patterns and the wonderful way everyone sets up their booths to showcase the latest......would need to leave the credit card at home....LOL

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