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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sisterhood of Quilters

Oh geez...I should have been smart enough to check the website first....OK girls...if you liked the Sisterhood Of Quilters that I posted about got to go over to the Sisterhood Of Quilters Website and check it out.  Lots of fun stuff and free stuff too :)

My thanks to everyone who has wished me well.  I'm wishing myself well too :)  There are days that I either wished I had gone to medical school or that I had married a Dr....ever have one of those days?   I'm guessing those married to Drs wish they had married a Masseuse...or a Dentist or a Mechanic....I so understand polygamy now....I'm thinking it might be great for women to have several husbands or wives....what ever and who ever can do all these things...I know I want a Wife too!!! 



  1. Okay we must be sisters - I keep telling everyone I need many husbands because no one man can do everything I want so I want to add a landscape artist, a handy man and a house painter to your already great list. :) blessings, marlene

  2. My husband does the laundry and cooking. I guess I am lucky.

  3. haha! I need a daytime husband who is a jack of all trades who can do anything physical. And a night time hubby for....companionship? Oh...and a 3rd husband to bring home lots and lots of bacon, LOL

  4. You know that doesn't work, I have an electrician around here somewhere who won't do anything electrical, he wired the pool pump by running an extension cord and covering it in rocks. He'll build anything I want with wood though, we have decks everywhere.

  5. Keep smiling Kelly. Or as the saying goes-fake it 'till you make it.
    I am smiling tonight because my Beam and Read arrived in the mail today!! Yippee!

  6. Maybe we could trade around as needed? LOL So glad that you are on some meds and soon to be back to normal, I hope, I hope!
    Jacque in SC (Snoodles at Lilypadquilting)

  7. I am so sorry you have had a kidney infection. I had it once and it was awful. Hope you get better soon - loads of water!

  8. Keep getting better girl - it's no fun being sick, I know. I kind of like that multiple husbands idea, maybe then something would get done!

  9. hahaha!! Girl you crack me up!! Trust me you DON"T want multiple husbands, just tons of money to hire out everything you need done. think of all of the mother's in laws!! hope you feel better today...


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